Sunday, October 28, 2012

Singapore Cable Car

Holla, am gonna blog about HOW I GOT TO Universal Studios Singapore, lol.
Got up very early in the morning.
Will bought me Old Chang Kee for breakfast.
OMG, I love Old Chang Kee, it's crazy good.
The curry puff is a must-try.
He waited long for me, Jane and Ash too, to get ready, lol.

My very simple OOTD.
I'm always simple and casual, don't expect much from me, lol.
Didn't even bother to bring my new Vans, lazy bum bum.

Selca, a must, haha.

Thought I was late but Jane and Ash were later because they forgot the passport thingy.
Took the MRT to HarbourFront.

The crazy tall and buff ABC.

Totally a midget next to him.

Wanted to take the shuttle bus because it's free, convenient and fast.
Will insisted to take the cable car, OMG, LIKE A BIG KID, lol.
He paid for my part of shared accommodation in Singapore.
So, I said I would pay for USS and whatever transportation fee that day.
He just wanted cable car ride no matter how I tried to convince him that it's wasting money.
Sorry to say that but I tried it before and I think there's nothing special about it, lol.
LOL, I lost the negotiation.

Plus it's angry bird themed, wth? Hahahahaha.

Not too bad, spectacular view.

My version of "McKayla is not impressed" face, haha.

Sorry, I'm too casual sometimes.
I like to sit like that, not lady-like.
Mum will nag again when she sees me sitting like this.

It was quite a short ride.
Figured that I should bring my nephew in the future.
He'll definitely enjoy this, haha.
SGD30+ per person as I remember.
Suitable for couples, lol.

Got off and walked through Sentosa to USS.

Lost my freaking project books.
They were on the table, THEY GREW LEGS :O
I have to rush to my friend's house to get the project book photocopied.
Ugh, hate this, I'll be back, bye.

Friday, October 26, 2012

RIP uncle Tong

Lost my uncle to cancer on Wednesday night.
That's him third from left in the picture, I'm the ugly one next to the cake.
My eyes were teary but I didn't cry a lot.
I think to myself, maybe because I'm prepared for it.
I went to school like normal, joked around with friends.
I don't know what I've been feeling, I just space out when I'm alone.

My uncle might not be the best son, best brother but he's a great uncle to me, to us.
Mum told me that my 3 younger cousins cried a lot.
They are younger, were closer to my uncle.
They went through toughest time with my uncle.
They had been bringing my uncle back and forth from hospital.
I appreciate my aunty's family for doing so much as my uncle wasn't married.

 I don't remember much, I was really small.
I remember my uncle bringing my sisters and I on motorcycle ride.
Got candies, sweets, chips, best thing-slurpee at 711.
He used to bring us to playground, my sisters and I would go home dirty and sweaty.
We would get nagged for all that shit we did, lol.
I remember him giving us money when he earned more.
I remember taking a puff of his cigarette and my face instantly turned red, haha.
My mum was furious about that.

I hope that he didn't feel alone leaving/before leaving this world.
I hope he knows that he had us, we were and we are his family.
You're forever my badass uncle *fist pump*
Now, you're back to gong gong's side, do take care of gong gong.
You're dearly missed, please RIP.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Back in KL after Singapore.

Forgive me for not ironing my cloth, I'm too a cincai girl :(
Mum tried to strip me naked just to iron this top, lol.

Went to Sunway Pyramid to meet Simon again.
Chit chat chit chat chit chat.
It was Jacklyn's birthday too, we wished her through the phone.
Awwww, miss how we all celebrated birthdays together.

Finally had the century egg mince pork porridge at Canton-i.
Ohhhhhh, one of the cravings, yum.

Finally got my first fancy manicure done.
My friends think I'm not a girl because I never had proper manicure/pedicure before this.
FINALLY HAD IT THAT DAY, FINALLY, I feel like a girl now.
It felt pretty good hey, pampering your fingers.
I have rough and dry skin, well I was born with that, lotion didn't help at all.
I hate lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen or whatever, it's sticky, don't you guys think so?
I don't really care about my skin, guess I'll regret soon.
The manicurist was like "do you want me to remove the dead skin? It's $10 on top"
I'm like "what dead skin?", lol.
I did get the dead skin removed, felt nice, lol.

Picked a normal leopard print, chose the colour too.

