Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review :

I know you like my hair colour and highlights, haha :P
Thanks to my sweetest Terina!

Btw, I have good stuff to share with you.
Hahaha, actually... it's just my online shopping.
Yeap, it's again.
Really appreciate the good service, I have my parcel sent to Aussie again.
I could also track my delivery on Nile, how cool is that?!
Was so in the mood to do photoshoot with my pretty clothes and accessories.

Mad love this necklace and lacey top.
What's even madder? The price!
Necklace - RM7.80
Top - RM21
Yessssss, crazy isn't it?
Honestly, you know you won't expect much since the price is so cheap.
I was surprised for the good quality of the products at such low price.

If you haven't read about my previous post about Nile, here it is.
Really love the accessories on
Bell wears them too, ahh, I missed the hair accessories category.
So many varieties, so many things to look at.
I always like cross-shaped accessories and I saw these.

I was talking to myself
"Hmmm, they are pretty much the same thing hey."
"Which one should I get?"
Then I looked closer, I noticed the price.
The one on the left is RM3.70 and the other one is RM1.90.
WTH, what do you want more? It's only RM5 for two.
JUST GRAB BOTH! Ya and so I did, haha.

Terina as my model, lol.

William caught us camwhoring, haha.
Sorry, just couldn't help it.

 is low price guaranteed and satisfaction guaranteed.
Plus they provide "7 days Satisfactory Guarantee" on all products.
Regardless of dissatisfaction or defected item. 
Well, need me say more? Go start shopping!

My online shopping wouldn't be completed without a pair of shoes.
These adorable flats caught my eyes, love the sweet ribbons
Got them for only RM22, SO MUCH WIN!!!

I feel prettyyyyyyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyyyyyyyy....

Still browsing while blogging about this.
NOT FAIR, so many new stuffs! I want!
Right two are the most wanted!!!

Heard that there will be more new stocks coming before Chinese New Year.
There will also be a big sale for Chinese New Year shopping!
HOORAY, can't wait!
Email if you have any queries about my new buy.

Oh btw, I'll be giving out RM50 to TWO lucky readers!
You just have to answer a simple question.
Go on and browse, tell me one item you like and why?
That's a very simple one hey, good luck all!
Leave your email address too, so I can email you :D


Gerrmin said... lol just trying my luck, nice to meet you anyway xD

JenSning said...

love your flats! it suits you so well!
and hope i will be the lucky one walking away with the rm50 so i can shop a lil more for CNY! <3

Secrets said...

argh.. I just simple google and explore your blog and I see your got Giveaway...(so lucky) so I just left the email here?
is it okay?

Kerry Chiu said...

This studded handbag! totally in love with it I-CANT-FIND-IT at any other online page except nile!mad love when first saw it!

Daphne Charice said...

hmmm that's pretty cool hey

Daphne Charice said...

hola ,can you tell me one item you like and why?

Daphne Charice said...

hello, tell me one item you like and why?

Sook Li said...

Thats the link to the product I like in YES! It's a man's formal shoe! WHY? For my boyfriend of course. He has this thing of sticking to his current shoe even though it's extremely worn out. Nile's formal shoe is so pretty! And the price!! It's a steal! I'm going to make him buy a new pair of shoe from now!!

Sook Li,

Kristin said...

i love the hair accessories in because they are too cheap that I don’t even need to consider before purchasing them. For that price with a good quality,its quite difficult to find nowadays. Plus they are all ready stocks. Save the time for waiting.

Michelle said...

Loving this pair of flats. It can go with almost any daily attire. It comes in black which is kind of a "safe" color. Even if my attire is of other colorful colors, this pair of flats would be just nice to go with it. DIY can be done if I get bored of it. Studs can rock the shoes whereas ribbons will make it look sweeter. :)

A.G.P said...

i totally love this Neck Slim Fit Long-sleeved T-shirt! It's very sexy and demure...

Anonymous said...

Hello Daphne :)

I really like this dress: because it is very feminine and I love the details on the colour! The colour is pretty nice too :3

Here's my email address:

I hope that I will win this contest so that I can share it with my best friend.

Thank you :)

sephin soo said...

