How are you?

Hello, my lovely people. How are you? I'm exhausted.
I haven't read a good book for such a long time. I want to read.
I made new videos but I haven't had the time to edit them.
It's ok, it's not like you guys are waiting for new videos anyway, haha!
I need time to watch a good movie but wait, no...
Why am I complaining?
Being busy is so awesome! So awesome!
I wish I had 48 hours a day.

These two months have been fruitful, I'm very grateful.
(Except for the road rage experience.)
I was so traumatized that my brain didn't work for two days, lol.

So what's happening lately?

#1. Ed Sheeran's new album "X" is releasing world wide very soon!!!
I have pre-ordered his album for Jane and myself, woohoo, so hardcore.
I don't know if you know this, I posted everywhere, like my Facebook, Instagram.
I'm going to post it again, on my blog this time, haha!
Remember when Ed Sheeran first released his new single "Sing", it was April.
I was so excited, I stayed up for it, the time difference is crazy.
So stoked, it was my first time commenting on his Facebook page after listening to the song.
Ed Sheeran was online replying to fans' messages and getting feedbacks for the song.
He liked my comment and replied to me.
*insert faces of infatuation, surprise, saliva drooling, excitement*
My goodness, so much win, thank you thank you.
I made Malaysia noticeable to Ed Sheeran, you're very welcome, haha.
Please come to our country for live performance!
"Thanks for being so dedicated Daphne!" Ahhhhhhhh, *faints*


#2.  School at British Council is hectic too.
Many asked me if I needed the course, it's actually pretty easy for me.
I'm doing anyway, I want the certificate :D

#3. My friend was saying that Geminis are really kind.
Oh yeah, I am very kind, thank you, hahaha!

#4. Best friends, best friends everyday.
I've been seeing Jane and Ashley every freaking day.
We're too attached, omg.
Often seeing Nana, Natalie, Leng and Liza too, the loves of my life.
ps : Ashley isn't in any of these pictures because she just cut her hair and
she said she had no confidence, lol lol lol.

#5. We get super high and hyperactive on caffeine.
We have an extremely side of us compared to how we portrayed ourselves on social media.
Haha, nah, we are just normal fun, crazy, hyper girls.
A person once commented that I was loud at public and I was pariah for not taking care of my image.
I was sad for a few days :( , I guess I just want to say I'm just a very normal girl.
I get too excited sometimes too, maybe it was a very happy day for me.

#6. Coffee, coffee everyday...
So dependent and addicted to caffeine, tsk tsk tsk...

#7. I also started working out and people laugh at me.
Wait and see, when I have lines, hmm, you wait and see... WAIT, haha!

#8.My list of artists and bands I want to watch live.
Omg, feel so so so far away but I believe I can do it!

#9. I've been sleeping very late because I watch World Cup a lot.
 No more, no more, my eye bags are reappearing!!! NOOOOOO...

#10. Sam Smith, Sam Smith everyday...
Got his album and I've been replaying it everyday, I'm going to break the CD soon, lol.
Uh, can't wait to get to watch him singing live one day.
Can't wait... Can't wait...

This is one of my favourite songs from his album.

"In The Lonely Hour", one of the best albums of 2014!
"I'm Not The Only One", so well written.

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