Jacqueline accompanied me.
Had a great chat too, didn't get to go to Taylor's to see her again, sigh.
Kinda miss my uni life in Taylor's with the girls.
So, why did I come here again??!!!
Take good care of yourself, babe.

Mama threw tantrum at me because I was always not home for dinner/late for dinner.
Had been going home late because I had to bring William around, as a tour guide, lol.
I also wanted to see most of my friends before coming back to Aussie.
I promised I would be going home for dinner on time that day.
Crazy, my mama is crazy awesome, 6 dishes and soup.
All my favourite, ahhhh, lotus roots + peanut soup.
Spinash, butter prawns, sweet & sour chicken, soy sauce pork? Fried fish with soy sauce?
The last one, I'VE BEEN CRAVING FOR THIS, spicy baby lala, baby clamps?

Last picture with my lovely nephew.
Love my nephew so much, muaaaaaaaaa.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Missing him too much :(
Wonder what he's doing, should be having milk.
Had my practical assessment today.
Yeh, I know, so fast, I only came back for a week.
Having another one on Thursday and knowledge based test on Friday.
Kill me.
 I need more time to sleep, need more time to blog!

Friday, October 12, 2012

First day of Singapore trip

Went for a short trip to Singapore when I was back in KL.
My flight got delayed, landed at 1pm.
There's one thing I never get, the taxi fare.
I was looking forward to pass any ERP, saw it in Singaporean movies haha but I didn't get to!
So, I got on a cab to get to the hotel from the airport.
The meter started at $3, then it was $19+ when I reached the hotel.
I pulled $20 out but the taxi driver asked for $24+.
I was like, okkkk... I just gave him and got off.

There was another time, Will and I tried to get to Zouk from the hotel.
Meter started at $3, stopped at $12+. The driver charged us $17+?
We only got charged $9 for the drive back from Zouk to hotel.

This is the confusing part.
We got a nice Hyundai cab to get to the airport for our flight to KL.
I saw the taxi fare/notice on the window of the cab.
I read it out to Will "ok, from/to the airport, there's a surcharge of $3, now I get it"
Bla bla bla, talked about taxi fare and how we didn't get it.
It was $17+ on the meter when we reached the airport.
So, we thought that it would be $20+ with the surcharge of $3.
The driver told us it was only $17.
Ok, now what? Confused again.
We didn't ask why but we let the driver keep the change because he's honest!
It was a pretty, clean, spacious, nice cab.
The previous three were all normal Toyota cab.
I'm confused. So did we get ripped off or it was just whatever surcharge?

Ok, forget about the taxi fare, let's just move on.
Got to the hotel, showered and got ready.

Will brought me to Orchard road for shopping/sight seeing.
Just the both of us, other Aussie mates were done with Orchard road, lol.
This is my third time visiting Singapore after 7 years+?
First thing that came to mind about Singapore isn't MBS, isn't USS, but XiaXue.
Asia's most famous blogger, wish I was as successful as she is, not even in my dreams, haha.
The MRT looks very futuristic to me, sorry we don't have this in Malaysia/Aussie, lol.

We had lunch at Food Opera, ION Orchard.
OMG, I met this AH LIAN, just like how it's portrayed in Singaporean movie.
Ok, Will is Aussie born, he's Aussie, Aussie-Aussie, not Chinese-Aussie, very angmoh.
He never tried the Chinese herbal chicken wrapped with baking paper before.
You know, they marinate/cook the chicken in baking paper? Chinese salted herbal chicken?
They unwrapped the chicken, put rice on it, then on the plate.
So, I got him to try that chicken dish and I got myself a plate of duck rice.
We sat down and there was this Singaporean lady sitting next to us with her daughter.

I don't know where she got the idea that I can't understand Mandarin.
Will and I were talking about how good the herbal chicken tasted.
That aunty said in Mandarin -
"I don't get why people have that paper wrapped chicken.
They even put rice on the paper, it's dirty, why do people eat it?"
Ok, maybe they should remove the paper before serving to meet high standard of food hygiene.
Yet, that is not just normal paper, that's baking paper, it is safe to me.
Plus it's Singapore, I'm sure that the food safety standard is high.
The thing that irritated me was she's Chinese and she bitched about Chinese food.
She went on and on and on, I couldn't hear properly because it was too noisy.
I was trying to hear what she said, I didn't concentrate on what Will was saying.
He asked me to not space out, he didn't know that I was on a mission, lol.
Then, I just ignored and back to chatting with Will.

