#DaphChuck is back

People bitch about my chin here, wth, it's the blardy scarf =,=

Despite all that 現實的恐懼症
在我身邊不離不棄 也在她身邊不離不棄的
(別擔心 我們absolutely喜歡男生的)
Many of you asked to revive our #DaphChuck channel.
It has been dead for a very long time.
We braved the cold in Sydney and made a video outdoor.
It's a BFF tag that we randomly saw on the internet.
It was not planned at all because we wanted to test each other as well.

I'm upset because I got the first question wrong!
Btw, by education, I meant, well-educated.
Not about a degree level or a master level.
I just dislike barbarians, I like educated people.
That's what I meant.
Enjoy the video!

The confident look we had though... haha!

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