Saturday, January 19, 2013


Didn't know you guys like giveaway hey!
Ok, I'll do more giveaway in the future.
56 comments on the previous post so far, I can only pick two winners.
OMGZ SO THE CRUELZ. I can't do it.
I'm letting the sponsors pick the winners.
It's still going on, go try your luck! I'll close this mini contest tomorrow.

My hair done by Terina.
Her make up done by me :)

Filled our tummy before having our own lil photoshoot, lol.
Brunch time at Sayers Sister.
What a pretty place to chill, like the vintage decorations/atmosphere.


Bad service though.
The cafe is busy but still, customer service is so important.
The waitress' insincere smile and unfriendly stare, ughhhh...

Coffee, good, food, hmmm, so-so.

My choice of the day, lamb loin.

Back to our lil picture taking play time.
I wore shorts ok, the top is too long, haha.

You guys like me with my lil bun? :D
OMG, my fringe is too thick!!!

"WHAT? What do you want?" Haha.

Look at Terina, so cute, lol!

I took a great shot of her, I love it!

Want to talk about the skincare products I bought but I just came back from work.
Ugh, so tired and sleepy, I want to go take my nap now.
I'll make it another post then.
去期待期待啊(Anticipate)! :)


Jane Fong said...

OMG, Daphne, your skin is so fair! So jealous!!

HelenCC said...

U all using tripod for shooting?
what is ur camera, Daph?

Isabela Asuka said...

Love this hairstyle, and nice photoshoot :)

Winnie Nee said...

What camera are you using, pretty :]

Daphne Charice said...

some are taken with 600D :)

Daphne Charice said...

some are taken with 600D :)

Mr Lonely said...

visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Anonymous said...

2013 X)

Daphne Charice said...

ahahaha you're a champion! thanks!

yi hui wong said...

LOVE UR BLOG SO MUCH, i hv started to read ur blog since last year december,and now oni i can finish reading all of ur posts!support u

Anonymous said...

u r awesome!i will always support ur blog

jiamin said...

Pretty,I love to read your blog.
It's always make me feel life is colourful :)

prisong said...

u make me want to go to Australia!

simonso said...

wow u look like japanese

Anonymous said...

hi how much is the shipping fees to australia? tq

Anonymous said...

terina is such a cutie :)
loves that look on her
tutorial video please? :D

Katelyn said...

Oh, Daphne! That fair skin is so beautiful! Is there anything you follow up on to keep it, or are you just a lucky ducky? O:

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