Hi Daphne,

Is good to hear that have such giveaway from you. (:
I like this long-sleeved dress so much -->
wcd6720 Slim Long-sleeved Dress
WHY? Because it's look so elegant and just because of you I would like to purchase from

Since their clothes are cheap, i'm wondering their quality.
But read through your blog, you recommend for it, so I would like to try.

Here's my email address:

Warmest Regards,
Tau Tau

Kasthuri Redberry said...

(Korean Elegant Women Chiffon Layer Dress - 157 )

i'm finding a dress to be wear on my sister's 21st birthday party and i think this piece of dress is simple n look so beautiful and I just in love with cake layer design . If i can juzt shop it for 20rm I think its really worth to buy it

Thanks for letting me knw the web I can save my money n time as well =D

馨狄倩兒 said...

I like this shoes!! recently fell in love with leopard prints.
it's cute but not princessly cute.
i love it cause it's special.
and it's so suit with the CNY clothes i bought. teehee
but sadly there's no stock. =(

my email address:

Thanks daphne! i enjoy reading your blog and listen to your cover!
(this is not bribe. i swear! XD)

=倩兒 Cyndee=

♥strawberry said...

Dear Daphne, I love the wcd6688 Butterfly Collar Dress.

I like this because one of my new year resolution is to style up myself more instead of wearing a T-shirt and jeans everyday. Hence, if I want to style up myself, this kind of dress will be my first choice item as it is one piece and it's very easy to wear. The colour of the dress is also simple which looks very Korean. haha I love to wear like a Korean.

Here is my email:

Thank you.... =)

Kharn Yee said...

I love this Leisure Handbags Rivet Woman Bag. I can use it to college, it looks very casual. :D

Vampire_Vichy said...

Hi Daphne, I visited Nile several times after read your previous post about Nile. Recently I spotted this bag
The reason I want the bag because it's stylist, cool and very special. You can carry it with many different ways. (:
I love it so mucchiieee ! Hope I can have a chance to win this bag back. (:

email :

Thank you,Daphne.


Rie said...

I would love to win RM50 to shop !

This shoe. Love it max. Walk with style to uni !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daphne, I'm HuiYin from Malacca. I'm such a big fan of nile since last year when I was browsing through your blog and found out this new love. I love online shopping very much and nile always offer cheap price with good quality stuff. I had become a customer who quite always purchase stuff from nile. I even become the winner of "Grab RM1 item" last time. Every of their items looks nice and affordable. Currently I like this British style coat cause it look simple, casual and easy to mix and match with T-shirt even it's a plain one. The cutting is a magic that will help people to loss some pauns in other people's eyes. I just love it so much.
Email :

Elaine Y said...

Hello Daphne ! Things I want in ? Hah!! Of course WtchWY 6292 Korean Gaga Fashion Male/Female Watches !!! Seriously, I wanted to find a watch dam badly from last year !! And after I saw you blog about this and makes me want to find a watch for my self and finally saw this !! Because it's too swag to find this !! :D
Email :
Blog :

tcenn said...

Hi Daphne, it was first time i visit your blog, and i spot FREE GIVEAWAY $50.:D
I'm actually looking for trusty online shop, thanks for yoeu sharing.:)

The item i like the most from as below:
1. wbz 18020 Circle Poke Newspaper Pattern Unique Woman Bags
Awww, i just like the beg which easy to match with my casual outfit.

2. WCD 9186 Floral Chiffon Dress Bohemian dress
I just like the flora print at dress. <3

Lastly, wish you always stay happy & pretty!:D

Sally Lee said...

Dear Daphne,

I like wazon 5295 Fashion Sweet 7 Star Necklace cause i love accessories always!and it's in star style ,it could be my lovely choice always<3

Between,my mail is

I love to read ur u:D


Mei Yen said...

Hi Daphne, I'm Mei Yen,had been following ur blog about 2 years, so happy tat got free giveaway Rm 50 !!!!!!

The item i like the most from is:
{Fashion Leisure Letters Dress}

Love this dress to the Max!!! It looks so casual n simple + nice +cool!!! When saw this dress,I was straight away starting to imagine how I'm gonna look like wif this cool dress ~LOL.. *Promise will wear it ON MY WAY~


Hope I can be the lucky winner ~~~Thank you Nile and thx Daphne for introducing this Awesome online shopping website!!!

