A Thousand Years Part II - Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee (Cover by Daphne and Kang Er)

My bro, Kang Er.
Thanks for being such a great singing friend!

1. After three days of straight partying, I was exhausted.
2. I should have put on my fake lashes and lipstick, oh and lots of blusher too!! Now I know!
3. I didn't have long pants with me..............
4. I played the piano in the first video shooting but that failed.
We had to re-shoot it thrice, I didn't didn't know where to put my hands not playing the piano, lol.
5. I wanted it to be more romantic, more strings like cello, violin and more piano.
Kang Er really wanted to do something different, so he added electric guitar.
6. Wish I could auto-tune my voice, lol lol lol.

Thanks to the Clef crew who starved throughout the filming session, haha.
Thank you, Clef Music Studio :D

A Thousand Years, this song was meant for somebody.
I didn't want to do part I, it's part II now, it is meant for that next someone special :)

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