Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 1 in KL

My precious

Selamat sejahtera, everyone.
It was a long journey back cause the flight got delayed for a while.
Couldn't really sleep on the plane, was whole time thinking about my nephew.
My parents couldn't recognize me, lol.
My fringe got longer and they said I'm skinnier =,=
Ahhhhhhhh, hugged them so tight, 7months apart.

My instagram has become my nephew's instagram, can't stop posting pictures of him.
I didn't get to hold him when I got home cause he was already sleeping.
I got up at 8am on the 2nd day, he was sleeping after having milk at 6am.
Couldn't wait no more until 10am, so I just woke him up.
Hahahahaha, I'm evil.
He smiles at me a lot because I look like his mum, my sister, lol.
In the evening, he fell asleep while having milk, TOO CUTE.

On my first day here, got up early.
Played with nephew, had chicken rice for breakfast, bathed nephew.
Helped mum on housework by folding some clothes.
Then, I head out to get my hair dyed.
Red this time!!!
Sorry, boh make up, eyebrows uneven, haha.
Trimming needed!!!

Spent so much in just two days.
First thing first was to give mum money.
Almost half of the money I brought back to spend.
Don't want her to worry about me being in Aussie alone.
You know la, have to show a bit, so she worries less.
Then, bought car seat whatever seat for my nephew.
Owe my friends money for gifts and shit, crapppppp...
Went to get Jane and Nana, stuck in traffic jam for 2 hours.
What a good way to start my holiday.
2hours in the car under the rain without internet on my mobile, shitttt...
Will blog about Jane's birthday celebration with the girls soon.
We spent really good time together, just love it.

Washed the Pumpkin Patch body suit I bought for him and let him wear it.
Love the picture in the center!!!

I disturbed him in his sleep ahahaha.
Haha, look at his double chin.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home coming


Having my last theory test tomorrow morning.
I hope I studied enough.
I studied the whole powerpoint, so please tell me I'll pass.
My soul will be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee after that.
Malaysia, welcome me with open arms.
Singapore too, lol.
Party everyday!!!
 I can finally see my nephew and my parents!!!
I'll have my safe flight home :)

Things shouldn't change in this short period.
Pray for that.

Monday, September 17, 2012



It was Friday, finally TGIF.
I finished my work experience, so I was FREE...on a Friday!!!
It felt so so so so good to sleep in.
Haven't seen Clement for a while, asked him out for lunch.

My companion for the day.

Baby hair, BURRNNNNNN!!!
I'll get rid of the baby hair when I get back to Malaysia.
How? Threading?

Clement likes exploring cool cafes/bars.
He found one, we both think it's really cool.
It's along an alley, don't know how did he find this place, lol.


It was so sunny.
Why would I miss the chance enjoying the HEAT?
Lol, most girls avoid the sun but I like to stay under the sun.

Classic beef burger for me, nom nom nom.

We call him lemon, lol.
Had a super great talk with him.
Just loveeeeeeeeeeee to talk to him.
At least, he understands.

 The sun was glaring!!!

Selcas of the day.
Love my new top, new necklace!

The dilemma when your fringe reaches this length.
To cut or not to cut?

Then, mr.Will joined us after work.
Went to get some apple strudel for Lemon's baby, lol.
We called it a day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I am the driver today.
Listen to Fly Fm always makes me miss Malaysia more. 
Miss my kampung style, Malaysian style, lol.
Bullshit? How to listen to Fly Fm when I'm in Aussie?
When there's a will, there's a way...
It's all about technology nowadays.
Stream lah...

There's this contest, super interesting, it's the 500JAM!
All this week, listen to Fly FM and listen out for the "500 Jam" song.
Call in, name the "500 Jam" song (complete artist and song name) and score RM500!
*If you get it wrong, the money will snowball another RM 500!
 I'll sure win a lot of money, seriously.
RM60,000 TO BE WON!
What are you waiting for?
Hmmm, for me... I'm waiting to go home after finals tomorrow.
You are so going to hear me on national radio this coming week!

I'll be like this girl soon, lol.

Hurry up, call in.
GET SOME $$$$$$$$$$$!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012


Am here to express my frustration, sigh..
I really work hard for my studies here in Aussie.
This course is so new to me, I'm trying my hardest.
I finished my project 3 weeks before deadline.
I reviewed, revised my work before exam today.

I repeated doing the same task for 4times.
It still failed on me. I didn't get it done today.
What was wrong? I've done it before, WHY ME?
I was about to cry, I HATE THAT FEELING.
I'm a whimp.
I also had to repeat twice to get another task done.

