KL Fashion Week 2014

Team Kittie Yiyi for #KLFW2014!

Last week was very eventful.
My schedule was jam packed and I had to miss classes.
The highlight of the week would be KL Fashion Week.
The whole world was there, lol.
All the Malaysian designers and fashionistas were there.
I'm no fashionista, I wish I am, I'm just lucky that I got invited, haha.

First, let me take a selfie!

My girls.
Ashley, Jane, Cherrie, Me, Maggie.

I had more pictures on that day but they were mostly terrible, OH NO!
So, I'll just post some I think they're nice, haha.

The 3 musketeers again!!!

Eh, budak ni lebih ah...
Haha, I love him, meet Arran!
Celebrity bloggers Audrey and Bobo were with us too :D

Let's get it started!

Something was wrong with my camera that day.
Ughhhh, my pictures were terrible, why?!
Sorry for the blur pictures.

Absolutely loving Kittie's collection.
It's fun, vibrant and funky.

Matched with pink wigs, New Balance and Converse shoes.
Perfect colour combinations there.

I wish I get to wear pretty clothes like these.
Big support to local fashion designers.
Make Malaysia proud!!!

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