Monday, October 15, 2012


Missing him too much :(
Wonder what he's doing, should be having milk.
Had my practical assessment today.
Yeh, I know, so fast, I only came back for a week.
Having another one on Thursday and knowledge based test on Friday.
Kill me.
 I need more time to sleep, need more time to blog!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

He's an angel

Some of you want to see more of my nephew.
You guys are loving my nephew, aren't you?
Thank you for the love, I'm happy that he's loved.
He is 5 months old now, can't believe I missed 5 months of everything.
I kissed him for about 348264195times a day until my mum had to push me away.
I wanted my sister to name him Damon, haha she named him Waynn.
He's a very good boy, he doesn't cry much.

Ignore my aunty face, just woke up, still half asleep, lol.

Awwwww, good morning, our sunshine.
Laughing and smiling to his mum and aunty.

Happy boy wearing the body suit I bought him :)
Thought it would be too small but surprisingly, it's pretty loose for him.

Playing with his grand uncle.

Just had milk and 3...2...1...

My uncle is so bad hahahahaha.
He was struggling, trying to take the mask off.

He fell asleep when I sang "Safe & Sound" to him.
He always does, hmmm, maybe my voice is too sweet, HAHAHA joking.
So adorable, he melts my heart.

Send a ♥ to my lovely nephew if you think he's adorable.
Appreciate your ♥ to him.
Crap, I really miss him :(


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Safe & Sound cover

Ok, almost 98% of you want the song cover first.
Crappppppppp, I feel very pressured now.
Please don't get your expectations high, it's just a very simple song cover.
Erm, but don't forget to support la, Malaysian production ma, haha.
Just to be clear, I DO NOT think I have a powerful voice.
I DO NOT think I sing well, I have no skills whatsoever.
Purely having fun, singing from my heart.

Received message from Kang Er when I got back to KL.
Kang Er is the owner of Clef Music Studio, Klang.
Do like their Facebook page, you can find more info there.
Kang Er is crazy talented.
He can sing very well, play the guitar, piano, drum etc.
He can do whatever you ask him to do *ON MUSIC.
My boss my boss.

We didn't have enough time as I was busy in KL and he had to teach.
So hard to find time, I only met him 3 times.
The first time, we chose a song to sing, superman Kang Er composed the song in one night.
The second time, recorded for a few times but settings were wrong, everything was gone.
The third time, things went ok, we got all done in few hours.
Didn't really have time to edit the audio, he had to transfer the file to me before I leave.
I think I heard my voice cracking, shit.
It's my first attempt on recording, give me chance, bro.

Freaking cool studio!

It took forever to upload.
Keep your expectation low please.
Do support/like/share, whatever you can do if you like it, haha thank you! 

One of the reason I chose this song is that my nephew falls asleep when I sing it to him.
I miss him, may my lil darling boy be safe and sound all the time. 

Clef Music Studio
27-1, Jalan Tiara 2D/KU1,
BBK Commercial Centre, Bandar Baru Klang
41150 Klang
For further information, please contact
017-8848453 (Kang Er)
Email :

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jane's birthday dinner

Hello, darlings.
I'm back again, after 2 weeks of break.
Yes, I'm really really really back this time.
It was the second day in KL, got my hair dyed RED in the evening.
Headed down to Ampang for Jane's private birthday dinner.
Got stuck in the traffic jam for 2 hours without internet connection on my phone.
KL will be forever jammed up, won't it be?

La vie en rose was Jane's choice.
The birthday girl.

Didn't get to pop these bottles :(

Ok, let's just start with the food.
Escargots as starter.

Lamb shanks for both Liza and I.

Complimentary side dishes.
Both ratatouille and mashed potatoes were very nicely done.

Duck breasts for princess Nana.
Personally think that it was a lil overcooked, too tough.

It was great catching up with the girls.
We had our gossiping session, just to be clear we only gossip about/among ourselves, lol.
It was nice that all of us shared our life experiences.
Liza talked about US, I talked about Aussie.
I shared the things I learnt in school, glad that they learnt something, they liked it.
Everyone of us shared something about ourselves.
It was just amazing, my girls are amazing.

Liza, Nana, Jane, Leng Leng and yours truly.

A kiss for the birthday girl.
We just can't stop kissing, can we? :D

Most of the pictures were taken with Nana's camera.
I'll only share what I have in my camera :(

Panda also had her birthday party at Zouk that night.
I remember I took some pictures with her but I can't find any in my camera =,=
How I miss Zouk, it was fantastic.

Everyone asked me the same question
"I thought you're in Aussie"
Jacklyn, Doreen, Estee, Amos...
Got tons of hugs and kisses, niceeeeeeeeeee...
Partied with my girls.
It was pretty crazy hey, haha.

Last kiss for Jane with Javene.

End of post.

Do you guys want a post about my Singapore trip next or the song cover next?
You pick :)