Friday in Perth

Look at my brows and hair, hahaha.
It's ok, Lorde said flaws are ok.
It was a day after Kodaline's concert, I was exhausted from the flight and the excitement.
Washed my hair, found that I didn't bring a comb, dang.
Brushed my brows a lil and did my eye line as usual.

It's crazy how I can wake up really early in here but I really needed more sleeeeeeeeep.
We were having a home drinking session that night.
So, we got out early to get some groceries, Terina was going to make finger food.

Next stop? The liquor store.

Wonder how it looks like inside?
Hahaha, oh yeah, this is probably only 1/3 of the store.

It's not summer, it's autumn now but the weather is hot like summer!
So hot, I love it.
Well, everyone needs a short break.

Ok, had to go in before getting sun burnt.
Look at that groggy face, lol.

Terina is pretty much good at everything, just anything.
She doesn't buy finger food, she makes them, gahhhh...
 They brought me to the Oriental mart because I'm very "Asian".
I was like "I just came from Malaysia, lol, and I miss Aussie food, so feed me the Aussie way!"
Super Ring is irresistible though.

She makes her own recipe of sausage rolls.
A mix of different types of sausage meat.

Seasonings, spices, whatever magic she did to the meat, lol.

Well, you know, I was just sitting there, offering some mental support, haha.

Then, I took some time off offering mental support.
I went outdoor and made a song cover, lol.

 Btw, they tasted fantastic.
Cheers to you, mate, you're awesome, I love you
Potato pizza and sausage rolls.

Jamie's friends came over.
Terina and I enjoyed our alone time drinking "juice".
My blog is children-friendly, so no picture for this part, lol.

Have a great week, people.

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  1. Dan Murphy's! They used to sell Korean Soju (the only Asian alcohol that can knock me out) but not anymore. It's no bullshit when people say WA is quite warm (even warmer up in Broome) but its already cold, rainy and stormy in Sydney. Wish I could catch the Indian Ocean Express interstate train from Sydney to Perth soon, sounds fun although it might takes days to reach, haha.


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