Stay pretty and be confidence !!!!! 2013 fighting~ :D

Mei Yen

Angeline Ng said...

Hi Daphne,
Among of stuff there, The clothing that attracts me is Doll Collar Long-sleeved Mixed Colors Primer Dress (

It looks so cute and girly at the same time which I'm totally in love with it, which is really comfy and casual to wear on to anywhere like uni, teatime party and shopping. :)

My email:

Hope I win :D
Cheers! xx

mei yen said...

Hi Daphne, I'm Mei Yen, had been following ur blog for about 2 years..was so happy to seeing tat have free giveaway RM50 !!!

The item that i like the most from is:
{Fashion Leisure Letters Dress}

I love this dress to the max!! coz it looks so casual +pretty +nice !!! When saw this dress, I was straight away start to imagine how i'm gonna look like with this dress,haha... *Promise will wear it ON MY WAY !* :D

Hope I can be one of the lucky winner..Thank you and special thx Daphne for introducing this Awesome online shopping website !


Stay pretty and be Confidence ~ 2013 Fighting !!!

Mei Yen

♥ Lџи вαвε﹏×™ said...

Hey Daph, its like AT LAST your turn to have a giveaway
always like reading your blog and i always learn much from reading your blog
actually me and my bff kinda talks about you and jane over lunch sometimes
Btw,i love ur top

Anyway,here to try my luck.
Been searching high n low for a bag to use
and my bags are gone down the drain ha!
I like this one,its simple and nice

Hope to hear from you~

Kaiyan said...

I like this the most! [] it's just too cute haha ^.^

Hope to win RM50! It's CNY soon :3 hehe. Thanks Daphne jie jie &

My email:

Pei Pei Chua said...

Dear Daphne,
The most things i want in the is --> The Princess Bubble Dress. This is because the dress can make me look like a princess. Every girls also dream to be a princess including me. I know i'm not the special one and not the gorgeous one, but i hope that at least i'm a princess in someone's heart. So the Princess Bubble Dress can dress me up like a princess. I hope in his eyes i always will look like a princess.This Princess Bubble Dress will bring the confident that i lose.
I hope i can be the lucky one that you choose, because with your support,i will confident up myself. Thank you :)

My email is :
Once again, thank you :)

Step said... immediately caught my eye <3 super love it. i been survey and searching for this trench coat for a lower price and found at thx lot daphne. im a lazy peep but have deep passion in fashion so its easy for me to mix and match and also as essential travelling item. try my luck here.

Sin ying said...

Hi Daphne! I was always so tempted so get myself something from everytime i read your blog posts about that online shop.>< I've been browsing the web page over and over again..haha!
Anyway this is the what i like from the shop,, a bright red envelope bag! Simple and trendy. I've been eyeing on it since..long long time ago. It was once out of stock though. Now it is back on sale again!

Can i be the lucky reader? hehe :P
Thank you!


HelenCC said...

Hi Daphne,

Is hard for me to choose 1 item from only.. haha XD
The item I like the most is ==>
- "Deformation Style Super Thick Ladies Fashion Bags"
Product link:

I like this Bag because it look simple yet fashionable.
Both black & brown color look extremely cool & easy mix and match with any style.
Besides, the bag is made by PU leather, which mean even raining I also no need worry my things get wet easily.
Also, the bag size is huge enough to carry many things, including A4 size file. This is super convenience for students to carry as well. We can simply put wallets, hand-phone, books, mineral water, umbrella, jacket, pencil box etc...

In short, I feel this bag is very worth to have one with RM48.80.

Hopefully I'm lucky enough to win this giveaways =)
Thanks for giving the opportunity again ^^

My Email:

XCB said...

