Hello! I've been busy attending classes at British Council, Kuala Lumpur.
This week's classes are more to writing and speaking.
Did my homework writing a formal letter.
Got a 4/5, not too bad! :D

We finished reading Gulliver's Traveller.
What an interesting story.
I wouldn't have known if I wasn't told to read such educational story.
We had to do summaries for chapters of the story.
I hate doing summaries but again... yes, this is how I learn.

After we finished the book, we had this fun activity.
We were to build our own nation/kingdom, how would it be?
I like it when my lecturer, Ali started talking about the United Kingdom.
I think my geography improved along with my English skill, lol.
I never knew that United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
We talked about world war II, I kept asking questions, I hope my lecturer didn't find me annoying.
We also discussed about ancient and modern architecture.
He changed my perception about modern architecture.
He's like an open dictionary, I love it, I love gaining more knowledge.
Omg, I felt like a frog living in a well, there's so much more outside of the well.
The whole world also knows that my dream place to go is the United Kingdom.
Now I learnt more about it, it makes my planning easier now.

Look at the last question, hahaha!
Fun little thing like this actually leaves better impressions.
It was absolutely "fun learning".
For my group, we named our country "Liberty" and we practice a democratic government.
Yes, we do allow Justin Bieber's music in our country, haha!

We were told to test each other on the new vocabularies we learnt.
We made our own vocabularies cards.
I love doing crosswords, we did crosswords in pairs.
Your partner is supposed to tell you the definition of the missing words.
It makes us learn better by really knowing the definition and having to explain what it means.

Do you know that you can take IELTS in British Council?
I'll suggest you to take a short course before taking your IELTS exam
if you're not confident with your English language skill.
Some of my friends actually came to British Council for short courses before they went overseas.
It's tough enough to live on your own in a different country.
Having good language skill helps a lot and also boosts your confidence.

They provide these self study packs to help you too.
How thoughtful is that.

I "graduated"!!
Got my certificate of completion, yayyyyyyyy.
For more information about my English course, go to
 and for more information on other courses

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  1. How long time does a short course finish? A month?


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