My lecturer pulled me aside and told me to calm down.
"You're a hardworking student, I know it.
You're a good student, I'll help you, I won't fail you."
It's good that she is not going to fail me but what if she wants me to retake the assessment?

I freaking bought my air ticket wrongly, without planning.
I spent RM600 to change it to end of this month.
I thought I finished my project, I would be able to leave earlier.
So, I paid another RM300 to change my flight, arriving 3days earlier.
Now I might have to redo my practical test.
It has to be done in our term break.
I have to retake the whole term if I don't redo/I fail again.
Shit, and I can't stop cursing.
It's my new bad habit.
I have to change before I get back home, mum will kill me!

I hate this frustration.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Hmmm, practical tests have been brought forward to next week.
I missed class this morning, shit.
Had the worst mood today, bad at work too, bad sales.
I'm known as the stressful one in class, yeh, I'm hell nervous.
I hate practical tests, I have less worry for theory test.
Cause all I have to do is bury myself with books, study.
I just had my another test not long ago.
Hate doing assignment and sitting for exams!!!

Kelly, Celine and I handed our 2 project books in 3 weeks before deadline.
We're so hardworking, hehe.
The freaking AMOUNT of paper work, lol.

Can't wait to get over with the finals and again...
Sister sent me a picture of a baby seat the other day.
Asked me to sponsor, 4 freaking hundred bucks.
Hmmmmm, ok ok ok, you nephew! You're lucky!
Lucky to have me as your aunty :)

Bla bla bla...
Continuing my post with lunch.
Mmhmmm, best open sandwich I've ever tasted.

My favourite drink, iced chocolate with whipped cream.

Called Veeeeeeeeeelyaaaaaaanaaaaaaa for dinner.
Waited for her to finish her class.
Time for some selcas, lol.

I also got my hair dyed.
I wanted it red but it didn't turn out to be red.
It's like dark brown, grrrrrrr...

I feel that I look like a pregnant lady.
With that hair, that print on my dress.
Shitttttttt, I think too much.
Chinese saying - too desperate to get married, lol.

Walked to Piccadilly Arcade.
Found her piercing a friend's ear, lol.

Went for delicious Japanese ramen with her and Terence.
Had a great time chatting.

Last but not least,

Good night :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

That xx


Ann yeong...
It's Sunday, which means school tomorrow :(
Work placement is ending soon, I'm so happy.
Lecturer came to visit Celine and me at Pan Pacific.
Shit, she's Irish, she dressed smoking hot that day.
Our workmates were like saying "Maybe we should go back to school."
Lol, I want to be like her one day.

Class as usual, practical and theory.
For theory class, we have to dress ourselves tidily in office wear.
It's winter, I always wear black jeans and white shirt.
Got a leather dress the other day, decided to try something different.
The whole style was just wrong, didn't turn out as I expected.
I woke up late, didn't get to style my hair.
Please completely ignore my flats, total failure.

Got a new necklace too.
OMG, just love it so much.
I don't know how many pictures I took, lol, vain.

My darling classmates.
Celine, Eun Bi and Kelly.
They make class more interesting <3 p="p">
Walking to nearby Japanese restaurant for lunch.

Been out all day, dinner too.
While waiting.
Look at the black roots.
Getting my hair done this week, nothing fancy.

I wear Freshlook a lot, normal size, coloured, it's quite expensive for me.
This new pair I'm wearing is Freshkon, so big, I don't like but it's not toooooo bad.
Trying hard to protect my eyes, avoid poor quality contacts.
I also wear my spec more than putting on contacts, it's the laziness sometimes.
It's impossible for me to not wear contacts, I have to, I want to look prettier.
Girls, eyes are more important than beauty!!!
I'm saying that to myself, lol.

Move on to food.
Precinct restaurant at Vic Park was our choice.
Good ambience, I like it.

Latte with cute coffee art.

Turkey wings, slightly overcooked for me.
A lil too dry, a lil more sauce would be better.
Lamb shoulder, very well cooked, very tasty.
Loved the mash, red wine jus.
Quite a small portion, $32 O_O

It was quite a satisfying meal.
I'll definitely go back some other time.

Body check scheduled this week.
Hope everything goes well, then stress over completing project book.
Die through final test for this semester.
I miss home too much.
I dreamt of partying in Malaysia and having dinner with my family.
The second night, I dreamt of holding my nephew for the very first time and I cried.

Signed off.