"Look at the girl next to you, she's so skinny, so boney.
I wonder how does her boyfriend hug her, it's all bone over her body.
Wonder if she eats."
She told her daughter "you're just nice, not too skinny, not fat"
Her daughter went squeezing her own arm saying "no, look, I'm fat, look at my arms"
I was clenching my teeth and wanted to ask her to mind her own business.
The way that AH LIAN said it was so BITCHY, my goodness.
I don't really know how to translate but shit, her voice was even more annoying.
I think I'm discriminated because I'm skinny, my manager, also my friend, once said to me
"The food is going nowhere in your body, don't waste food" when I told him I want to have lunch.
I know that he was joking but that was very mean, I told him it was mean.
So, sometimes you guys just don't understand, it's not nice saying all that.
You guys think that I don't eat/I like to stay skinny.
You don't know the pain of being insulted that you're TOO SKINNY.
That's the real world, isn't it? People just won't stop commenting.

After she left, I told Will, he had no idea what was going on, BA-NA-NA.
Will was like "you should have said something to her"
Ugh, I'm not outspoken at times that I should be, crap.
I should have.

Forgot to snap a picture of the chicken wrapped with paper, aik!
Had my duck dish captured, tasted alright.

Sorry, I just had to.
Nice washroom with mirrors everywhere.

Went for window shopping/shopping along Orchard Road.

Borrowed my mum's LV bag, not mine.

The tourist pictures, lol.

Will asked me to smile to the camera.
I was like "huh?" lol.

Pretty pretty candies :)

Hug you? Ok...

Spicy ramen and tempura prawns for dinner! :)

There goes my first day of my Singapore trip :)
Come back for more!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

He's an angel

Some of you want to see more of my nephew.
You guys are loving my nephew, aren't you?
Thank you for the love, I'm happy that he's loved.
He is 5 months old now, can't believe I missed 5 months of everything.
I kissed him for about 348264195times a day until my mum had to push me away.
I wanted my sister to name him Damon, haha she named him Waynn.
He's a very good boy, he doesn't cry much.

Ignore my aunty face, just woke up, still half asleep, lol.

Awwwww, good morning, our sunshine.
Laughing and smiling to his mum and aunty.

Happy boy wearing the body suit I bought him :)
Thought it would be too small but surprisingly, it's pretty loose for him.

Playing with his grand uncle.

Just had milk and 3...2...1...

My uncle is so bad hahahahaha.
He was struggling, trying to take the mask off.

He fell asleep when I sang "Safe & Sound" to him.
He always does, hmmm, maybe my voice is too sweet, HAHAHA joking.
So adorable, he melts my heart.

Send a ♥ to my lovely nephew if you think he's adorable.
Appreciate your ♥ to him.
Crap, I really miss him :(


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Safe & Sound cover

Ok, almost 98% of you want the song cover first.
Crappppppppp, I feel very pressured now.
Please don't get your expectations high, it's just a very simple song cover.
Erm, but don't forget to support la, Malaysian production ma, haha.
Just to be clear, I DO NOT think I have a powerful voice.
I DO NOT think I sing well, I have no skills whatsoever.
Purely having fun, singing from my heart.

Received message from Kang Er when I got back to KL.
Kang Er is the owner of Clef Music Studio, Klang.
Do like their Facebook page, you can find more info there.
Kang Er is crazy talented.
He can sing very well, play the guitar, piano, drum etc.
He can do whatever you ask him to do *ON MUSIC.
My boss my boss.

We didn't have enough time as I was busy in KL and he had to teach.
So hard to find time, I only met him 3 times.
The first time, we chose a song to sing, superman Kang Er composed the song in one night.
The second time, recorded for a few times but settings were wrong, everything was gone.
The third time, things went ok, we got all done in few hours.
Didn't really have time to edit the audio, he had to transfer the file to me before I leave.
I think I heard my voice cracking, shit.
It's my first attempt on recording, give me chance, bro.

Freaking cool studio!

It took forever to upload.
Keep your expectation low please.
Do support/like/share, whatever you can do if you like it, haha thank you! 

One of the reason I chose this song is that my nephew falls asleep when I sing it to him.
I miss him, may my lil darling boy be safe and sound all the time. 

Clef Music Studio
27-1, Jalan Tiara 2D/KU1,
BBK Commercial Centre, Bandar Baru Klang
41150 Klang
For further information, please contact
017-8848453 (Kang Er)
Email :