Almost everything about period

What a great blogger, I still give you picture reference even when I'm in such agony.

This post is all about menstruation, please exit if you feel disgusted already.
It also contains obvious facts and points that everyone already knows, lol.
I don't know why I'm doing this, I guess I hate this pain too much, I need to vent.
I literally crawled to the desk and grabbed my laptop.
Got under the comforter and started typing this post.
Some might feel disgusted reading this, so don't, I'm going to talk details ay.
If you are curious, I welcome you with open arms, my friend....... *evil grin*

I'm in another country, the weather is cold.
I didn't bring my prescribed painkillers, I thought I did but I can't find it anywhere!
So, I got some paracetamol from the pantry and it's not helping.
This pain is crazy, I can't even cry myself to bed, it won't let me.
#1. Remember to pack your painkillers while travelling if you do use them for period cramps.
Also remember where you put them.

I used to refuse to take painkillers.
I studied the side effects of painkillers in high school and I was terrified, lol.
I was like "no painkillers, man, they will give my baby defects"
"Fk you, you're not having a baby anytime soon!" 
Lol lol lol, erm, well, that's true... but... no buts...
We were having a photoshoot that day and the pain was ruining my day.
She handed me my first painkiller when I was 18 years old.
I think I'm dependent on painkillers when I have period cramps now.
But I always try to control, if it's not too pain, don't take it.
Many girls go for panadol, the pink pills, the magic pills.
#2. I suggest that you see a doctor and get prescribed ones for yourself.
Try the prescribed one, if it works for you, it's all good, keep the packaging.
You can normally get it from the pharmacy if you ever need it again.
#3. Do not simply take any painkillers, you might be allergic to some.
#4. I don't think you can/should have alcohol after taking painkillers.
#5. Do not take painkillers with an empty stomach.

I do not encourage you to take painkillers.
If you do, try to only take it if the pain is too unbearable.
If it's bearable, there are ways to help minimize the pain.
People always say chocolate makes you feel better, wrong!
#6. Chocolate contains small amount of caffeine, caffeine stimulates pain.
This was told by a doctor when I was 17 years old.
I had chocolate to try minimizing the pain and it got so bad, I had to go to clinic.
I think it's more like a psychological thing but if it makes you feel better, why not?

Some have a stable menstrual cycle, some don't.
What do I mean by stable cycle?
Ex : A girl has her period every 3rd of the month.
So, they know when to cut down on cold drinks and caffeine days before.
I don't know if I'm unlucky or unhealthy.
Mine is unstable, sometimes it's very late.
I don't even know when to cut down on cold drinks.
#7. Cut down on cold drinks and caffeine.
#8. Drink hot water instead of hot tea.

I don't know if it's a Chinese thing or what.
#9. Try to keep yourself away from the wind.
I went to beach and long walks by the river, the wind was so strong.
I actually felt it coming 2 days ago, yeah I did.
Yeahhh, we can actually feel it coming sometimes...
We're freaking psychics or what?
That is why we have great 6th sense, we sense things, we feel things ;)
This is how we're trained, do not underestimate us, lol!
#10. Keep yourself warm.
#11. Get a hot pad/pack to heat your belly up, every girl needs one.

Don't get me started on sanitary pad.
It's uncomfortable, it's damp, it makes you feel dirty, bla bla bla.
My Aussie friends, they all, ALL, use tampons.
There was once when we went out of the school for wedding cake class.
It just struck me and nobody had a pad.
#12. Captain obvious is here, always bring a pad with you.
I had to use a tampon, it was once.. and never again.
 My Aussie friends think pads are unsanitary but to me... tampons... ouch.

Well, maybe if Alex O'Loughlin shows up and says this to me, I might feel better.

Learn to read this facial expression, people.
 This is when you have period, you sit down for a long time and then you stand up...
I'll call this "the tap is turned on".
Yeh, it's not like mild bleeding, it's freaking Niagara falls.
This also happens when you sneeze...

