Bold pHantasies

Check out the confidence yo! Lol.

Still remember my last post about Lactacyd liquid wash?
Yup, I'm going to talk about V care again.
What is V care?
V care is caring about feminine hygiene.

--> Lactacyd is a feminine wash that does not only aid in prevention of infections,  but it is also an integral part in one’s beauty regime.
 Lactacyd believes that every inch of the female body deserves the best care in order to be fair and flawless, especially the intimate area.
I got 5 bottles of Lactacyd liquid wash the previous time.
I only have one bottle left now, I use it daily!
I stocked up with Lactacyd products again.
If I were to pick a favourite, I would go for the blue one, White Intimate!
White Intimate - natural lightening ingredients to lighten skin within 4 weeks.
All-Day Fresh - with herbal essences to provide long lasting freshness. 
Feminine Hygiene - preserve a natural pH level.
Revitalize - enriched with Vitamin E and collagen for firming.
Soft & Silky - moisturizing without causing irritation.

Complete your beauty regime with Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Wash for a more confident you.
Made from natural, mild, milk-based ingredients such as lactic acid and lactoserum.
Lactacyd products gently cleanse, ensuring to retain naturally slightly acidic pH levels.
--> It’s dermatologically tested safe and suitable for sensitive skin, so don’t you worry!  

I also realized that they changed the packaging a little.
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet, the one on the right is the new packaging.
Not much difference but I like the brighter colour (:

 When you become more confident completing your beauty regime with Lactacyd...
When you are daring enough to take on some of your boldest fantasies in life...
TAKE ON the Lactacyd "Bold pHantasies" Challenge!
"Bold pHantasies" contest gives you a chance to drive on the F1 track, skydiving,
wakeboarding, fly a plane, swim with sharks and bungee jumping.

It's a fun game, most importantly, it's easy to score, haha!
1.Get the highest score possible for the Lactacyd "Bold Run" online game.
2.Select your preferred Bold pHantasy from the list of "Bold pHantasies.
3.Tell them why it is your ultimate dream to do!

Visit Lactacyd Love Your V for more information!!!

I don't worry about feminine hygiene now because I use Lactacyd products.
Sometimes, I'm out for the whole day and it can be really unhygienic.
Need not worry because I also use Lactacyd wipes which give me on the go freshness.
I feel fresh and clean :D

For example, I was out for the whole day, tired.
I took a nap while waiting for my girls to get ready for a fashion show at night.
I woke up still feeling confident, lol, check my fabulous hair too! Hahaha!

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