Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

Fuahhhh, kinda miss my long fringe, big hair, lol.
Randomness is bad sometimes, shouldn't have gotten my fringe cut.

How was my Chirstmas last year? Last year feels like yesterday.
I wasn't working, wasn't schooling. SO LIFELESS.
Christmas celebration in Aussie is HUGE.
Even McDonalds was closed sharp at 12am.
Christmas day, we pretty much just stoned at home, lol.
We had to get alcohol the day before so we could do home drinking on Christmas day.
Everything is closed on Christmas day.
When I say everything, it  really means E-VE-RY-THING, lol.
Sorry for not party rocking, I lead a boring lifestyle in here.
No party pictures, just some boring pictures.
You want to read, want to see, please kindly scroll down.
 You think it's boring, it's alright my dear,  just click on the X button.
It won't hurt my feelings and bye bye :)

Bla bla bla, got CDG for William as a Christmas gift.

Terina was like "let's get a fringe cut"
Alright, we had nothing better to do, we just went to get our fringe cut =,=
It was so short that I wanted to kill myself :(
Terina tried to fix it by styling.

My first Christmas without my family.
Hmmmm, so different so lonely.
Celebrated Christmas with William's family though.
Spent quite a lot on gifts for William's parents, brother and sister.

William's parents made Christmas dinner.

Gifts exhanging time after dinner!

I've been such an alcoholic.
Before Christmas, drink.
Christmas, drink.
Before new year, drink.
New year, drink.
Then, we went to Jamie's for drinkssssss after dinner...
Beer, wine, spirits, everything!!!

Look at my hair, OMG DISASTER, hahaha.

I got pretty wasted!

It wasn't that bad but I wish I had my family and friends with me.
You know, my friends, they sure know how to have fun in Malaysia.
They are crazy people, haha.
I miss them, I miss my family, I miss home.
Merry belated Christmas, my loved ones.


simonso said...

nice what the fringe.. hhhha...

Euriz Siaw said...

It's that g1x or g11/12 ?

HelenCC said...

nvm, ur fringe will get longer soon ^^
now also very cute what.. =)

Daphne Charice said...

it is a 12! :D

Anonymous said...

so you are now in relationship with william??

Katelyn said...

Aww, I think the short bang are cute. c:

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