Dear Daphne,

First of all, thank you Daphne for introducing us such good website! It's hard to find online shop that sells nice and cheap stuff!
The thing I want the most on is a pair of martin boots, link here:
It's because it's hard to get cheap and high quality martin boots in retail outlets but I just realise I can get it on! And I would love to have a new pair of shoes for myself before CNY! I love martin boots because it looks good with any casual outfit and fashionable too! Besides, I'm that kind of girl who love to wear casual clothes, so a pair of nice boots is essential to make my whole outfit look fashionable instantly!
If I am chosen, thank you so much for choosing me and for giving me chance to have this gorgeous boots! If I'm not chosen, thank you as well because I know where to shop for cheap stuff!

XCB said...

sorry i left out my email =)

Caryn Chow said...

Dear Daphne,

i really want the Umbrella dress ( and also the long sleeve sweater t shirt (

i thought the umbrella dress looks really cute and bubbly for any occasion and the long sleeve sweater seems so comfy yet stylish to pull over on a lazy day.

Pls pick me :D

Joey said...

Arhhhh Daphne, this one this one >>> ! Jeremy Scott x Adidas leopard tail sneaker! Mygod *faint* I have been longing for this few months ago. Well, I don't have the budget to buy the original one. *sadcase* Anyway, I don't care much about the brand. An eye-catching sneaker will be the reason for me to shop for it. :D

Between, I would like to thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for telling me this website. I am an online shopping freak. D: Almost everything I own is bought online!

my email is
Kamsahamnida ♥

Vivian Low said...

I always buying things from Nile :) And it's good to know that you're doing review for their web-shop, again. They really deserve it :D
And I'm more even brighter to see you have a giveaway to your readers.
Hmm... The thing I like and I want is the yoga mat/pad.[]
I am now away from home and studying in Kedah. (Fyi,I'm from JB.) My mom's too bored to staying home alone as my dad and sis need to work. So by the time I left home, I've signed a Yoga classes package for her to release her boredom. For such a long time, I've been thinking to buy her a new Yoga mat and if I were the lucky one, I don't need to buy but it's free from you.
Hope to hear from you soon ya!
And thanks for the giveaway session. It did really make everyone take a serious looking at Nile :D


weiying said...

Morning, Daphne..
The thing that i wan the most is the double-decker pumping underwear storage box. (LINK:
I know it looks just so simple but i do have a problem with keeping my underwear neat and tidy since i just throw them into a simple box. Been stalking on their storage boxes ever since i set eyes on
Hope i am the lucky one..Have a nice day~! ^_^


Willwin said...

i love this sweater a lot! bcs i feel that it can give me warmth. In addition m going Aussie soon for my further studies. Therefore, i can wear it during winter season too plus it's cheap!

Please pick me :D

Btw, thanks a lot for the giveaway session cos i think i should style myself as a gal now :D

my email is :)

Anonymous said...

i can't find the cross necklace that you bought.No more!!!!!TT.(the one on the right side).Sadddddd.

JiaJia said...

Hi Daphne, this is the one I love so much in
I love this cz of the colour and the style. I din ever have such a style of shoes, I mean boots. So i hope to have a try, just have to stay tune to wait the seller restock.
anyway, thanks the giveaway! =D appreciate it much!

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky, got to have your order shipped to Aus! When I emailed them about shipping to Aus, they said they don't post it to here :(

sching said...

hi Daphne, i'm one of your reader and always follow your blog all the times^^

The item i like the most from is
which is WSSH9405 Round Head Woman Flat/ Shoes

i love this shoes because it looks simple and cute...and i try to find in shopping mall before but haven't get myself this type of shoes at the end =(
so i hope to get it for my coming new year xD
anyway,thanks for the giveaway ^^hopefully i'm the lucky one *xoxo
m always be your follower and supporter!^^ gambateh~~~~and stay pretty always!!^_^


tingting♥ said...

Hi Daphne,
This is the cloth i like the most! it's so korean to me , i am studying at canada now, is hard to get those korean stuff i like with this price! omg! thank you for promoting this website!

Appreciate! <3 <3

Ting Ting

tingting♥ said...

Hi Daphne!
this is the cloth i like because this is so korean-ish ! i am studying at canada now, couldnt really find any website with so cheap price , most of them are at least rm100 T.T ! Thank you for suggesting this website, i think i will stock up a lot here.

Appreciat! <3

Ting Ting

Amy Chin ♥ said...

