I'm back to school!

It's never too late or too old to learn new things and to gain new knowledge.
Self improvement is also very important, we should never stop improving ourselves.
I go to British Council to improve my English language and to learn new communication skills.
 I'm sure that you've heard of British Council.
It is well known and it has been around for a very long time now.
The British Council is the world’s leading cultural relations organization.
Using English, Arts, and Education and Society to bring people together and
to attract partners to working with the UK. 

I paid a visit to the British Council in Kuala Lumpur last month.
I sat for their English placement test to decide which level of English course best suits me.

I was worried about the test, haha.
Thank goodness that it wasn't hard but it's a little tricky.
The level check procedure will thoroughly asses your English language knowledge.
It is to test your basics, grammar, vocabulary and reading.
We also had short session of oral test which I failed tragically, lol.
I guess I scored pretty well for the paper test.
I thought my level would be just upper-intermediate.
Surprisingly, my consultant recommended that I go for the highest level, the advanced level.
I was thrilled to know that but intimidated at the same time.
What if it's too hard for me?
Hmmmmm, challenging is good, I suppose.
So... bring it on!!!

Many of you asked me about the courses at British Council.
For enquiries on Full Time General English Cours
 and for more information on other courses  www.britishcouncil.my

I started school for a week now.
It's going extremely well, I learnt a lot.
I'm weak at vocabularies, I learnt about 100 new vocabularies in just a week.
We do listening, writing, reading, presentations.
Basically everything to train us to speak fluent English and communicate well in English.
 Oh my, my writing looks terrible, haha.
I had to write really fast because we were having listening test.

I also made new friends from different countries like Russia, Somalia, Iran, Vietnam and more.
Natalia is my partner, she's from Russia.
She shares a lot with me, cultural backgrounds, cultural differences which are interesting!

Both my lecturers are from the UK.
Jessie is from England and Ali is from Scotland.
They are very experienced in teaching English language.
They have been to many countries like Spain, Korea and Hong Kong.
I love it when they correct my pronunciations and help me to speak better English.
They also use teaching materials which are more relatable to our life.
My lecturers use fashion, song lyrics, current issues to teach us English.
It's very useful for me because I'm somewhat a fashion blogger and I LOVE MUSIC.
They keep me very interested.

Of course, we do literature too.
I read a lot but I mostly read teen novels.
In British Council, we read book like Gulliver's Travels.
Now this is real literature.
I was like "oh no, I don't want to read this, it's a children tale, lol"
My lecturer asked if we know about this story, I said "I watched the movie!!!"
He was like "no, the movie was just a small part of this book, this book is more than that"
I thought it was just a very simple children story but this book has lots of hidden meanings.
The author talks about politics using a short story, very interesting and impressive.
 I wouldn't have known if I wasn't "forced" to read this book.
I love it, it helps me on improving my language skill and it also teaches me life lessons.

Welcome to my classroom.
Spacious and air-contidioned (:

Using my Marc Jacobs tote as school bag.
Jane got it for me from Japan as a souvenir :D

Can't wait to learn more new vocabularies and gain more knowledge.
We're doing a presentation about our favourite style icon tomorrow.
I'm stoked about that because I've a lot to say and I did my homework!
We were also told to write a formal letter as homework to be passed on later this week.
Awh man, it's pretty tough but THAT'S HOW YOU LEARN!
Most of all, I can't wait to complete this course and get my certificate, haha!


  1. I am from England and would love to fly over to Malaysia to teach English. I have to a course first though :)

    Reading your blog, you are really good at writing in English so you will do well! Good luck with speaking English, you will catch on quite quick :)

    Much Love,

    Lauren Nicole O'Hara


  2. Night And Hai, Daphe🙂 May Know How Much Fee Of This Launguage Course At British Council😮?


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