I met a road rage, I'm traumatized

I've never been so horrified in my life.
I met a road rage today.
I started school for about a week now.
Today is Tuesday, it happened at lunch time, not far away from my school.
I came from Bukit Bintang, Pavilion was on my right.
There was a traffic light, I stopped, my navigation was on.
I missed school on Monday and it was the weekend, I thought of going to school earlier.
To see if I could do some revision on Monday's lesson which I missed.
I was half an hour earlier, I was taking my time.
I also had my navigation on, just in case I forgot how to go to my school from Novotel.
(I'm not good at directions, I needed to HEAR the navigation
just in case I don't make the wrong turn.)

I slowly cut to the most left lane to make a turn to Novotel.
My left indicator(signal light) was on all the way as I slowly cut through
because it was pretty congested at that area.
I was almost at stationery because again, that turning was congested.
Suddenly, I heard a bang on my car at the left side from behind.
When I looked into the rear-view mirror, there was a motorbike, the rider was on it.
He indicated me to stop aside.
I was sure that he came out of no where, plus my car was moving slowly.
It wasn't possible to hit anybody, unless he ran into me.
Although my phone was in my right hand, with my thumb supporting it but two of my hands were
on the steering wheel and my indicator was still on.
(Lesson : get a phone holder)
He said I was on my phone but I wasn't on my phone.
I dare not to quit Waze, you should know if you're a Waze user.
Sometimes, it doesn't speak if you close the application.
Sometimes, the navigation just shuts off if you quit the application.

He was rubbing his knee but there was no scratch, no bruise, no bleeding.
Not even a scratch, not even redness, nothing.
He said I hit him and I looked at my car, no scratches.
I looked at the right side of his bike(the side where I "hit"), no scratches.
He asked me to look at the left side, there were small scratches and small dents.
Pretty sure they are not from me.
I said if I hit you here, why isn't this side scratched but the other side.
He said I hit him, he fell onto the fence.
Remember, when I heard the bang, I looked in the rear-view mirror, he was on his bike.

Then, he said he wanted to go to the nearest car workshop to fix his bike.
(I think I'm dumb but at the same time, I think I handled it at the best I could.)
I guess I'm a soft spoken person, I would say that I'm pretty weak, I'm always nice to people because
I hate mean people, I don't like people being mean to me, so I'm never mean, I like to make peace.
I'm not an angry person, I didn't know how to deal with this kind of situation.
Trust me, if this kind of thing strikes you, you probably won't know what to do.
(Lesson : never get off your car, I did twice, what was I thinking..)

I said ok, let's go to the car workshop.
He led the way, he stopped very abruptly 20seconds later.
He said "oh no, the nearest car workshop is closed.
I need to call my cousin and ask how much is it to fix my bike."
I was like what is wrong with your bike, nothing is wrong with your bike.
I think he faked the whole conversation, he can never be an Oscar winner.
The conclusion was RM250-RM300 to fix his bike.
Small scratches probably not from me, no dents, he was asking for RM300 at last.

At this point, I was like omg is this happening to me.
Tears started rolling down, I couldn't control, I was scared but I didn't cry or weep.
Honestly, it was terrifying, I was all alone, I felt so helpless.
I said to him "I did not hit you, why are you doing this?"
Then he was like, if you don't want to pay, let's go to the police station.
Another thing is I have my P plate on because my mum's theory is that
people will give way if I have the P plate on, she won't let me take them off after so many years.
In fact, I got my driver's license 5 years ago, was on P for 2 years,
have been driving on my full license for 3 years now.
He probably thought that I'm scared of going to the police station since I'm still a P plater.
No, I haven't had any accident so far *touchwood* because I'm a careful driver.
Never, I'm very friendly on the road and I give way to people all the time.

I felt so helpless, I've always been independent.
Even when I had a partner, it was always long distance relationship.
They were not here to look after me, I don't depend on anybody.
Lesson : Make more friends, lol, you won't know when you need help.
Girls, need to have some guy friends.
We emphasize girl power, feminism so much nowadays that we don't need men.
At that time, I was thinking 'omg, I need a man right now'
I wish there was a dark knight to save me from hell.
I thought again, I don't need a man, this man here is bullying me.

I didn't know who to call for help, I don't have many guy friends, or I can say none.
I couldn't think of anybody who would come and help me, plus I won't want to trouble them.
Most certainly, I would not, will never call my parents because they would be worried sick.
I never give them any troubles, I try not to make them worried.
(Lesson : I think if it happens to you, please call your parents.)

The only one came to mind was Jane, of course but I know it's useless calling her.
What if this became dangerous, I wouldn't want to put my girl friend at risk.
Think think think, ex boyfriend, ex boyfriend, damn it, my ex boyfriend lives in Australia.
FML, I started tearing but I still called Jane.
Jane did not pick up.
The rider was pissed off, he kept going "oi, oi, oi!!!"
He was probably scared that I called someone big for help.

