"Groufies" is the new thing!

Thanks for the goody bag, Huawei!

Jane and I got up really early to go to Huawei Ascend P7 launch.
This event was grandly held at Grand Hyatt hotel.
Huawei is crazy popular in China, Huawei is ranked no.3 in global smartphone shipments in 2013.
I made many friends from China when I was studying in Australia.
Majority of them use Huawei phones.
I also worked part time in a telecommunication company.
I used to sell Huawei phones and Huawei pocket wifi, haha!
I was really excited because I have heard a lot about the new Ascend P7.

Before the event started.
Say hi to Jane and Bobo.

What an eventful morning.
We got to enjoy this amazing piano performance.

Here comes the majestic Ascend P7.

 Ascend P7 is Huawei’s first 4G phone.
It runs on Android 4.4.2 software.
Very attractive, 6.5mm slim, eye-catching design.

Mr.Gary Xu from Huawei Technologies Malaysia gave his speech.
He also introduced us to the new Huawei Ascend P7 with an interesting product presentation.
 There were rounds of lucky draws to win Huawei products.
Oh well, we didn't have the lucky-draw-luck :(


Flat glass back with chamfered metal edge, sexy, good for style.
8MP front-facing camera and 13MP rear camera, smart, great for taking pictures.
It’s expandable with a microSD Card, clever, more space for selfies, lol.
 The front-facing camera is like built in with 美圖秀秀, love it!
 Save time, no editing needed, haha!

Jane and I were discussing about ditching our cameras, just get this phone, it's all in one.

Let me just talk about the panorama feature in this phone.
I don't know how to explain in a scientific way, so let me just explain it in my way.
I believe that panoramic photography is nothing new anymore, certain phones in the market can do it.
Ascend P7's panorama feature is very different from the ones we have now.
1. Jane was holding P7, took a picture of Tianchad and me in it.
2. She slowly moved to the left and a frame showed up to snap a picture of Kimberly and Adrian.
3. She slowly moved to the right and a frame showed up to 
snap a picture of Mich, Bobo and Saimatkong.
TA-DAAAAAAAA, there you go, super wide-angled.
Everyone is in the picture, no hassle, no "selfie stick", no monopod.
Apparently, selfie is not the thing now, "groufies" is the new trend now (:
#自拍的最高境界, no, it should be #團拍的最高境界, #贏了

Please give us one each, haha!

More information and prices, go to www.ascendp7.com.my

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