Jay Chou medley, why not?

Kang Er and I actually planned to make a new song cover together.
However, he was busy and I had things to do as well.
I was late to the studio, it was just another normal jamming session.
We would just sit down and sing, make instavideos a lot, lol!
As you can see, I didn't dress up for shiet, I just put on a tank top and pulled on some shorts.

Btw, a follower suggested that I use the hashtag #daphmusic for all my singing videos.
I didn't want to hashtag myself because it seems so full of myself.
Sometimes, you nice people tag #daphnecharice, I feel awkward but happy at the same time.
Anyway, I gave it a thought and I think that it's a pretty good idea.
The main thing is that I often share music I like, I want to get it out there.
I want more Malaysians to enjoy and appreciate GOOD music, haha, sorry, my type of musix.
So, #daphmusic is not just my singing videos, it's for the music I like.
If you like the same type of music and you want me to listen to it,
or you listen to the music that I recommended and you want me to know it,
 please feel free to hashtag #daphmusic, lol.

Ok, back to what I was saying.
Bla bla bla, it was late and there would be drum class going on in the studio.
We decided that we couldn't make the song cover we wanted to make.
We were like "it's ok then, let's just make instavideos again."
Suddenly, it just hit me...
"Let's make a medley, a Jay Chou one!"
Kang Er was like hesitating but man, he can do everything in this world, need not worry.
So yeah, we started thinking about what songs to put in the medley.
Kang Er wanted to add some Jay Chou rapping songs in it but the rhythms don't go well.
I suggested these four song, the last song 淘汰 is not sung by Jay Chou, it's sung by Eason Chen.
I really like this song, it's written by Jay Chou though, so we put the song in.
七里香 is for a reader who sent me a very long email and she requested for this song.
(See, I told you that I take these meaningful emails to heart.)
最長的電影 is for a follower on Instagram who wanted a full version and she left me
multiple comments, I can't make a full cover of every song, this is the best I could do for you :)
(See, I told you that I'll remember loyal followers, lol).

There were only two of us in the studio without any help.
We took 30minutes to arrange the songs.
We also took long to set up the microphones, not us, just Kang Er, haha!
I only got the chairs and the camera ready.

We failed the first time, hahaha, the bloopers are in the video.
The second time was ok, no mistakes on the songs arrangement.
I got some lyrics and pronunciation wrong, my vocal was as flat as usual.
I hope it's not too bad, please give me a chance, lol.
It's really not that easy, I wrote stuffs on my hand and my phone.
Some people asked "come on, do you have to look at the lyrics? it's only 2 sentences."
Well, come, I let you try. I meant it's not easy, it's not easy for me.
We did it live, it's one shot til the end.
Although I know the lyrics, but you know how your brain just shuts off when you're nervous?
I was afraid that I might forget the songs arrangement.
I don't want to be a 老鼠屎, we had no time, lol.
Luckily, Rayson came to the rescue for the second recording.
He also helped editing the sound quality of this medley.

Thanks to Kang Er and Rayson.
Most importantly, subscribe to Kang Er here
If you kinda like my singing, do subscribe to me too

Ultra spontaneous cover of a medley of Jay Chou's songs.
I hope you like it :)


  1. You sounds totally different when speak mandarin! :-D


  2. Omg nice cover! Love it so much! Btw, daphne are you going to jay's concert on November?????


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