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Picture credit to Eric Ho, at Lorde's concert in Sydney July 2014.

Everyone has heard of the famous song "Royals" by Lorde.
I know it's overplayed on the radio.
Still, the message of this song hasn't really gotten out to people (Maybe it did).
People mostly listen to catchy tune nowadays than feeling and comprehending what the song is about.
People listen to songs radio stations are feeding them.
Sometimes I wish to be a radio DJ, so I get to play more good songs to people, lol.
I listen to love songs a lot, indie pop, indie rock, folk, acoustic...
Most musicians write about love nowadays.
It's reasonable, it's explainable, it's related to us, it's so close to heart.
We need musicians like these to spread love and to heal broken hearts.
We absolutely need more musicians like Lorde too.

Some listened to "Royals" and asked "wtf is she talking about?"
"I've never seen a diamond in the flesh, I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies."
It's deep, so deep that you don't understand, so deep that you need to study her words.
This is my comprehension on the first few lines of this song
"I've never seen a diamond in the flesh"
She grew up in a humble town that she has never experienced a luxurious lifestyle
where you see diamonds or even diamonds in the flesh.
"Cut your teeth" is an idiom meaning that you are being introduced to something new,
your first experience on something.
"I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies."
She only knew about wedding rings(diamonds) through watching movies.
"I'm not proud of my address, in a torn up town, no postcode envy."
As I said, she lives in a humble town, nothing fancy.

Go along with this direction that I gave you, read the lyrics and listen to the song.
You will get it.

People are chasing after luxurious lifestyle, being considered a "good life".
I really want to make a vlog explaining this song and talk about materialism.
I'm just not fit for this discussion, even if I don't chase after a luxurious lifestyle.
Being a social networker, blogger, I will not survive if my life is not "interesting".
It's contradicting, it's hypocritical.
No matter how low profile I want to be, I can't.
I make a living by flaunting whatever that's considered "cool" or "appealing" to people.
Yes, I feel lucky, being like this is good enough and I'm thankful for it.
I'm not famous to get too much hate.
I also get to influence a tiny group of people with my beliefs.
What I really want to do is to get good music out there.
Who knows I might get to produce great music in the future, that's my dream.

 Anyway, sorry for the overflowing inspiration.
I'm just very inspired by Lorde, she made me look myself in the mirror.
I also got the chance to meet her earlier this month, I'm still not over it.
Shout out to Universal Music Malaysia, you guys are awesome!
Lorde introduced me to her mum too, wowwwwwwwwww.
*mind blown*
She's so sincere, she's very sincere.
I treasure and appreciate sincerity, it's something so rare nowadays.

Again, I wasn't born with a good voice and my vocal just can't make it.
The pitch range is so wide, I don't have a deep voice and I can't reach a high pitch too.
Sorry for the disappointment but not sorry, lol.
I'm greedy, I want to share not just one but two songs.
My favourites are actually Glory and Gore, Team, 400 Lux though but
this is what we came up with under *circumstances*.
Kang Er makes a living teaching music, sometimes I just don't want to take up too much of his time.
I feel lucky to have him as a singing partner and I appreciate his passion for music too.
Poor thing, I "tortured" him to learn these two songs in a morning.
 Big thumbs up for my singing buddy here!
Well, at least we came up with something and we did it live again! (:
Hope you like the little verse arrangement we did in between.

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