Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I feel really bored.
It's my last week of term break, I'm trying to "fully utilize" it, lol.
I'll have to wake up very early for class soon.
I get sick thinking about it.
As usual, catching up with Grey's Anatomy.
It kills me for the wait, I have to chase after every episode, ugh.
Haven't watched Vampire Diaries in a while.
Was free enough to catch up with 11 new episodes yesterday.
Please don't get sick of me spamming your Twitter feeds with VD, lol.
Gan chiong ma, 11 episodes altogether.

I feel like singing, sometimes I feel like just going to the park and sing.
But, shit, it's summer... lol.

Nose has been bleeding since Australia day drinkies.

Yeh sure, just drinkies... 

3 days of nose bleeding? Is is ok?
Should I see the doctor? O_O
I'm not a big fan of VD, I had nothing to watch, might as well continue watching.
Now, I feel so lifeless after finishing 11 episodes, nothing else to watch, lol.
What should I watch now?

This post is so random, I know right...
YOLO!!! Andy Samberg FTW!


simonso said...

watch walking dead, and you'll be a zombie when ur asleep :D

Eriol Loh said...

u should go see doctor immediately i think

pipi said...

yep, agree with eriol, 3 days of nose bleeding?! that's quite serious!

Sabrina Lee said...

If you like comedies, try The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family. I got totally hooked after the first few episodes from these 3 shows :)

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