Hello Daphne. I'm one of your readers ! Read this post and know you're giving giveaway for lucky winners, so I plan to join this too !
I like WSSH 1362 Korean Thickness Lace Boots which is ( because it's vintage style and it can made me look taller and longer leg. In additional, I didn't have this kind of shoes too.
And I did shopping in NILE.COM.MY too. They're efficiency and responsible. So I hope I can get a giveaway from you and have a shopping in for coming CNY.
Thanks ! :)

email :

NicoleYie said...

Hi Daphne! <3

I actually bought lots of things from after you've introduced it in your blog last time! So in love in this website as it has everything in cheap price, and the delivery is freakishly efficient too!!

The product I wanted to buy long time ago is this: ,
but I didn't buy it because I'm not dare to buy shoes through online shops. I bought shoes through online before once but the size it came different cutting and it's painful after I tried on my new shoes. It wasted my money and that's why I'm afraid to buy shoes from online shops since that time onwards!
But I'll surely 'put my bile out'(放胆出来 XD) to buy this pair of heels after I win the RM50!! I want a pair of nice heels for a long time ago but I can't really find a nice pair and suitable for me one out there...

Hope I didn't write too long for you...? Haha XD
Hope I'm the lucky winner!!!! Waiting to hear from you soon!! ;)

NicoleYie. <3 =)

Secrets said...

i like this boots, it's stunning and look cool~~

sorry ya, i dont know you edit your blog that time i left my comment, there was no extra sentence..sry XD

Victoria Chow said...

Hello Daphne,

I love this products for 2 reasons:
1. It is so cheap and only cost Rm0.90/piece compare to night market where they sell for Rm5/piece.
2. Simple yet elegant that could perfectly match with dresses/tops.

P/S: Also a bonus choose to purchase products from this website becoz of recommendations from you & Isabella Kuan. Thanks for sharing. :]

Vic C.

Bella Lee said...

hello daphne!

i really like to shop at since i read your 1st blog post introduce about now become my top favourite best online shooping website! thank you daphne! p/s: bought lace bra from which only cost RM4++ is craaaazyyyy!

this will going to be my most wanted item!

yeah it's a simple yet beautiful shoes with variety colour in one! i love everything in colourful so i just pick this as my LIKE! btw , i'm not really brave in buying shoes online , i'm worried of the size , what if it doesn't suit me? then it will be a waste for me to purchase it :( everytime i see beautiful shoes online , i can only affort to see , not brave to buy T.T

that's all laaa... thank you again daphne! happy new year and happy graduate soon! =D xoxo

yours truly,
Bella L

Cookie said...

An-nyeong Daphne,
saw that you are having a giveaway when i scroll scroll scroll on ur fb page.hehe.
Hope u are doing well now,i had been reading ur blog all this while :)

Oh about the product i like was

these boylish boots? Well i like it because once i click on this website,
the first thing appear was this one. So lets call it as love on first sight maybe? haha. I never owns a boots cuz i scare i could not style well with it..But now i pretty love this one.

maa email ;

Tinkerni ♥ Jayni said...

Annyeong Daphne!heh. I'm studying in my secondary school now.My mom doesn't like me to order things from online. Becaue she scared the quality isn't good. So, since you said it's quality is good , I hope I can be one of the lucky one :( I do always follow your blog, your dresses are so pretty!!!I love pretty dresses,especially those in korean style. K-pop has been so popular now,girls from drama wearing korean dresses are so so pretty! I really hope that I can get the RM50 :D <3

Item that I want :

email :

Tinkerni ♥ Jayni said...

Annyeong Haseyo!Kerni mida :P
Hi Daphne!I have been following your blog till now,I saw you have many pretty dresses, like those korean artist hehe. K-pop has been so popular now , from those drama, I saw those girls are wearing pretty colourful dresses. OMG!I want those dresses so badly! My mom don't like me to order anything from online, because she said the quality might not be good. I want to try to buy clothes from online, since I never try before haha! So,I hope I can win the RM50 :D <3 I choose this dress is because it's simple and nice. Looking so sweet! :D And I hope I can be like you someday, wearing pretty dresses!:DDD

Item that I want :

My Email :

Akijay said...

hi daphne \(T∇T)/,

I would love to have this pair of shoes because it's such a timeless footwear and it never goes out of fashion. I would love to have it and wear to college instead of wearing my slippers most of them time =3
and sincerely thank you for having this give away, enjoy joining it


Anonymous said...