Oh oh oh, then, what else do you get?
Stained undies and stained covers, HOORAY!
You wake up in the middle of the night.
"Wait, this dampness is not right, it is not right, oh no, oh no, please no..."
Sometimes it's overflowing.
Sometimes the pad is as clean as new but damn your sleeping position!!!!!!!!!!!!
You crawl up at 4 in the morning, get new undies, get new pad, open it, stick it on.
Take the dirty one off, wrap it, throw it.
Wash stained undies and maybe stained sleeping shorts or pants.
Sometimes you can't wash it off, you have to soak it.
Then, you go back to your room and stare at your bed.
What is unluckier? Tell me.
Stained bed sheet or stained blanket/comforter?
Shit, I don't even want to think about stained mattress...
Oh no, oh no, no, you don't have the right to "ewwwwwww" me.
It does happen to very very very unlucky people, God bless you.
If it's really bad, you have to change the bed sheets right away...
Wait, ain't nobody got time for that, need to sleep, wash the stains and sleep on the couch.
Put on new bed sheets the next day, lol.
#13. Place extra layers of cloth or mat on the bed.
This shit can't really help if you have "fabulous" sleeping postures.

How will I describe period cramp?
Let's seeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
Ok, the pain "spot" is not exactly on the belly/abdomen.
It's slightly lower, just slightly.
It's not like a surface pain, it's inside, deep inside.
It feels like your insides are being blended with a blender?
It's like tiny needles, no, not tiny needles, tiny knives, stabbing you?
It's like your belly is being cut open and someone is messing with the insides?
Yup, pewds does it best.

What are the other "bonuses" that come with the cramp?
1. Oh, guys love this, the extreme mood swings.
One minute, you're so happy, next minute, you're crying.
2. Pimples for you?
One or two here and there, maybe a breakout too?
 3. Bloated stomach.
When  I say bloated, it isssssssss bloated with air trapped inside.
I do not understand this, someone, explain to me.
Ermm, I'm guessing haemoglobin contains oxygen? So it's bloated? Lol.
4. Fake poo poo alert (HAHAHAHAHA)
It feels like you need to use the toilet but you probably just sit in there and nothing comes out.
Disgust alert : You watch the blood drips, in liquid form or gel form.
5. You feel extra tired.
Stay on the bed for a whole day, not a care given, still feel tired.
6. Back pain.
Not really pain, just really sore?
7. Boobs feel like exploding.
They kinda "expand" when you have period and "shrink" after period.
I think this is the only perk we get with period, lol lol lol, not really, it's painful.
Those with big boobs, I'm sorry for you, I feel you, sister, stay strong, lol.
8. Fat face fat thighs fat arms.
If you think you look extra fat, brace yourself, period is coming! 
9. Nausea.
You feel like puking when the pain is very severe.

I always say if I am a scientist, I will dedicate my time into inventing a cure for period cramps.
If you guys think girls are making a big deal out of period or
 it's disgusting and inappropriate to talk about it..
Well, try having your private part bleed 5-7 days every month and see if you talk about it.
Girls, you like this post, you are welcome, lol.

This post can be longer, I still have a lot to say but...
I think the painkiller is finally working and I should head to bed before it wears off.


  1. I like reading your blog. Yes, I do sense when it is about to come. Very funny indeed. Sometimes, I will think that I over predicted or it shouldn't be on that day but hell yeah! It says hello to you! During period, is the only time I sleep like a lady, very proper sleeping posture.Ugh! I feel you!

  2. Maybe you can try brown sugar ginger tea instead of taking painkiller :)

  3. Daphne, stay strong! Hahaaha! So funny reading ur post abt menstruation. So true!!

  4. Totally speak out the words of all girls !
    Interesting and understanding post ! :)
    P/s : btw your post is funny and made me laugh out hahahahaaha

  5. Good blogpost! Totally agreed. Had the same situations too 😢😢


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