My daddy story

Dressed all princessy for daddy king's day :)


I received a text from my hairdresser, Chefuu the other day.
"Hey, can I ask you something?"
"Lol, yeh, sure!"
*attaching a picture of the back of my father*
"Is he your king?"
"Yeh, he sure is..."

He thinks I have the coolest dad in the world, haha.
Everyone loves my dad, how does he do that?
Mainly because he drinks, watches football, down-to-earth, makes good jokes, lol.

Another thing is, people recognize him because I'm a spitting image of him.
He's a male version of me and I'm a female version of him, lol.
He's tall, very skinny, pretty smart, a serious person but he's a joker when he's drunk.
Oh my goodness, I'm so like him, except that my sisters are way taller and I'm just average.
He often embarrasses himself after he gets tipsy or drunk, oh my, I got it from him.
Definitely. Daddy, I got that from you and it's bad but still, thanks for the long legs though!

It was my daddy's birthday yesterday, I have this indescribable mix feelings.
I feel bad for daddy not having a son.
Dad is a cold person, I guess mum is too, my eldest sister is too, my second sister is alright.
Seems like I'm the odd one because I'm so warm.
We don't say mushy things like "I love you, I miss you" in our family.
We do not practice verbal expression of love, soft, soft love, lol.
And again, we get tough love (mostly all) from mum.
Mum - forever criticism never encouragement.
Dad - everything will be ok  :)
Dad is a very chilled out person, 6A1B very good Daphne, 3C4B very good Christine!
No pressure at all, would never worry about report card day.
Just bring daddy and everything would be fine.

I wished my dad happy birthday yesterday, we shook hands, lol.
The times when he actually hugged me were the times at the airport when I left to Aussie.
We don't really talk, we don't talk about boyfriend or relationship, we don't talk about stuff.
Sometimes it makes me feel so close yet so far from my dad.
I love my daddy, it makes me feel really happy just to see his car parked outside.
I just need him to be there, safe, healthy, just be there forever if he can.
We don't have to really talk but by knowing he's here and spending quality time together, it's enough.

I'll buy you this Haagen Dazs ice cream cake every year, kay?

I was Chinese educated by my stay-at-home mum until I went to high school.
I was a pretty bright student though, never gotten a B for English.
Wait, I did, I got a B+ for English in Monash Foundation and I never got over it, lol.
We had family issues, I tried really hard to communicate with my dad.
That was when I started learning to SPEAK proper English.

Thanks to dad who taught me so much.
I listened to Eagles, Santana, Scorpions, Deep Purple since young.
Wow, I'm just like my dad, we have great taste in music, hahahahahaha!
Dad used to play the guitar, he loves it when I play the piano but I failed him by being lazy.
Dad used to read us bedtime stories every night, always teaching us new values.
He would drive an hour distance back and forth just to get us to church every single week.
He goes to the church but he doesn't take Holy communion because we're sinful people.
Then, I entered the rebellious stage of life where I tended to get into adults business' butts.
I was so harsh to him, it must have really hurt him.
Until I'm quite grown up now and realized that sometimes, shit happens.
There are things that we can't control in life.
I used to watch a lot of football with him before I went to Aussie.
World Cup is the best, we would wear different jerseys, we would bet and drink together.
I always hope that I make up a little to him for that he doesn't have a son.
Now, he never leaves the side of my nephew.
My nephew always goes "grandpa grandpa, granny granny"
Every single time that he gets into trouble and my mum starts yelling.
He better be looking for grandpa.

There was once when I got that brick pink hair.
My mum was furious when she saw it, she was really angry.
I was so scared that I locked myself in the room.
It was a Sunday, we go for dinner on Sundays.
He knocked on my door and he saw my hair.
"Daphne, why did you do this?"
"I didn't intend for it to be like this, dad, I'm sorry"
I shut the door and he knocked again
"Let's go out for dinner"
"You don't want to go out with me, not with this hair"
"It doesn't matter how you look"
I wept so hard, enough said.

Happy birthday, papi.
You're my king and my eternal love.
You're not perfect but your love to us is perfect.
Please don't get old, you're going bald, it makes me really sad, daddy.
I know I don't say it but I hope you know it well.
I love you, daddy :*)


  1. I Love you for Posts like this. Although I cried a Little cause it reminds me so much of my dad, this is what makes your blog different from others.

  2. The first post that I have ever commented on anyone's blog. Great life experience u have with your dad. Keep it up :) have a good life ahead :)


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