Blogging about one of the days spent in Aussie.

I'm sure you've noticed that I always take selfies in the car =,=
1.I do not like taking pictures at home, it's probably the bad lighting, lol.
2.Sometimes, I take longer than I should getting ready.
So I have no time to be vain and I have to go out before I'm late.
3.Make up is still fresh, woohoo.
4.Sun is the best lighting.
5.Nobody sees you camwhoring while the car is moving!

My make up routine.
If you want to ask me about my lip colour again... it's my natural lip colour.
I used Kiehl's lipbalm#1 in this picture, it's colourless, it just gives me the shine and moisture.
Concealer, foundation, brows, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and highlighter.
Just jokes, there is but definitely not me!

Don't you just adore the blue blue sky?
It just makes me feel so good just by looking at it.

It was William's day off.
I was lucky to have a tour guide, no, a chauffeur... HAHAHA just joking.
Headed to the city for a day out.

Had Korean food for lunch.
As I was saying about taking pictures in the car...
I don't like taking selfies when I'm out, I try not to do it because people stare.
My Aussie friends hate it when I do that, I'll just go like.
"First of all, I'm a blogger, I have to do this. Second of all, I'm Asian, lol"
You know how people stereotypes Asians, not really just Asians, girls who take selfies in public.

Sorry for these bad pictures, I didn't want to stand up and I snapped them really quickly, lol.
Palsaik Namoo along Barrack Street.

"Quick, quick, help me to take pictures.
Do it fast! Just keep snapping!"

Beef Bulgogi.
Nom nom nom, what a big portion!

Then, I went shopping in the city.
William was choosing his birthday gift.

A picture of three seagulls, lol.

Have you wondered why bloggers are always picture perfect?
I didn't say me, I said bloggers, other bloggers, lol.
The world now is all about being real.
Okay, I'll keep it real.

I came to find that I didn't bring any flats for this trip, IKR...
I pretty much wore these sandals throughout the whole trip, lol!
Anyway, let me give you examples of ugly pictures.

"Aw man, I can't open my eyes. I'm sweating. Wait, what? Ahhhh!!!"
I apologize, I'm no Marilyn Monroe.

"Lemme just put on these stylish shades and act... to be cool..."
Impulses were sent to shut my eyes too, hmmm.
It would actually be funny if I poked my eye with my shades, haha.

"Forget it mate, why don't you just stand there and take a tourist picture?"


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