520 what? 520 no!

I miss my long hair, gahhhhh...
For those who don't know, I cut my hair short..er... about shoulder length.

[Insert rageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee]
You know what? I was making a video.
Trust me, it really isn't easy to make a 3 minutes long video.
It's so so so tough, I don't know how pewdiepie does it everyday, he's really dedicated.
I took the whole day to make a video, 20 freaking takes.
I just got my camera back from fixing AGAIN.
Yes, that is why I do not recommend this camera, it's nex5r.
It's giving me troubles and troubles.
I've been posting old pictures because my camera was admitted to the hospital for 10days, lol.
They changed the format of my video files.
Now I can't use these videos, I tried converting before but it never worked.
Omg, it's very frustrating that I spent so long doing this and...
I'll have to redo it tomorrow, do watch it when it's out.
It really requires a lot of work, lol, I appreciate that, thanks! Haha.
Maybe I should just blog, why waste energy on making videos, lol.

Anyway, been pretty busy.
I LOVE BEING BUSY, please let me be busy...
Flying quite a lot, .....  or not really...
Don't think I'm flying anywhere on June but I can't wait for July!!!

I love fluffy clouds, fluffy clouds make me happy :)

Time passes soooooooooo fast.
It's 20th of May, oh yeh, keep the 520 posts coming on Instagram.
(520 means "I love you" in Mandarin)
Single people like me stay home and drink banana milk.
Nanny got us souvenirs from Korea, thanks nanny!!!
I finished everything she got me, this is the last banana milk :(
I love my Stewie boxers, don't judge me, haha.

And... only I realized that my birthday is next week.
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... or no yay.
Wow, time, calm yo tits, you're going too fast.
I don't really celebrate birthday, I haven't celebrated birthday in Malaysia for 2 years?
I thought of finally planning something for my birthday but mehhhhh...
 Mum : "What are you going to do for your birthday?"
I said : "I don't know, thought of having a party though."
Mum : "But you have no friends..."
That's partially true and I guess big parties are just not my thing.
I can't handle it, so I'll just have dinner with my girl friends :)

I have no one to say to so...
Happy 520 to you lovely readers, xx


  1. Still looking good with short hair :)

  2. No more anniversary? Hehe...
    520 daphne

  3. Daphne blog more. I love to read your blog.


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