This celine inspired look bag, its really nice.
i really cant believe i could actually find this kind of bag selling it here. & the price is really reasonable and affordable. i really wish i could be the lucky winner and win myself a bag & a tee to prepare CNY !
Love reading your blog!

xoxo Jennifer
email :

♥Hiroko-chan♥ said...

Dear Daphne,

I would like to have this pair of flats.
It looks so awesome on you! And it goes well with all kind of costume..
There's a lot of stuffs that I would like to purchase from so I believe this RM50 voucher can help me a lot in my CNY budget! haha!


Anonymous said...

Hi daphne,
I am Wen, one of your readers and i wish to participate in this contest.

Item wanted:WSSH 4125 The Latest Korean Fashionable Boots(

First of all, i like this boots as it was named as The Latest Korean Fashionable Boots. Nowadays, Kpop has becoming popular.Therefore,anything related to Korean is very high demand. Plus, the design of Korean products is very attractive and fashionable. However, it's still very hard to find this kind of design in Malaysia. So, i wish to have it. Secondly, the boots' design is very unique and nice. We rarely can see or find this kind of design in the shoe shop. Although there might be some similar design, but the price is extremely high.Lastly,with this shoes' design, i think i will look more slimmer and taller while i'm wearing short pants or skirt.

Thank you for having this contest...=)


Gerrmin said...

hola back, surprise that i will get a reply so fast but my bad that I couldn't track it earlier, hope I still stand the chance :) (this wbz 50359 Postman Styles Fashion Woman Bags over here)

I think no women/lady could resist this leather-like black THINGY, it just looks too sexy!! =D *plus it's a two way purpose bag. =O

Kimmeh said...

Herro :D I never dared to comment on your blog but idk why I have the sudden corage to do so. Perhaps cause it's a giveaway. shallow shallow kim. tsk tsk tsk. Oh I like this -> It looks like a pair of leggings though they classified it as a fashion pants haha. Um, I never owned one and because they all look so..alike? Hahha. I like it cause the pattern is inspired by the christmas sweaters! :D and it's sooo cheap. Buy one bowl of kolo mee and milo peng and it will come up to the price of those pants lol. k bai. love the blog btw. xx

xin said...

Dear Daphne,
this is the item that i like the most , one of the reason is the crazy cheap price! It's almost impossible to buy it online with this crazy price.I'm looking for a table for my lappi since i moved out frm my house to study, and this is very useful for me.Glad that i found it here before i buy with expensive price! Sincerely thank you for sharing with us this online shopping website!It's the cheapest online shopping web i found so far!
Hope i will be the lucky one! thank you xoxo.


Wong Shu Hui said...

Hello Daphne, its really cool and lucky enough to take part in your giveaway's. Hehe i took part in various giveaway's before but i never get the chance to win any single of them. :/ This time, i am getting here, hoping to get my beloved sister a birthday present. Her birthday is coming soon. And she will be going to Singapore for work very soon. I hope i can give her something else before she leaves and as her birthday present. I never have the ability to get her any single present before. She has been sacrificed a lot for our family, paid for our daily life expenses and even my school fees during this young age. And i love her very very much! So i am here hoping to get her this item : as she does not really has a nice outing shoes. Thank you very much Daphne for giving me the chance to participate in this wonderful giveaway, I hope i can get my sister a surprise during her big big day. :) Have a nice day!
And my email address is :

Wong Shu Hui said...

Hello Daphne, its really cool and lucky enough to take part in your giveaway's. Hehe i took part in various giveaway's before but i never get the chance to win any single of them. :/ This time, i am getting here, hoping to get my beloved sister a birthday present. Her birthday is coming soon. And she will be going to Singapore for work very soon. I hope i can give her something else before she leaves and as her birthday present. I never have the ability to get her any single present before. She has been sacrificed a lot for our family, paid for our daily life expenses and even my school fees during this young age. And i love her very very much! So i am here hoping to get her this item : as she does not really has a nice outing shoes. Thank you very much Daphne for giving me the chance to participate in this wonderful giveaway, I hope i can get my sister a surprise during her big big day. :) Have a nice day!
And my email address is :

XCB said...

my email is

HueyShin said...

