Nobody loves like Noah

So yesterday, I was just talking about getting inspired
and I was inspired... at 3 this morning.
I was doing the channel flipping thing on the tv before I went to bed.
Damn it, The Notebook was showing on HBO!!!
It was already going on for about 20minutes.
I was like "no, Daphne, you can't watch this at this hour, no, go to bed!"
 Another part of me was like "it's okay to be sentimental, it's okay, it's a great movie..."

Oh yeah, what else? I watched it, of course.
If you haven't watched this movie, watch it first before you read this, stop right here.
I'm surprised at how so many people have not watched this.
Ashley is watching right now as I'm typing this. 
It's so good now, my friends trust my taste, after I tried so hard on TFIOS, haha.
Here's the trailer, I can't find the full movie.

I didn't read the book because I've already watched this movie long ago.
 This is the saddest movie ever, like seriously.
I reckon The Notebook, One Day and The Fault in Our Stars are the saddest love movies.
You will bawl your eyes out watching these 3 movies.
Well, at least feel the sourness in your nose, oh come on, nobody is that tough!
I didn't think The Notebook was really sad when I first watched it.
I only cried in the end when Allie remembered Noah (OMG, that part was SO SAD, I can't even..).
I watched it again last night, I knew how sad it was going to be and yeh, I teared a lot.
I cried throughout almost half of the movie, my goodness.
Sometimes I feel like I need to get my tear ducts checked, lol. 

"Don't do me favours."
"No no, I want to."
"Say it."
"I want to go out with you."
"Say it again!"
"Alright, alright, we'll go out."
So so so adorbs.

My title of this post is "Nobody loves like Noah".
Maybe Ryan Gosling's acting was too good in that movie.
I feel the happiness, the love and also see the sorrow in his eyes, I have no idea why.
Maybe he really loved Rachel McAdams too.
They dated in real life for a long time after shooting this movie together but they broke up.

This part where Noah was trying to stop Allie from leaving, it was devastating. 
This is fking(sorry, I have to curse) sweet, romantic but you feel his despair at the same time.

"I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday!!!!!"

"I lost you once, I think I can do it again!"
*breaks down and weeps so hard*

I know it's just a movie, in this real world, nobody loves like Noah.
Who can love a person so much? It's nonsensical.
Will you try so hard to get your love to remember you, every single day.
You repeat it every day just for those 5 minutes with her.
It broke my heart when Allie asked "how much time to we have?"
Somehow, there's hope in me that there's love like Noah's.
Noah loves Allie so much.
From the beginning til the end.
Never lesser, only more.
That love, that passion, so admirable.

"Read this to me and I'll come back to you."

Noah kept every single promise he made to Allie.
He wrote to her, he built the dream house, he waited for her to come home.
He calls her sweetheart all the time, I get the "feels" when he calls her sweetheart.
 I love the scene where she woke up to flowers on the pillow.
She followed the arrows to the painting room he prepared for her.

 This is so beautifully shot, it's my favourite 5 seconds.
Noah said :"they will go back to where they came from."

Noah never stopped trying, that helplessness kills me inside.
I wept hard at Noah crying when Allie forgot about him again and panicked, terribly sad!

 I also cried pretty bad when Allie was lucid again.
He said he will always come back her, awhhhhhh ):
Then, Allie asked if "our love can take us away together".
They slept side by side, hand in hand, died peacefully together that night T_T
Fantastic fking ending but it's too sad.
Wow, it's crazy, this shit cray...

I've been replaying this song by Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover lately.
Wow, what a combo! Couldn't be a better time.
Allie was engaged to Lon before he met Noah again, Lon's a nice guy...
But Allie belongs with Noah.
This song is perfect for Noah.
I wonder how these things get to me so...  miraculously...
They just hit me, hmmm, I don't understand.
That "feels", why me?

It's a great song, very soulful.

I hope you watch this movie if you haven't.
I hope you like this post if you have watched the movie.
Love the old fashion way.
Bring the love back.
Ask her out on a proper date, open the car door for her or put on a helmet for her (so sweet).
Bring a little something, one or two stalks of roses.
Tell her how beautiful she is, keep the passion burning...
Don't let the world underestimate the power of love.
Love is wonderful.

Good night, xx.

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