All I Want - Kodaline (Cover by Daphne)

We are having a home drinking party tonight.
I thought I was going to blog about the preparation for the night.
Too bad that I suck at cooking.
The superwoman, Terina did everything... as usual.
I'll blog about it tomorrow (if I have time).

Hahaha, I didn't help and also decided to make a song cover, wth.
Such an unhelpful friend, lol.

Yup, I went to Kodaline's concert last night.
I'm not going to blog about it until I get home.
Ughhhhh, it was sooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD.
I wish they had more shows in here.

I actually wanted to make a song cover of "Big Bad World".
Some of you asked me to make a cover of "All I Want", now there you go.
It didn't sound right to me without harmonization.
So, I added some harmonization to it.
It's my first time harmonizing, it's probably bad but please give me a chance, haha.

I don't sing with skill because I have none, lol but I sing with emotions.
Hope you like it :)
Video quality is quite bad because I used my macbook's webcam, easier for me.
Now, I'm going to have some drinks! See ya!

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