Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My skincare

My hair is going too fast!

Ola, my mates!
Hmmm, helped William with his work, didn't have time to blog.
Stock take and did lots of calculations.
Worst thing is trying to deal with crazy noisy bossy boss.
Ugh, I have problem with my own job too and still had to deal with his.
Just hope all my support isn't wasted, WILLIAM, FIGHTING!

Honestly, there are no understanding manager/boss/supervisor hey? Are there?
Be straight forward and you'll be told to have attitude problem.
Look at me? Attitude problem? Sorry, I'm a coward.
The last thing I want to do is pissing people off.
I'm always friendly because I like when people like me :DDDDDDD
Either friendly and noisy or quiet and cool when I feel scared/intimidated.
Good that my colleagues think it's unbelievable *fist pump bros*
Steven was like "Daphne? Attitude problem? NOO? She's the friendliest towards customers"
One thing I learnt is that there's nothing as fair or unfair, you just can't voice out.
Well, I'll just keep my mouth shut, do my work and be a LITTLE CASUAL STAFF.
Guess those who are working get this.

Enough of my ranting, oh but it did make me feel better.
Ermmm, I'm going to talk about my skincare now.
First thing first, the products I'm using.
Face wash - Some Bio-Essence face wash.
(Watched commercial of Linda Chung in Malaysia and bought it, lol.)
Toner - Estee Lauder (the blue one for normal skin)
Moisturizers - Laneige water bank cream and Laneige water sleeping pack.
 Yeh, I use different brands of skincare products, some say it's fine, some say it's not.

I personally think that my skin is pretty flawless.
The only 2 things I hate, my eyebags and double chin.
Don't you say "YOU WHERE GOT EYEBAGS?!"
Sorry, I cheated all of you, try scrolling down and look at all my selcas.
All bright bright one, yeh, I only take pictures under bright light.
So, nobody can see my eyebags, 自欺欺人.

Since when I started having eyebags? IN HONG KONG.
Simon was like "Daph, you're starting to have eyebags."
I didn't even know what the hell was eyebags.
After my years and years of research, lol, actually just hours of research.
I finally know why!
You should know I'm a very cincai person.
I used to remove my make up by rubbing my eyelid/eye area hard.
Sometimes, I just remove make up, wash my face and go to bed.
Skincare was never important to me.
The eyes sockets are partly empty (of course with your eyeballs in the middle la)
The skin of our eye area is thinner than any other skin of our body.
I don't know how to explain in a scientific way/right way.
Pretty sure that I injured my whatever cells, nerves around my eyes.
1. Insufficient sleep time, sleeping late.
2. Stress eyes too much by surfing net, reading in the dark and more.
3. Not gentle while removing/applying make up.
4. No proper skincare.
I cry a lot in bed too, is that one of the factors? Lol.
Another funny thing is I always rub my eyes hard when they are itchy.
Jane and Javene were always "Why you rub your eyes like that 1? Don't rub!"
Hahahahaha, even when my face is itchy, I scratch it.
The expression on Jane and Javene's face, priceless, haha.
Ugh, plus I always use double eyelid tape, I'm going to have saggy eyelid when I grow old!

Ok, I'm going to show you my naked eyes, ready?
I closed one eye to show you how serious it is O_O
My skin is not bad, right? Yes? No?

For eye cream, some readers recommended Body Shop's ones.
I forgot to take a picture of the product but it's ok, the cream is not really working anyway.
It has been a week and I haven't seen any good improvement.
Maybe I should give it some time and be patient.

Jane and Javene always think I'm unbelievable because I don't use sunscreen at all.
Again, I don't like sunscreen or lotion because I hate the stickiness.
So, why did I decide to use sunscreen now?
1. I was told too many times that sunscreen is like the fundamental of skincare.
2. UV rays in Aussie is too crazy, plus it's summer, I did notice my pores getting more visible.
3. I'D DO ALMOST EVERYTHING to be pretty (my 2013 resolution)

This is my first bottle of sunscreen, bottle? Bottle? Tube?
Sorry no time for accurate English, lol.
I remember my friend using Clarins sunscreen but the packaging is different.
Has the packaging changed or did I not get the right one?
Well, it says sunscreen, won't be too wrong ay?
I like this because it's not sticky at all.

Now, back to my double chin.
I've proven that skinny people have tummy and double chin, I'm a good example.
Everyone likes pinching my muffin top and laughing at my double chin.
Go look closely, you can see my saggy skin around my chin and neck area.
Quite sure some of you noticed it.
Sorry no picture for double chin, I'm embarrassed.

New face wash, new toner, some lifting cream and mask.

Spent so much on these products, don't know if they will work *sigh*
I also learnt that massage is very important for curing eyebags and double chin.
Don't be lazy, go and learn on YouTube.

 Enough, too much typing.
Girls without eyebags, I give you warning, lol.
Girls with any skin problems, work harder.
Girls without any skin problems, good luck, ahahaha...

OH YA, forgot to announce the winners of giveaway.
I didn't choose the winners, the sponsors did.

To the two winners, happy happy? Congratulations and check your email!!! Haha.
Those who didn't win :(, I'll have more giveaways kay? *pat on shoulder*
Love you all, xx.


Joey said...

ohmygod ohmygod ohmygoddddddd I won a giveaway for the very first time in my life. :') thanks Daphne, thanks! ♥♥♥

Mr Lonely said...

no need skin care already beautiful liao ~ =D

Sam said...

i think you look alright without make up,be more confident

Anonymous said...

u did eyelid surgery is it?

Anonymous said...

Try loreal eye cream, the one got red and white separately one.. for eyebag part and eyelid. Its good for me. But mine was dark eye circle. Maybe you can give a try.

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