Bake Profiteroles

Mum in the background, hi mum.
Who would camwhore with a mixer? Yeh, me.

Hola, you pretty ladies and handsome guys(like guys would read my blog, lol).
So, I promised a "baking" blog post.
I'm just struggling, I don't really know how to construct this post, lol.
Hmmmm, I haven't baked in a while, not after I got back from Aussie.
I didn't have the right tools and equipments to bake.
I only brought my tool kit back from Aussie on the last trip.
I always wanted a good mixer, Kitchen Aid is every pastry chef's dream.
It's out of my budget, Kenwood is my second choice.
I saved enough money to get a mixer and an oven.
Guess what my dad decided to get me for my birthday? (:
Yup, a Kenwood Patissier Mixer.
I picked it, a red one :D

The first thing I baked before I even got my mixer was profiteroles.
Profiteroles are cream puffs made of choux pastry and filled with cream.
They are normally coated/decorated with chocolate on top.
Picture from

It's really easy to make but I failed 5 times making this during my assessment and I cried, lol!

Ok, first, you have to make a panada.
Boil 250ml of water, 100g of butter, some sugar and salt together.
Then, add 150g of flour, mix them.
This is a panada, make sure it doesn't stick to the side of the bowl.

 Allow it to cool, now make sure you have 4 eggs at room temperature now.
Crack them and mix them up a lil in another bowl.
When the panada is slightly cooled, add eggs gradually.
Do not pour everything at once because you need to adjust the consistency.

Fill it in a piping bag and start piping shapes like Hershey's kisses chocolate.
(I forgot to take pictures at this point, that's why I said I'm not good at doing a baking post, lol)
Bake it at 220c for 15minutes and turn down to 170c to dry them out a bit.
I also made creme patissiere, known as custard or pastry cream from scratch but no...
No pictures again, I'm sorry!!! Hahaha!!!

These were filled with cream and I couldn't find compound chocolate at the store nearby.
So, I replaced it with Hershey's chocolate sauce, lollllllllll, failed.
There you go, don't think they look pretty but they taste very good! (:

I'll bake more when I have time.
I'm back to school, going to classes at British council.
So hectic, have eben busy with work too.
Very happy with work!
Hope everything goes smoothhhhhhhh...

 I'll update more frequently when I have time, ok?

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