Late night thoughts, I See Fire song cover

It's a late night post again.
Last whole week was so busy, it was really eventful.
It was tiring and I finally got the weekend off but now I wish I was working.
Finished the last draft on Friday, more work for me, please.
You don't feel lonely when you bury yourself with work.

You know... Books help a lot...
Sometimes when I feel like shit, I think about what Morrie said.
I was quite frustrated thinking that growth is going too fast, time is passing too fast.
It's my birthday month, I don't really get excited about birthday but yeh, I AM AGING, lol.
Morrie once said we have to embrace aging, don't be afraid of growing up.
He said something like the older you get, the wiser you are, so why should you be sad getting wiser.
People always say "I wish I was 18 again. I wish I was 25 again."
It actually means your life was unfulfilled, was unsatisfied.
Oh well, the truth is, who would be satisfied with life?
We always want more.
I don't even know what I'm talking about, I'm too hungry to think.

Typed and backspaced... 
Too personal... typed and backspaced...
Too contradicting... typed and backspaced...
 It doesn't even make sense... typed and backspaced...

My nephew turned TWO, nawwhhhh that lil boy.
He was like.... a fetus... now he's two and he's calling me aunt.
I feel soooooooooooooo old, haha.
No time to waste, I need to be productive...

Made a song cover right before my nephew's birthday dinner, lol.
I don't even know if Ed Sheeran is mainstream or not now.
Nobody knows this song, oh my my, it's such a great song.
He wrote this song for the movie "The Hobbit", now I bet you guys know that movie!
This song went number one in so many countries, I haven't heard it on radio here though.
So frustrating... because nobody seems to know this song :(
Anyway, if you like the song, share it, share good music.
Malaysia, we need to get there!!!

This is my song cover of "I See Fire", hope you like it :)

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