I looked at the cross I hung on my rear-view mirror.
Suddenly there was a voice telling me "don't be scared, don't be afraid!"
I'm a cowardy person, my best friends always tell me to not be afraid.
Especially Jane and Liza, I remember their voices.
They always ask me "WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF?
Always remind me "DON'T BE SCARED OF THE EVIL!"
I pulled myself together, wiped my tears off.
I said to him "let's go to the police station"
He hesitated but he said ok.
I said you lead, I'll follow.
We were on the road for 20 seconds, he stopped again.
He was now on my left and he said his bike is having some problem.
He said he can't ride it. He wanted me to fetch him to the police station.
In my heart, I said "fck you, you cunt! it's absurd, outrageous, it doesn't even make sense"
But I said to him, no, you lead, I'll follow.
Two possibilities.
1. He was going to rob me.
2. He was scared to ride his bike to the police station because his bike is all fine.
The police won't believe him, he was fine, he looked absolutely fine, he is fine.

He was angry and he got all raged.
He violently hit my car.
I was wondering why did I just sit at my driver seat and watch.
I should have driven away or reversed or whatever.
I guess I just couldn't think, it was too much for me.
Luckily he didn't break my windscreen.
 He was yelling awful bad words at me.
He gave my side mirror about 5 punches to break it.
Then, he sped away.

He was riding a maroon colour motorbike.
Number plate is WNP 556.
[New update : This guy is a con artist.
He often appears in Bukit Bintang and Setapak.
Everyone please beware, he often changes his number plate too. ]
He is Chinese, probably at his late thirties, or even at his forties.
I don't want to remember his evil face, he looks like a pig.
This has nothing to do with races.
Every race has its evil, do not stereotype.
Every race has good people and bad people.
The bad is a disgrace.
This cunt is a disgrace to my race.
We, the good people, Malays, Indians or Chinese.
We stay united and we stay good.
Never let the evil break us apart.

I'm traumatized and I'm scarred for life.
I looked to my right, there were people passing by, nobody came to help.
Well, of course, no one would want to get involved.
Worse thing is that they were laughing, they thought it was funny.
STEREOTYPES, quit stereotyping!!!
They stereotyped me as a bad female driver,
thinking that I must have done something wrong for his rage.
It was terrible.
I slowly drove to my school which was 2 minutes away.
I was crying very badly in the car, my hands were trembling.
It was mortifying.
I couldn't stop thinking about it.
It was such a terrible experience, it was extremely horrible.

My eyes were red when I got to school.
My Russian and Iranian girl friends asked me what happened.
I told them and I started weeping, I thought I was calmed down but I wasn't.
My Russian friend's husband never let her drive in Malaysia.
They have been in Malaysia for four years.
She said "this is why."

I kept thinking why.
Why would people do this.
Is he married? Does he have a family?
Does he have kids?
What if this happens to one of his kids?
Does he have friends?
Does his friends know that he's a person like this?
Or are his friends the same as him?
Why is there such evil in this world?
Why? Don't they have religion?
Isn't he scared to be punished by God, by law, by authority?
Why is the society so sick nowadays?

I feel terrible.
I don't want to drive anymore.
 Thank God, I'm safe.


  1. I feel sorry for you, daphne. At least, you did your best. If it is me, I wouldn't know how I would handle such situation. It's not only you the soft spoken ones. You are very much independent than I am. Somehow, reading this makes me felt worried and sad for you. ofcourse, at the same time, f**k that biker. He was totally faking it. I wish you can get over it soon. In the meantime, you handled it good! And glad that you are okay. Safe and sound here. Who knows if the biker would do you any harm. And those losers who just watch you but ain't helping. What a moral our country have. Quite dissappointed with such people who just laugh yet they don't know the story behind. Hope you will get well soon! :)

    Your sincerely,

    Caring reader.

  2. Times will punish that bastars!u r brave enough to deal it 2day..my advice is drink warm milk or coco and sleep early 2night! U r safe n sound,everything gotta be fine ☺

  3. Everything will be fine. Sometimes I find that Facebook is helpful for u. U maybe can just ask for help from male friend from FB. I know it sound stupid, at least try. Cheers!!!

  4. did you censor his bike number or that is just what you saw? make sure you made a police report too. remember if anything happens do not get out of the car or just slightly open the window big enough to shout and say 'let's go to the police station' because it's much more safer for you to solve problems/negotiate there.

  5. Dear Daphne...
    I am sorry to read this..hope you are feeling better now ^^ stay strong... :)
    When I read this blog it make me think of the similar incident happen on my friend last month on the same area.. I believe this guy was repeating the same thing to single lady who drive alone as he use the exact same reason to ask my friend to pay him if not he would call police. My friend was really scared and helpless.
    Anyhow... take care^^

  6. I had similar incident, the worst part is that cunt that hit me is a Malay, he had drugs all high and stuff and he's not alone but 2 malays and cant understand English, not to be stereotype but they're so damn racist said Chinese live in Malaysia, talk malay la. I was alone, scared but never ever come down from the car. I called my friends, 2 girls they came and help settle, luckily there is still many good people in Malaysia, we create chaos and many cars stop by and came down to help us. How i hope we know each other then we can help you with this. Hope you will never meet this kinda things again. Meet more friends, guys or girls, especially girls that can help and good in handling tough situation.


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