Fed my hair some protein at Editor Salon the other day.
I always do their signature Kerastase hair treatment, in case you want to know.
This dark black straight hair makes my face looks even skinnier.
Sometimes, I miss being a blonde but I hate the amount of make up that I had to put on.
Black hair is better, no shading is needed, no fake lashes is needed, a lot better.
This hair colour changed my whole look, a change is good, I guess.

I like hanging out here, with my bros who share the same interest.
Burst out laughing while Xiao May was washing my hair.
Cause Chefuu downloaded my song covers and played them in the salon.
Damn it, I asked him to take them off the playlist.
Super embarrassing, totally unfit to be played like this.
It's okay, I'm rebuilding my confidence, so I can't say negative stuffs, haha.
Ok cool, I will try to improve!!!

Hat - H&M
Top - Zara
Leggings - Nakedandco
Boots - Dotti

If you ever go there, you like the music, just so you know I like them too (most of them)!
I always share my playlist with Editor Salon. 
It's great that the crew and I have the same taste in music.
Love it, I can fall asleep there, listening to the music.


Keep the great mood going!!! :)

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