Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 I see

So everyone is talking about 2013 resolutions.
Hmmm, I'm 14 days late.
Oh, yeh, today is my eldest sister's birthday.
She's not going to see this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS.
Back to resolutions, my resolutions are pretty much the same every year =,=

No more budgeting and shit, I'm going all out! Haha.
No more being lazy to dress up!
No more being "cincai" on my appearance!
Skin care, hair care, body care, nail care, teeth care, ALL IN!
First thing to get is an effective eye cream to treat my eyebags.
Any recommendations babe?
Second thing is my double chin, UGH!
Friends recommended Clarins, I think I'll get that.
Will post about everything soon, including the skincare products I use!

2. Gain weight.
I don't know how many times I mentioned this and it never happened :(
Ok, no time to waste, I'm going to make milo now, lol.

3. Be positive.
By reading what Jane said about my negative thinking, I think I need to change.
My lecturer once told me that I stress myself too much, that's why I'm so thin.
He said he's fat because he never stresses out, lol.
I think to myself, that can be the reason why I never successfully gained weight.
I'm known as the emo queen, haha, so ya, no, no more!
No more emo queen, not going to be emo for other people anymore.
I should care about myself more!

4. Business plan.
This is actually the priority for me now but I put it at number 4.
Cause I don't think it can be achieved in this year as it's not an easy thing.
 It needs a lot of planning, work, research and experience.
Hopefully, I can get it going as smooth/soon as possible.

5. Graduate.
Yes, I'm finally graduating!
My last semester is starting from February.
I'm a pretty good student, not bragging, haha.
So, I don't think there's a problem graduating :D

6. EARN MORE MONEY, then save money?
Pretty much used up my savings to pay for my 2nd semester.
Oh, RIP, my $$$$$$.
I hope I get to earn more and save more!
Want to add traveling to my resolutions but "save money resolution" takes that off.
I guess I'll put that in my 2014 list, hmmmmm...

7. Get 10,000 subscribers on Youtube.
I know that my singing skill isn't good but I really like to sing.
I hope that more people will listen to my song covers.
You guys can help me on this, haha.
Go, go, go subscribe! :D

8. Completely letting go.
Completely letting go of the past.
You know what.

I think that's about it!
OMG, please give me more encouragement and strength to get no1 and no2 done.
I must have strong determination!


Anonymous said...

why no do a make up tutorial or hair do tutorial at your youtube channel? :)

Daphne Charice said...

it's very hard to do make up tutorial :(
needa look in the mirror and also the camera O_O

shikee said...

ya, totally agreed with 'up stair', should share ur make up skill, so nice and i'm sure a lot of us wanna learn it! :D btw, all the best ya! *giving courage*

HelenCC said...

Oh NICE one..
from your post, i feel u r more n more positive ^^
Regarding graduate, sincere cheer for u.
I wish u graduate smoothly =)

Ohya, I jz subscribed =)
Personally, I wish u make a song cover "That Woman" again =)
is more professional way.
bcz ur voice fit this song very well.

Kharn Yee said...

My friends said that I always stress myself in academic, but why I can never lose weight. D:

Anyway, all the best to you.
You look very beautiful, put on some weight then you are perfect. :D

Let us work hard to achieve 2013 resolution!

yuli_corner said...

No matter what ur resolution is, Support always..You can Achieve it!!!
Add oil~~~

Anonymous said...

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