Good Friday

 I used to like to go to Speedy a lot when I was... younger.
I used to only go there for Jay Chou's albums.
Anything to do with Jay Chou, I would buy them if I could afford them.
Mum always says that I was a stingy kid, always trying to save every penny.
Yet, I was generous on Jay Chou, nothing else, just Jay Chou, only Jay Chou's albums.
I would listen to Jay Chou, Westlife after school everyday, before internet came to the picture.
Mum hated my obsession with Jay Chou, hahaha.
I guess that obsession wasn't all bad because I grew up with music.

As I grow older, my taste in music slowly changes.
Not really, I always like singer-songwriters, I still do.
Jay Chou is, Ed Sheeran is, Bruno Mars is, Ellie Goulding is, Birdy is, Lorde is, Kodaline is++

Rock Corner has become my favourite because Speedy doesn't bring my favourite albums in.
Sometimes I'd just hang out there, looking through the album collections.
How I wish I own the whole store, lol.
People ask me why don't I just buy music off iTunes.
I thought about it though but nahhhhhh, an album in hand makes me feel good.
Just like how I thought of getting a Kindle to read books but it's the same feeling.

So Coachella-ish, I wish I could be there.

A little story the other day.
I went album and book shopping after picking up some stuff for work.
Got my hands on Kodaline's album, last one, the last one, couldn't find it anywhere else.
I also got some Coldplay older albums.
There was this lady, probably 45+, specs on, I reckon she's the owner of the store.
She kept her eyes on me because I was in there for so longgggggggg.
I couldn't decide on what I should or shouldn't buy.
I finally proceeded to the counter to pay.
"Wow, Kodaline, good taste!"
I was like, wowwwwww, this aunty is pretty hippie.
"Wow, you know Kodaline?"
"Yeah, I see you like Coldplay here, you'll love Kodaline if you love Coldplay."
Holy moly, this aunty is guaranteed a hippie, lol.
"I always come here, is there any membership that I can sign up for?
Discount or points, anything?" -lol, super ah lian.
"Unfortunately, we don't but I'll give you some discount!"
"Wow, cool cool cool!!! I'll be back when Ed Sheeran's new album is out!"
"So you like Ed Sheeran too, do you listen to Passenger?"
This aunty knows shit, don't play play.
"Yeh, he toured with Ed Sheeran for a bit, he's alright!"
"There's this singer xxx, almost like Ed Sheeran, you should check it out, you'll love it!"
Tried hard to remember, memorize it, Daphne, memorize it.
"Oh yeah? Cool, I'll check it out!"

When I got home, I was like... I should have written it down!
I should have noted it down on my phone even if I don't like doing that.
Don't like being too dependent on my phone.
I have a notebook but I don't like it small, it's quite big, my bag is small, can't fit, I didn't bring.
Is it too shallow to say my phone is mostly for Instagram only? Maybe Twitter sometimes? Lol.
I hardly even text... I guess, cause, nobody texts me T_T hahahahaha.

Anyway, listen to this, I love it :D
Ed Sheeran doing a cover of "Drunk in Love".

I don't know what I just babbled here again.
Bla bla bla bla bla, pointless talking.
I think I feel weak today because I only had fries, apple pies and rice noodles.
It's Good Friday, it's also my mum's birthday.
Happy birthday to my beloved lady, I will make it up to you when I get home.
Mum told me dad hasn't had meat since last week for Easter.
She did ask me not to take meat for a day.
"Well, you can have some fish if you really can't stand it."
Lol, I'm such a meat eater, so so so sinful.
I made it, I didn't have meat today.
It's the least I can do, just for a day, shouldn't complain at all!

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  1. Westlife? You must've had your teenage days in the Y2K's! That auntie in Speedy reminds me of the time I used to work in one of the stalls in AMCORP mall's weekend flea markets - my boss required all of us to know almost all of the oldies stuffs since he was selling old vynil records from the 70's, and the only 70's band I know was Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake so I wouldn't be surprised if the auntie knows so much about newer stuffs. Anyways, glad you made your decision to travel a few hours away to see your favourite musician on stage (I don't know how long it takes from KL to Perth but it was 8-hours from KL to Sydney on AirAsia) because I enjoyed watching most of my favourite US bands performing here in Sydney! Next, I'm hoping that some of my favourite Swedish bands would come to Sydney in the future!


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