Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I feel really bored.
It's my last week of term break, I'm trying to "fully utilize" it, lol.
I'll have to wake up very early for class soon.
I get sick thinking about it.
As usual, catching up with Grey's Anatomy.
It kills me for the wait, I have to chase after every episode, ugh.
Haven't watched Vampire Diaries in a while.
Was free enough to catch up with 11 new episodes yesterday.
Please don't get sick of me spamming your Twitter feeds with VD, lol.
Gan chiong ma, 11 episodes altogether.

I feel like singing, sometimes I feel like just going to the park and sing.
But, shit, it's summer... lol.

Nose has been bleeding since Australia day drinkies.

Yeh sure, just drinkies... 

3 days of nose bleeding? Is is ok?
Should I see the doctor? O_O
I'm not a big fan of VD, I had nothing to watch, might as well continue watching.
Now, I feel so lifeless after finishing 11 episodes, nothing else to watch, lol.
What should I watch now?

This post is so random, I know right...
YOLO!!! Andy Samberg FTW!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My skincare

My hair is going too fast!

Ola, my mates!
Hmmm, helped William with his work, didn't have time to blog.
Stock take and did lots of calculations.
Worst thing is trying to deal with crazy noisy bossy boss.
Ugh, I have problem with my own job too and still had to deal with his.
Just hope all my support isn't wasted, WILLIAM, FIGHTING!

Honestly, there are no understanding manager/boss/supervisor hey? Are there?
Be straight forward and you'll be told to have attitude problem.
Look at me? Attitude problem? Sorry, I'm a coward.
The last thing I want to do is pissing people off.
I'm always friendly because I like when people like me :DDDDDDD
Either friendly and noisy or quiet and cool when I feel scared/intimidated.
Good that my colleagues think it's unbelievable *fist pump bros*
Steven was like "Daphne? Attitude problem? NOO? She's the friendliest towards customers"
One thing I learnt is that there's nothing as fair or unfair, you just can't voice out.
Well, I'll just keep my mouth shut, do my work and be a LITTLE CASUAL STAFF.
Guess those who are working get this.

Enough of my ranting, oh but it did make me feel better.
Ermmm, I'm going to talk about my skincare now.
First thing first, the products I'm using.
Face wash - Some Bio-Essence face wash.
(Watched commercial of Linda Chung in Malaysia and bought it, lol.)
Toner - Estee Lauder (the blue one for normal skin)
Moisturizers - Laneige water bank cream and Laneige water sleeping pack.
 Yeh, I use different brands of skincare products, some say it's fine, some say it's not.

I personally think that my skin is pretty flawless.
The only 2 things I hate, my eyebags and double chin.
Don't you say "YOU WHERE GOT EYEBAGS?!"
Sorry, I cheated all of you, try scrolling down and look at all my selcas.
All bright bright one, yeh, I only take pictures under bright light.
So, nobody can see my eyebags, 自欺欺人.

Since when I started having eyebags? IN HONG KONG.
Simon was like "Daph, you're starting to have eyebags."
I didn't even know what the hell was eyebags.
After my years and years of research, lol, actually just hours of research.
I finally know why!
You should know I'm a very cincai person.
I used to remove my make up by rubbing my eyelid/eye area hard.
Sometimes, I just remove make up, wash my face and go to bed.
Skincare was never important to me.
The eyes sockets are partly empty (of course with your eyeballs in the middle la)
The skin of our eye area is thinner than any other skin of our body.
I don't know how to explain in a scientific way/right way.
Pretty sure that I injured my whatever cells, nerves around my eyes.
1. Insufficient sleep time, sleeping late.
2. Stress eyes too much by surfing net, reading in the dark and more.
3. Not gentle while removing/applying make up.
4. No proper skincare.
I cry a lot in bed too, is that one of the factors? Lol.
Another funny thing is I always rub my eyes hard when they are itchy.
Jane and Javene were always "Why you rub your eyes like that 1? Don't rub!"
Hahahahaha, even when my face is itchy, I scratch it.
The expression on Jane and Javene's face, priceless, haha.
Ugh, plus I always use double eyelid tape, I'm going to have saggy eyelid when I grow old!

Ok, I'm going to show you my naked eyes, ready?
I closed one eye to show you how serious it is O_O
My skin is not bad, right? Yes? No?

For eye cream, some readers recommended Body Shop's ones.
I forgot to take a picture of the product but it's ok, the cream is not really working anyway.
It has been a week and I haven't seen any good improvement.
Maybe I should give it some time and be patient.

Jane and Javene always think I'm unbelievable because I don't use sunscreen at all.
Again, I don't like sunscreen or lotion because I hate the stickiness.
So, why did I decide to use sunscreen now?
1. I was told too many times that sunscreen is like the fundamental of skincare.
2. UV rays in Aussie is too crazy, plus it's summer, I did notice my pores getting more visible.
3. I'D DO ALMOST EVERYTHING to be pretty (my 2013 resolution)

This is my first bottle of sunscreen, bottle? Bottle? Tube?
Sorry no time for accurate English, lol.
I remember my friend using Clarins sunscreen but the packaging is different.
Has the packaging changed or did I not get the right one?
Well, it says sunscreen, won't be too wrong ay?
I like this because it's not sticky at all.

