Watch it before I remove it

I always wanted to make this video but I only had the courage to do it today.
I can't really deal with hate, as you all know that I really despise mean people.
As a blogger, social networker myself, hate is unavoidable.
Sometimes when I receive mean comment, I'll just leave it and ignore it.
Sometimes, I would reply in a sarcastic way, to let them know that it's not nice cyber bullying.
If I think it's too much of hate, I'll delete it.
Anyway, I still made this video today.
I use Mandarin because it's related to a Chinese website.
I'm good at Mandarin, I'm just bad at expressing my thoughts in Mandarin.
So, those smartarses who try to diss my Mandarin speaking.........

I will sure contradict myself in this video.
Cause my friends are famous and shit, they are on the lists all the time.
I tried to speak up for girls, but no, I only speak up for most of the girls.
It also got a lil personal at the back where I know that I would be misunderstood.
I'm sorry that it got personal, I know that guy PERSONALLY and I dislike him a lot.
Haha, I'm sorry but not sorry.

I really want to just share this social message.
As you all know that, I always encourage people to share love on my blog.
I have no intention for hate, making this video.
I also have no intention of being famous or whatsoever.
You know, the internet is scary, people will probably twist my words.
If I ever want to be famous, I hope it's for music, not for anything else.
So yeah, it's pretty surprising, this video is being shared.
Yes, I will also remove it if it gets out of hand.
My intention is not for it to go viral.
You all know me, man.
I always remove stuff that goes out of hand because I know I can't handle it.
I know some of you faithful readers are going to complain that
"I haven't watched it!", "I really want to watch it!"
Lol, so, that's why, people, follow my blog on iMotiv or whatever, hahaha!
Yeh, so watch it before I remove it.

This social message being delivered well is all that matters.


  1. I like you. Dare to speak out! Yeah! This is what twentysomthings should do.

  2. this video shouldn't be removed, you should spread it to all media to wake those so called "red ppl" (for me they are just a bunch of rubbish).

  3. Manage to watch it right before you make it private ! But i agree what u say, the society is abit sicked nowadays esp with the red people thing. Maybe its just not my generation thingy anymore !! Anyway, do enjoy ur youtube, should post more !

  4. Why I cannot watch de? It says this video is private. =(

  5. Please public the video! I would like to watch about it :)


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