Travel to Perth

Hello, I'm going talk a little bit about travelling to Australia.
1. You need to get your tourist visa, you have to apply for it online.
They charge a fee of $20, so it's about RM60.
Tourist visa lasts for a year but you can't exceed your stay of 3 months in Australia.

 2. You can proceed with purchasing air ticket.
I got my air ticket about 6 hours before the flight time.
Malaysia Airlines was too expensive, so I went with Air Asia.
Perth is located closest to Malaysia compared to Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney+.
RM1500 is considered cheap, goes up to RM2000 and more, two ways.
Sometimes, there's sale, I get it for RM1000.
Ahhhh, I'm promoting Air Asia!
They should sponsor me as their exclusive travel blogger, lol.

The plane was empty, literally empty.
It was a morning flight, I didn't sleep the whole night, I had to pack.
I was so happy, I got 3 seats all to myself!

 3. Fill in the immigration card properly.
I'll advise you not to bring food but if you do, declare it.
Make sure you don't bring food without a proper packaging or labels.
There's this box on the card asking you if you brought food, if you did, you tick yes.
If you do not understand the questions on the card, get someone to help you at the airport.
I watch too much "Border Security", am really mindful of this, don't want to get into trouble.
When the immigration officer asked me, "do you have any food to declare?"
I doubted myself for a while, just to be sure, "is chewing gum ok?"
Lol, cause I was chewing one, she laughed and said "of course it is."

My travelling essentials.

 I slept for four hours on the plane.
Constantly changing positions, my head was hanging, my mouth was wide opened.
I was really tired ok, I needed those hours of sleep, lol.
Thank goodness, I decided to wear contact lens.
Cause I was thinking, I would read if I couldn't sleep.
My spec is really heavy and it bothers me when I read.
Thank goodness x2, I had my eyeliner on and got my brows done.
Cause SOMEBODY RECOGNIZED ME and came to talk to me.
He was like "you pretty much slept through the whole flight"
I wanted to dig a hole and put my head in, super embarrassing, lol.

My super dehydrated look and that's my favourite food to eat on the plane.

A while before landing.

Welcome back to Perth.

Don't think this post is helpful but...
Errmmmm, more to come?
Kthxbai. Hahahaha.

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  1. Your blog is very useful for me which I'm gonna fly to perth soon.


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