Now, back to my double chin.
I've proven that skinny people have tummy and double chin, I'm a good example.
Everyone likes pinching my muffin top and laughing at my double chin.
Go look closely, you can see my saggy skin around my chin and neck area.
Quite sure some of you noticed it.
Sorry no picture for double chin, I'm embarrassed.

New face wash, new toner, some lifting cream and mask.

Spent so much on these products, don't know if they will work *sigh*
I also learnt that massage is very important for curing eyebags and double chin.
Don't be lazy, go and learn on YouTube.

 Enough, too much typing.
Girls without eyebags, I give you warning, lol.
Girls with any skin problems, work harder.
Girls without any skin problems, good luck, ahahaha...

OH YA, forgot to announce the winners of Nile.com.my giveaway.
I didn't choose the winners, the sponsors did.

To the two winners, happy happy? Congratulations and check your email!!! Haha.
Those who didn't win :(, I'll have more giveaways kay? *pat on shoulder*
Love you all, xx.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Didn't know you guys like giveaway hey!
Ok, I'll do more giveaway in the future.
56 comments on the previous post so far, I can only pick two winners.
OMGZ SO THE CRUELZ. I can't do it.
I'm letting the sponsors pick the winners.
It's still going on, go try your luck! I'll close this mini contest tomorrow.

My hair done by Terina.
Her make up done by me :)

Filled our tummy before having our own lil photoshoot, lol.
Brunch time at Sayers Sister.
What a pretty place to chill, like the vintage decorations/atmosphere.


Bad service though.
The cafe is busy but still, customer service is so important.
The waitress' insincere smile and unfriendly stare, ughhhh...

Coffee, good, food, hmmm, so-so.

My choice of the day, lamb loin.

Back to our lil picture taking play time.
I wore shorts ok, the top is too long, haha.

You guys like me with my lil bun? :D
OMG, my fringe is too thick!!!

"WHAT? What do you want?" Haha.

Look at Terina, so cute, lol!

I took a great shot of her, I love it!

Want to talk about the skincare products I bought but I just came back from work.
Ugh, so tired and sleepy, I want to go take my nap now.
I'll make it another post then.
去期待期待啊(Anticipate)! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review : Nile.com.my

I know you like my hair colour and highlights, haha :P
Thanks to my sweetest Terina!

Btw, I have good stuff to share with you.
Hahaha, actually... it's just my online shopping.
Yeap, it's www.nile.com.my again.
Really appreciate the good service, I have my parcel sent to Aussie again.
I could also track my delivery on Nile, how cool is that?!
Was so in the mood to do photoshoot with my pretty clothes and accessories.

Mad love this necklace and lacey top.
What's even madder? The price!
Necklace - RM7.80
Top - RM21
Yessssss, crazy isn't it?
Honestly, you know you won't expect much since the price is so cheap.
I was surprised for the good quality of the products at such low price.

If you haven't read about my previous post about Nile, here it is.
Really love the accessories on nile.com.my
Bell wears them too, ahh, I missed the hair accessories category.
So many varieties, so many things to look at.
I always like cross-shaped accessories and I saw these.

I was talking to myself
"Hmmm, they are pretty much the same thing hey."
"Which one should I get?"
Then I looked closer, I noticed the price.
The one on the left is RM3.70 and the other one is RM1.90.
WTH, what do you want more? It's only RM5 for two.
JUST GRAB BOTH! Ya and so I did, haha.

Terina as my model, lol.

William caught us camwhoring, haha.
Sorry, just couldn't help it.

Nile.com.my is low price guaranteed and satisfaction guaranteed.
Plus they provide "7 days Satisfactory Guarantee" on all products.
Regardless of dissatisfaction or defected item. 
Well, need me say more? Go start shopping!

My online shopping wouldn't be completed without a pair of shoes.
These adorable flats caught my eyes, love the sweet ribbons
Got them for only RM22, SO MUCH WIN!!!

I feel prettyyyyyyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyyyyyyyy....

Still browsing nile.com.my while blogging about this.
NOT FAIR, so many new stuffs! I want!
Right two are the most wanted!!!

Heard that there will be more new stocks coming before Chinese New Year.
There will also be a big sale for Chinese New Year shopping!
HOORAY, can't wait!
Email enquiry@nile.com.my if you have any queries about my new buy.

