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Did online shopping on last week.
I was so surprised to see the new layout on the website.
It looks really neat and interesting, it's really user friendly, I like it.
Many of you always ask me what cosmetics do I use.
I use Korean cosmetics a lot which you can hardly get at retail stores in Malaysia.
I'm going to introduce some products I got from Hermo!

I love how my cosmetics were nicely and safely packed in this magic box!
I bought more than 2 products and I got free shipping, oh yeah!!!
HERMO "Turnin' Beauty in a Click"

These are what I got, the products and the cute packaging!!
Hydrating Prime Primer - Banila Co.
Dinoplatz Pop-up Mascara - Too Cool For School
Dinoplatz Lip Balm - Too Cool For School
Shimmer Stick - 3 Concept Eyes [3CE]

You know how I always sleep over at Jane's.
I saw Too Cool For School mascara and lip balm on the make up desk.
I was like "Whose ones are these? Where did you get these?"
Ashley said "Oh, mine, got them from HERMO!"
I was like "What? I got their mascara and lip balm from Hermo too!
She got the escalator mascara and different colour of lip balm but the same brand, lol.
Wow, everyone's using Hermo and I'm so late, haha.

Then, Jane was using Banila Co. CC cream and loose powder.
I was like "What? I just got Banila Co. Primer too!"

Let's start with the Banila Co. Primer.
There are so many choices on Hermo.
It's good to have choices because you can pick what's best or suitable to your skin.
I have dry skin, so I picked the hydrating one.
I like the texture, really soft and non-sticky.

Then, I used my concealer and foundation, did my brows and eye line.
I don't use fake lashes, so I often use a very rich and thick mascara to give me volumic eye lashes.

There are two reasons why I bought Too Cool For School products.
1. They are good products.

I like thick brush like this!

Again... many of you always ask me about my lip colour.
I don't always use lip stick, I do use lip balm a lot because my lips are dry.
My lips crack all the time :(
There are different colours on Hermo, you can check them out.

This is my pick :)

Move on to finishing, highlighting features.
This 3CE shimmer highlighter is so famous, it's a highly recommended product.
There are many online shops selling 3CE products, be careful though.
1. Make sure they are authentic.
2. Make sure they don't mark up prices
I prefer getting them from authorized seller at low prices like Hermo.
Plus Hermo provides refund service to our beloved customers regardless of
any valid or non-valid reasons for any returned goods.
You will get a FULL refund from us and the postage fees for the returning goods!!!

Pretty sure that's how you use it or just dab it on using your finger.

Instant higher nose and sweeter lips, lol.

Shooting a make up tutorial with GBGTV soon!
Can't wait!!!

Last but not least, here's some really good stuff for you ;)
Use this link here www.hermo.my15
You are welcome! :D

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