Hair Day at Editor Salon

Hair styled by Chefuu Lee.

My hair was dying... because I hadn't gone to Editor Salon for a long time.
I was very busy, May was fantastic, June is ending so well.
Made appointments with my bro/hairdresser, Chefuu.
I kept pushing my dates because something always turned up the next day.
If you made an appointment, make sure you turn up.
If you can't make it, at least call to inform.
You know how people have a business to run...
Yeh, I would inform if I couldn't make it, be understanding.

Anyway, I finally made it.
I had a day off without anything to do, so awesome.
FINALLY got to pamper my hair.
I style my hair everyday, poor hair, getting damaged by me...
I always go for Editor Salon's Kerastase hair treatment.
You can feel the result immediately, a lot softer and smoother.

I had a dinner to attend to.
So, I thought I'd just get my hair styled.
Showed Chefuu pictures of model's hairnlook I wanted to achieve, lol.
I wanted small waves, not curls though, volumic and messy.
Something like that, didn't even know how to explain.
It's ok, I'll let Chefuu handle it, lol.

Yez, tiz iz potatoz...

He took his "antiques" out.
I don't know what this is called but...
It's ok... I like it. Seemed vintage and hippie, haha!
In short, it is to achieve the wavy volumic wet hair look I wanted.

Yez, thiz iz eskimoz...

Lol, I felt pretty good with this hairstyle, thank you, haha.

Many asked why do I never show my teeth.
Oh well, simple, I have crooked teeth.
哇 看到鬼 哈哈哈

Asked Chefuu to help take some pictures (:

This is my favourite shot (:


I can't change my skinniness even if I try, so I learn to embrace it.

Thanks for the great service and thanks for making me feel pretty :D
Jalan Setia Dagang aj7 u13/aj Setia Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
03-3362 3263

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