Late night thoughts, music or no music?

I can't sleep just thinking about Kodaline, I know, wth right?
Kodaline is a band from Ireland, I've fallen deep in love with their music recently.
I have a big thing for Irish and Brit acts, I love their music.
Ellie Goulding, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Birdy, The Script and more.
(Not to forget Jay Chou, Bruno Mars, Lorde, Christina Perri++)
Of course, my number one will always be Ed Sheeran, he's British....-Irish mix.
OMG, I really do have a thing for Irish and British.

I only got this obsession with Ed Sheeran started since last year.
When he wasn't THAT famous (famous but wasn't that famous), he went to Aussie.
Yeh, I was there, I listened to him on the radio, with Passenger.
I do not understand why I didn't freaking go to his shows, it's beyond my comprehension.
I was too busy with work, with earning money, with school that I missed the wonderful things.
Btw, Ed Sheeran is releasing new single tomorrow, I CAN'T WAIT.
I typed a long post about how excited I am but I didn't publish it.
Finally, finally, a new full album from him, releasing on June, I'm so stoked.

My type of man, it's all about what's within, he's so my type...

Last I checked, Kodaline was in New Zealand.
Then, they went to Sydney, I checked the tour dates and venues.
I really did check and I only saw Sydney, I didn't know they were touring in Aussie.
My friend went to their show in Melbourne and so I "dug" deeper.
The last two shows will be in Adelaide on 8th April and Perth on the 10th.
I really want to go see them because I'm afraid that I might not have a chance to if I miss this one.
Just like how I missed Ed Sheeran and I die to watch him now.
Kodaline will be going to Japan before returning to the UK/Ireland.
If I don't watch Kodaline now, I'm afraid that I might have this regret haunting me again.
Plus, they are playing small venues now, they are just starting out.
I get to watch them up close before they become a HUGE thing in the very near future!

Ed Sheeran is touring the UK on October.
I sooooooooooo want to go to UK but I know that I can't afford it.
Not this year, not anytime soon, I don't even know if I can ever afford to go to the UK.
UK has always been my number one dream place to go to.
I do like the Western culture but what I like most is Brit music.
I have such strong passion for music that I would travel just for live performances.
I don't know man, I just love music.
I love the type of music that I like, indie, indie rock, acoustic, pop.
Sometimes, I think I'm very 'mainstream', I like mainstream music, lol, wth.

Then, I realized that the music scene in Malaysia doesn't offer what I like, what I want.
We do not have the crowds like other countries.
Rave was finally starting in Malaysia and is now banned, come, I clap for you.
The radio isn't playing songs that I like, the acts that I like don't come to Malaysia.
I hate this, well, Ellie Goulding did come to Malaysia when I was studying abroad, sigh. has been playing good music at night though, we're finally picking up.
I was so surprised when they played a lot of Coldplay that night, Jet, Birdy, Snow Patrol, The Script.
 Wow, Jane and I were driving back home the other night.
She called me : "omg, tune into now"
An hour of great songs, so mind-blowing for us.
Thank goodness that she shares the same taste in music with me.
I LOVE it when someone is as enthusiastic as I am about something I like.
So lucky, so grateful, I always share music with her and she loves it.
We often exchange playlists.

 You know what's good music? You know what's a good crowd you don't get in Malaysia?
Btw, everyone has their own taste in music, I'm not here to criticize or judge your taste in music.
As long as you're a music person, you listen to whatever you like.
Don't let nobody tell you what to listen to and what not to listen to.
Different genre of music, it's still music.
I'm just here to encourage and share about the type of music I like.
Watch this. Every musician's dream.
To touch the souls of hundreds, thousands, millions.
This is epic, the crowd, is one of the reasons why I want to go to music festivals in other countries.

Ahhhhh, I don't know.
Is it too much that I want to go to Aussie to watch Kodaline? But I really like their music...
I love music, I wish I can travel around the world to watch concerts, to join music festivals.
Everything to do with music, just anything to do with music, I'm interested!
Should I follow my heart and do it since I like it so much?
But wait... Reality strikes.
Airfare, concert tickets, food, transport but accommodation is covered.

Should I do it or should I not?
I'm a 22-year-old girl without a full time job.
Soulless, lifeless, clueless about my life, lost, stuck.
I'm so far behind compare to other 22-year-old out there.
I have this weird passion, weird obsession, weird interest in something so... unrealistic.
But to me, it's something so real, it's something I really like, I indulge in it and I enjoy it a lot.

What am I going to do with my life, my mind?
Should I save the money for something more useful?
Should I follow my heart, feed my soul?
In fact, music is my soul.


  1. When I was back in Malaysia I had the same complaint as you did. I wasn't really soulless back then but I had an insatiable hunger for music so I saved up every dollars and cents to see each and every music acts in my bucket list because you'll never know if a band breaks up or a terrible tragedy to fall on your favourite singer. My suggestion is give it a plunge - money can always be earned from time to time but experiences may only be bought and used once in a lifetime before the supposed expiry date. Motivation drives a person to move mountains, so what's your motivation?

    Damn, I sound like an old man giving lectures. Anyways I reckon you should go if it is within your budget.


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