Hi Daphne ! I'm always ur reader since last 2 years. really like ur blog and u finally hv a giveaway contest !!! very excited abt it ! i just wanna try if i can win this contest or n ! i like this shoes very much coz now the trend is dress like K-pop stars and this shoes is very koreanish ! and the price is very reasonable ! tye color of this shoes is also very nice and vintage. it may not be very striking but it have another style of itself. this is why i like this shoes very much I bet the shoes is very comfortable ! Korean look is nowadays trend so I really think this shoes is very fashionable and reasonable ! Thx very much that's all ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Daphne, Hooi Yee here from KL. This is my favorite and must have piece in closet! Yes, the little black dress! This simple basic piece is what every girl should have! Black color can makes people look slim and skin tight cutting can fit girl's body well to give a nice shape.

This is not the only reason why I pick it but it is so simple yet elegant. You can simply match it with a pair of sneaker/vans to create a casual day look. Besides that, when you pair it with the heels/cute flats they turn out so sweet and feminine! If you match with boots you will instantly look sexy and wild.

Moreover, this little black dress look nice with any scarf,cardigan or jacket on. Of course, the cheap price did shock me and even student or youngsters can afford and enjoy online shopping in!That's why I will definitely purchase it if I won this giveaway! Thank you for having this giveaway and sharing with us this nice website!

Lots of love =D

email address :

Anonymous said...

Anyonggg Daphne, Julia here =D

This pair of black boots is a great complement to any wardrobe. It adds an edgy and punk feeling instantly to the wearer. Besides, black colour is always easy to mix and match with. Well, not to mention that this pair of high heels boots is definitely able to make one's legs look longer and sexier.

Thanks for having this giveaway =DD

email :

Cherish Low said...

Hi Daphne, I'm Cherish! (",)

omg is this your first giveaway!?? I'm so happy... MUST JOIN!!! LOL

So here's the item I like:
wcd6708 Retro Lantern Chiffon Sleeve Dress

I like this dress simply because I'm a Korean-wanna-be!?? LOL
The dress design is so simple yet so elegant cuz elegance means simple + elegant! Beauty = Elegance (Simple+Elegant) LOL

Like what I said, the dress looks kinda korean-ish, fyi, I'm a huge fan of Kpop, so yea... I wanna dress like a true Korean! XD so happy when people said I look like a Korean!!! Hahahaha *shiok-sendiri*

By the way, one thing good about this dress is you don't have to worry after eating too much/full cuz the dress is loose enough to hide your tummy!!! OMG best-nya dress elegant yet can eat to the fullest and still looking elegant!!! LOL

Thank you for having this awesome giveaway!!! \(0 ^~^ 0)/
Hope I can win the RM50 voucher as my birthday pressie and buy more clothes for CNY!!! teehee :D

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Anonymous said...

Hello there ! :D
This is the product( Lace Elegant Dress) that I love so much!!

The reasons why I would say that is because I AM A HUGE LOVER FOR LACE ♥ ♥ Everyone look pretty gorgeous in lace dress just like how Daphne looks in her lace dress! *thumbs up*

Not only the fabric had caught my eyes, I also love how simple and nice is it. I can just simply wear it out with a pair of high heels & and stylish look is complete!! :D

I doubt that I can find dresses like this out there with the exact material and SUCH CHEAP PRICE! I WILL BE SO GLADDD TO HAVE IT IN MY WARDROBE! ♥

Hoping that I will stand the lucky chance to win this contest! Anyway I am so thankful for whoever are sponsoring !! Was so trilled to see there is a contest like this! :D

Hope to hear from you guys soon!
ps: Daphne, you are a pretty & stunning blogger! Love you ♥

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sherry said...

I love shop the leopard shoes so cute and leopard print bag.. I know I exceed so I will top up to buy lol...
love your pics

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