Kodaline in Perth

Finally blogging about Kodaline's gig in Perth.
Yeh, I decided to fly 2000+miles to watch them at the very last minute.
I didn't want to miss them as I know they won't come to South East Asia anytime soon.
They are from Ireland, they probably tour Europe or UK for a very long long time.
They did go to Tokyo though, this is unfair!!!

It was a crazy rush but I enjoyed it.
Can't believe that I didn't snap any pictures of myself, lol.

The indescribable excitement on the road.

Got my ticket online and collected on the spot.
RM180 for such a great concert, so worth it.
How I wish I live in a western country, only $60 for a gig.

We queued for about an hour, then we were let in.
I wanted to stand in front of the stage but my companion of the night isn't a fan =,=
He didn't even know how to sing "High Hopes", lol but he heard of it, that's for sure.
"High Hopes" went number one on Aussie radio, that's how I first heard of them.
I've been playing too much of Kodaline lately, he knows how to sing "One Day" now, lol.
Anyway, I wore high boots that night for the purpose of standing.
Why? To be taller and be able to watch them better IN FRONT of the stage.
I wanted to stand, he told me to go alone, what a waste of being 180cm tall =,=
It's not that bad sitting though because that's how you really enjoy the show.
Sit back, relax, enjoy and sway away with their music.

The opening act was The Trouble with Templeton, a band from Melbourne.
The rest of the band members couldn't make it, the lead singer played solo.
Imagine you had to play your band music all acoustic, alone and keep the crowd interested.
He did really well.

I picked my favourite song from his performances, it's called "You Are New".
I think you'll like it.. if you too, like the music I like, have a listen.

Finally... the long awaited...

Oh Gawd, ovaries are exploding, I mean it.
That Steve Garrigan sexy face...

Ok, now I want a picture of Vinny May but they photobombed each other.

Hi, Jason.
You don't even think about it, he already has a girlfriend, lol lol lol!
You should hear him say "love" in his Irish accent, Homg.

I think Mark is the cheeky one :D

Overall, they are all super talented.
They write their songs, they play the different instruments well.

Steve's signature "High Hopes" piano stance.

They had something special for us.
They got us to be quiet and they sang to us without using the microphone.
Raw, pure, powerful vocals, acappella style.
A rendition of sweet oldie "Bring It On Home To Me".
So good, so so good...

Mark's attractive standing pose...

They left the stage without singing "All I Want".
Oh no, they didn't just do that.
Everyone chanted the Aussie way, lol.
They came back on and played us "All I Want" to end the show.

I actually brought their album along, thought I might have a chance to get autographs.
It's really hard when you don't have anyone to do things with you.
Lol, I left right after the show ended, I didn't want to but I had to... haha.
I got home and saw these fans' pictures with Kodaline on Instagram.
Ugh, *lots of feet stomping and chest hitting*, lol.

I do have one awkward picture outside the theatre, just for memory.

I'm very happy to know that many of you are listening to Kodaline.
I've been receiving emails, messages and tweets about it.
I received this VERY long email from a girl that brightened my whole day.
Don't worry I read them all, even though I don't reply sometimes.
It's sooooooooo overwhelming, I don't know why, it makes me really happy.
Sarah, my Aussie friend, took me out for lunch and she was playing Kodaline in her car.
I was like "wow, Kodaline, I love this band, I just watched them last week!"
She said she only started listening to Kodaline after listening to my song cover.
Wow, I felt so proud at that moment, lol, just at that moment.
Even my manager who used to only listen to EDM, is now listening to Kodaline.
 I also want to thank that friend who told me to really listen to "High Hopes".

Sometimes, I'm afraid of my favourite bands and artists going mainstream.
Going mainstream might affect their style of music making, their authenticity, their originality...
But nah, if you like something, share it, spread the good words.
Just like the post I talked about how people should support their favourite blogger ;)
Support really means a lot, good words mean a lot, support is what gets and keeps things going.
Think about it this way, they get more famous, they might get to tour Asia, oh yeah!!!
I'm waiting for that day...
Ed Sheeran is turning mainstream now, maybe he already is.
Mainstream or not, I'll still support what I like.

Don't just listen to "High Hopes" and "All I Want".
"One Day" is really good, my favourite is "Big Bad World"
Ahhhhhh, I can't pick favourites, I love the whole album!

Listen to this acoustic version of "Brand New Day" featuring Nina Nesbitt.
I adore the lyrics of this song, it brings a little sweetness and also brings hope.
I don't know, maybe this song talks about what I really want to do with my other half one day.
I feel this song, I feel the freedom.
"I wanna travel the world but I, I just can’t do it alone.
So I’m just waiting on fate to come, wrap around me.
Think about all the foreign places we could be."

"I’ll be flicking stones at your window.
I’ll be waiting outside til you’re ready to go.
Won’t you come down? Come away with me.
Just think of all the places we could be.
I’ll be waiting, waiting on a brand new day."

"Riding on waves, walking on sand.
Digging in caves to find the treasures of the land and if we find gold
Well, we’ll just throw it away.
We can write stories bout the journeys that we made."

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