YouTube Video #4

I think I only uploaded one singing video on Youtube without using a condenser mic.
Why? Because I sound bad enough using a mic, it's worse without a mic, lol!!!
Just the other day, my singing partner Kang Er was like
"So when do you want to drop by and just sing?"
I was like "Okay, I'll be there."
We started singing to songs that come to our mind.
You know how I upload 15seconds song covers on Instagram.
Well, if you don't know and you want to watch them, go to my Instagram
 Anyway, my phone ran out of memory as usual.
I had my camera with me, so I started recording.
The videos were all one shot and I was very pitchy but...
Please give me a chance, bro, I was just having fun, nothing serious.
Just two friends who love singing, jamming like nobody's watching.
I re-watched the videos, I laughed so bad.
So, I thought why not show you guys how it is when I'm in the studio.
Since my Youtube channel is about my life, lol.
It's all about being real, so yeh, that's my voice without a mic.
自然就好 自然就好 lol
I hope the difference is not too big because Kang Er and I do not use autotune on our covers.

Haven't sang Hotel California in a million years.
It's my dad's favourite song, I grew up listening to it.
It just came to mind, I was like "let's do Hotel California"
Couldn't remember the lyrics very well, lol.

He's going to kill me when he sees this, hahaha!!!

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