Oh btw, I'll be giving out RM50 to TWO lucky readers!
You just have to answer a simple question.
Go on www.nile.com.my and browse, tell me one item you like and why?
That's a very simple one hey, good luck all!
Leave your email address too, so I can email you :D

Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 I see

So everyone is talking about 2013 resolutions.
Hmmm, I'm 14 days late.
Oh, yeh, today is my eldest sister's birthday.
She's not going to see this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS.
Back to resolutions, my resolutions are pretty much the same every year =,=

No more budgeting and shit, I'm going all out! Haha.
No more being lazy to dress up!
No more being "cincai" on my appearance!
Skin care, hair care, body care, nail care, teeth care, ALL IN!
First thing to get is an effective eye cream to treat my eyebags.
Any recommendations babe?
Second thing is my double chin, UGH!
Friends recommended Clarins, I think I'll get that.
Will post about everything soon, including the skincare products I use!

2. Gain weight.
I don't know how many times I mentioned this and it never happened :(
Ok, no time to waste, I'm going to make milo now, lol.

3. Be positive.
By reading what Jane said about my negative thinking, I think I need to change.
My lecturer once told me that I stress myself too much, that's why I'm so thin.
He said he's fat because he never stresses out, lol.
I think to myself, that can be the reason why I never successfully gained weight.
I'm known as the emo queen, haha, so ya, no, no more!
No more emo queen, not going to be emo for other people anymore.
I should care about myself more!

4. Business plan.
This is actually the priority for me now but I put it at number 4.
Cause I don't think it can be achieved in this year as it's not an easy thing.
 It needs a lot of planning, work, research and experience.
Hopefully, I can get it going as smooth/soon as possible.

5. Graduate.
Yes, I'm finally graduating!
My last semester is starting from February.
I'm a pretty good student, not bragging, haha.
So, I don't think there's a problem graduating :D

6. EARN MORE MONEY, then save money?
Pretty much used up my savings to pay for my 2nd semester.
Oh, RIP, my $$$$$$.
I hope I get to earn more and save more!
Want to add traveling to my resolutions but "save money resolution" takes that off.
I guess I'll put that in my 2014 list, hmmmmm...

7. Get 10,000 subscribers on Youtube.
I know that my singing skill isn't good but I really like to sing.
I hope that more people will listen to my song covers.
You guys can help me on this, haha.
Go, go, go subscribe! :D

8. Completely letting go.
Completely letting go of the past.
You know what.

I think that's about it!
OMG, please give me more encouragement and strength to get no1 and no2 done.
I must have strong determination!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

Fuahhhh, kinda miss my long fringe, big hair, lol.
Randomness is bad sometimes, shouldn't have gotten my fringe cut.

How was my Chirstmas last year? Last year feels like yesterday.
I wasn't working, wasn't schooling. SO LIFELESS.
Christmas celebration in Aussie is HUGE.
Even McDonalds was closed sharp at 12am.
Christmas day, we pretty much just stoned at home, lol.
We had to get alcohol the day before so we could do home drinking on Christmas day.
Everything is closed on Christmas day.
When I say everything, it  really means E-VE-RY-THING, lol.
Sorry for not party rocking, I lead a boring lifestyle in here.
No party pictures, just some boring pictures.
You want to read, want to see, please kindly scroll down.
 You think it's boring, it's alright my dear,  just click on the X button.
It won't hurt my feelings and bye bye :)

Bla bla bla, got CDG for William as a Christmas gift.

Terina was like "let's get a fringe cut"
Alright, we had nothing better to do, we just went to get our fringe cut =,=
It was so short that I wanted to kill myself :(
Terina tried to fix it by styling.

My first Christmas without my family.
Hmmmm, so different so lonely.
Celebrated Christmas with William's family though.
Spent quite a lot on gifts for William's parents, brother and sister.

William's parents made Christmas dinner.

Gifts exhanging time after dinner!

I've been such an alcoholic.
Before Christmas, drink.
Christmas, drink.
Before new year, drink.
New year, drink.
Then, we went to Jamie's for drinkssssss after dinner...
Beer, wine, spirits, everything!!!

Look at my hair, OMG DISASTER, hahaha.

I got pretty wasted!

It wasn't that bad but I wish I had my family and friends with me.
You know, my friends, they sure know how to have fun in Malaysia.
They are crazy people, haha.
I miss them, I miss my family, I miss home.
Merry belated Christmas, my loved ones.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your Song - Ellie Goulding (Cover by Daphne)

Hi, I know you guys have voted for my next song cover.
"You exist in my song" wins, with 32% vote, haha.
I will cover this song but still waiting for Kang Er to compose it.
 So yeh, I don't know when will it be done,  YOU PLEASE BE PATIENT :)

If you're a follower of my blog or a subscriber on my Youtube channel,
you should have watched my previous song cover of Ailee's "Heaven".
It was a short one because the audio wasn't very good.
My mic is not good enough for high pitch, I want a better mic :(
Anyway, it was blocked in South Korea and some copyright restrictions.
So, I had it removed, sorry that you didn't get to watch.
THAT'S WHY............
You should subscribe to me on YouTube and follow me on my blog, HAHA.

My cover of Ellie Goulding's cover of Elton John's "Your Song", haha!
Very confusing? Haha. It's a classic, please know this song.
Hope you like it and share it, thank you :)