Friday, December 28, 2012


Somebody commented on my Facebook page saying my blog is boring.
So emo, don't want to blog liao :(

Video coming again.
Stay tuned :D

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday morning

Morning sun (Y), made me look better, thank you thank you.

See 信心 at the back?????
It is a wonderful Sunday morning, a day to be extra confident!
That was very irrelevant, sorry, don't know where did that come from.

Ok just a normal day out again, with who? Bitch, please, need me say more?
Wanted to do Xmas shopping but... NO MONEY AH.
I felt very dove-y that day, so I dove-d all the way.
Nothing special about my OOTD except for the necklace :)
A lil too much hey but IT ISH VALI PWEETIE OKAY.

Off to the cityyyyyyyyyy.
I know you're bored with me taking pictures in the car but it's weird to take pictures in public.
People will be thinking "what's with these Asians taking picture..."
Car is like the best place to take vain pictures.
It will still be a lil awkward when you stop for red light.
The driver in the car next to you will be like ... ermm okayyyyyy...????
Natural light makes my skin look better too, well that's what I think, lol.

Eye bags, Y U NO GO AWAY?

I received comments saying that they like me when I smile.
OMG, one of the most touching moments in my life, GAM DONG.
So, this smile is for you people who like it :D

The very special "guest" of the day.
YOU SURPRISED? Yeh, you should be right?

Will's non-stop criticism spoiled my mood to shop.
Hmmm, fashion sense, maybe I don't have any, haha.
Every time when I ask him :
"Does this look nice?"
Then I'll put it back.
"Does this look nice?"
With like an unsure tone, I'll think about it.
"Does this look nice?"
"Yeh, it does."
See how guys' first opinions can affect girls' hardest decision in the world.
Once you voice your first opinion, everything you say after that doesn't matter anymore.
There is no second chance, no second opinion, bro.
It won't get into our ears, it will only go through our ears.

Will gave me that face when I said I want to get this bag.
Didn't bother about THAT FACE that day, I BOUGHT IT, lol.

The more I look at it, the more I think about it.
Should I have bought this or not, lol.
Honestly, seriously, frankly, IS IT NICE?
I don't want to read the comments now :(

The first Chatime in Perth is hereeeeeeee!
They combined Chatime and ZenQ together.
Had my Chatime roasted milk tea, ugh, it's bad.
You taste no milk tea, you taste only sugar.
Another thing that I can't understand.
Why can't they do it exactly as it's showed on the menu?

My expectation.

Why is it so hard to put the ice under to make it more presentable?
Oh well, at least it's still better than Taro Taro.
The taro balls are pretty good.

Hmmm, that's it for today.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hmmm, I think I need to set a reminder to get myself blogging frequently.
At least 3 times a week? What do you think?
Is there anybody who want to be my human-reminder? Lol.
Ugh, but my life is boring though :(
Only William who brings me out, that's all about my life, lol.
Christmas break is here, going to classmate's place for sleepover.
I can't wait, I'm in charge of getting alcohol, haha learnt a new drinking game.
It's called the thumb master, OMG, it's super fun, anyone knows this game?

Skull cross top with a high waisted shorts.

William and I went for "cafe-exploring" again.
We wanted to go to C15 but it was a full house.
So, we went Cioccolato Espresso nearby.

 It was so hot but I loved it.

"What do you want to eat?"
My cheeky hungry face, lol!

William, complaining about UV, lol.

Sun ray or just dirty lens? Ahahaha.

 Iced chocolateeeeeeee as usual.

 Beef burger, looked really good hey?
 Hmmm, the taste was not very impressive.

Had a pretty long chat with William.
We were there for quite long because we didn't know what to do/where to go.
Hmm, Garden City would do since it was just nearby.

William fooling around.

Haven't worn Vans for a while.

Got some accessories.
One of those I bought, just love the spikes, don't you?

Then, just told William "let's go"
He was like "What? That's it?"
Ughhhh, we are boring people.
That was it for the day.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Season of giving

Christmas is around the corner, it’s the season of giving.
Dad gets me Christmas present every year.
Well, not this year because I’m far away from home.
Plus I’m all grown up now, it’s embarrassing for me to still ask for Christmas gift, haha.
It’s my turn to get my parents something for Christmas now.
What to get? What to get for my dad? What will you get for your dad?
I got him belt, wallet, shirts and hat before! What else? This is tough.
What to do now? While I was searching for ideas I fortunately found great shopping discounts online.
Most importantly, you’ll find the best deal on Groupon, up to 70% discount!

Looking at my budget, I thought I could only afford to get something for my parents.
Thanks to the good deals on Groupon, I found perfect gift for my eldest sister.
Well, she has been a good mum to my dearest 7-month-old nephew.
Hmmm, she deserves some “reward”.
She is a HUGE FAN of Hello Kitty, by huge I meant HUGE HUGE FAN.
I found this while I was browsing.
ONLY RM248 FOR THIS instead of paying RM799.
I bet she’ll be thrilled to have this Hello Kitty phone and ditch her iphone, lol.

Hello Kitty fans, thank me for sharing that!
Alright, back to the gift for my parents.

What do you think? What do you think? Good enough?
Only RM388, OMG, that’s one crazy deal.
The hotel is super nice, see the pictures here.
It has been rated 8.5 out of 10 on TripAdvisor.
 You find a wide range of travel vouchers on
Maybe there also is something interesting for you too.

Really hope they like it!
Start giving! Go on and look for great deals.
I’ll let you know my address if you want to send me a Christmas gift, haha!
Thank you and merry Christmas in advance :D

Monday, December 3, 2012


Hmm, why am I here?
It's exam week again, weeks actually.
Haven't been blogging because I haven't been going out.
Brace yourself, blog posts after exam are coming!
Cause one month of Christmas holiday is going to LAI LIAO, woohooooo...
I really want to go home but I want to save more money.
So I won't be going home :(
I also want to go home when my nephew is big enough to recognize me.
Hmmm, what's the best time? Next year?
Ugh, can't wait to graduate and go back!

The highlight for last week was making Christmas cakes!
Made the fruit cakes days before.
Then, decorated with RTR, icing and marzipan.
It required crazy concentration and patience.
Just love it, I think I can do this forever, lol.
I really can't wait to make wedding cakes and be good at it!
I like my cakes, haha, what do you think about them?

Was going through my transcripts and certificates just now.
William thought I was a dumb girl, got kicked out of school or something.
Come on, Daphne is a smart-ass hey, don't play play!
*Was quite a smart-ass, lol.
Ahhh, sometimes I wished I studied hard.
I always take family issues as my excuse.
It was me who chose to give up studying, sigh.
Sometimes I wish I was a pharmacist, a dentist, a designer, a business woman.
Lol, I think I just want to be someone very PROFESSIONAL.
 Oh, I also want to be a custom officer after watching border security, haha!
Now, all I want to do is running my own cafe, own patisserie.
Then, I'll want to finish my diploma in multimedia and degree in computer science.
I'm just saying, probably not gonna happen, unless I strike LOTTO first price, lol.

Hmmm, whatever it is.
At least I'm enjoying what I'm doing now.
Hope I excel in my coming practical and theory assessments.

I made a small apple out of marzipan.
I painted it to make it look realistic.
Does this remind you of Twilight book cover? Hahaha, it did to me.

Suddenly, regretting and thinking too much.
Hmmm, very unhealthy.
I'm just going to go relax before assessment tomorrow.
A movie before bed maybe.
Night all, xoxo.