Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Full of hope

Went to Midland to help run errands.
 It was my first time going there, it's pretty far from where I live.
Beautiful sunny day but still cold.

Had my breakfast.
I only need bacons, eggs and buttered toasts.
I can't live without bacons, FAT BACONS!!!

The usual washroom picture, lol.
My hair really needs some trimming.
Thick as hell.

Then, I went shopping at Supre.
Yayyyyyyyyyyy, I bought 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 2 tops.
It's the pastel colour season, lol.
I really like Turqoise colour.
Cleaned my lil Mackie the other day because I got her new cloth :)
Thanks to Will, got my new MacBook cover on eBay!

Matching blue keyboard protector.

Yea, that's how messy a girl's desktop is, lol.
Especially when I was once a design student.
Couldn't even see my Kristen Stewart's wallpaper, lol!

Now, I'll show you some magic.
Just create a folder and throw everything in, lol.

Went to Typo too.
Got a new notebook for school, friends say it's too emo, lol.
Got this mini stapler and this gluestick because they are in Turqoise colour.
They are irresistibly cute!

Had my favourite girl to accompany me.
Never shopped like this in such a long time, have been good at self-limitation.
I'm supposed to spend that money on my body check. 
Well, it's not bad rewarding myself on self-restraining for 6 freaking months.
My body check is also postponed because aunty red finally pays a proper visit..

Things aren't so bad for me now.
I just need to bite my teeth and get through my finals.
I have people that I care and I treasure.
I worry a lot, I just hope they don't let me down.
Let's all work hard for our future.

Monday, August 27, 2012



Aloha, my friends.
Once again, sorry for not updating frequently.
I'll try harder!!! Counting down less than 30days to KL.
Woohooooo, H-A-P-P-E-N-I-N-G!!!
Before "happening", final term exam to go, sighhh...
Can't wait for KL and Singapore, Universal Studio, I'm coming!!!
Really want to go to Taiwan but I don't think I'll have time.
I need to get my arse back here and STUDY.

What did I learn recently?
Hmmmm, how to run f&b establishment and shit.
Really really really hope that I get to own a cafe in the future.
I will make you delicious pretty looking food :)
Like this savarin!!!

I made croissants too.
They taste so so so good with chocolate and icing sugar.

Proud girl.
First time baking cupcakes and decorating with icing sugar.
My roses look weird but it's my first time trying.
Give some chances, please, lol.

Perth is too boring.
I can only talk to you about food, lol.
What do you want to know? Tell me, haha.

My saviour is in town, ms.KX.

She was here one month ago.
She's here again.
Yeh, Perth is very fun, everyone please come, lol.
Give me a call if you're here, my friends.

Gelare with her first.

Will joined too!

The weather is still cold.
Winter, I'm over you, I want SUMMER!

Don't hear, don't speak.

Haven't been going out for 4 weekends?
I sleep at 7pm on weekends.
It's hard to get up, screw it, just sleep through it, lol.
OMG, I'm a boring person.
I can't wait to party non stop in KL!!!
C-A-N-T W-A-I-T!!!
Can't wait to kiss my nephew!!!

Ok, bye!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Modo Mio, Burswood


It was the flu season last month.
I was dead sick for the whole month.
Will and I made a reservation earlier for Modo Mio at Burswood.
We had to celebrate an "accomplishment/achievement", lol...
This was the second reservation actually.
I blew the first one off, better not do that again.

Great ambience.

Being a hospitality/culinary student makes me a bitch when it comes to food.
Will likes to listen to my comment/critics on food.
He's my food buddy, we like tasting new and good food.

Introducing mr.Will, the achiever.

Will chose the wine.
I'm not really a wine person.

Excellent customer service.
Courteous waitress, knowlegdeable, observant.
I was whole time sniffing, bad bad flu.
She suggested if I should have some hot tea.
Good one, Earl Grey was my choice.


Had beef carpaccio as starters.

I had oven baked lamb rack.
Beautifully cooked, I like mine medium cooked.
I think they crumbed the lamb with macadamia.

Ok, this proves that Will is so bad at taking picture.
Hello, we can't see the steak.
He had grilled Wagyu sirloin, medium rare.

It was so cold but I was sick of wearing pants/long jeans.
Had these leggings on to keep my legs warm in this tight skirt.
I know, I know, bad colour.
It's so sad to tell that I don't have any black leggings with me.


You reckon I gained weight or I still look like a stick? Lol.

Burswood, soon to be Crown.

Overall, it's not bad.
It was about $80 per person.
 Most importantly, Will and I had a great time.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Pale and sick face with make up on, still bad, lol.

Hey, all.
Ugh, wish I could be a full time blogger.
Enjoy life like I used to, decisions, decisions, bad decisions...
In Aussie, I need to study, work casual, work for experience too.
Sick of just thinking about days after today, used to like weekends but I hate em now.
Pan Pacific on Fridays, ugh, just bare with it, Daphne, just hang in there.
I just got through my exam week, I'm bad at handling pressure.
I had a major break down, WIMP.
YES, I passed both practical and theory tests.
The comment on my feedback sheet was "Good work but you have to calm down..."
LOL, can only relax for a while, term2 final test is in 90 days, ugh.

I had been sick, very sick.
Missed school, missed work.
I always believe that immune system is the best medicine.
Mr.Will insisted to bring me to the chemist.
Cost me a "fortune", lol.

As expected, I didn't recover after finishing the medicines.
I recovered on my own, lol.
I thought my health was perfect but it's not.
This is disgusting to tell but I had my period for 26days.
About the 30th day, it stopped cause I had my medication.
Don't know if it's hormonal change or is the pressure causing this.
I knew I had to go to the doctor.
Neither did the doctor know what's going on with me.
I have to do a body check this month.
I'm worried because doctor asked me about the medical history of my family.
Yes, my aunty from my dad's side had cancer.

I'm so disturbed with everything that is happening.
So, please, don't disturb/annoy me.

Chill, mate.
Have a drink.

Thought Clement was leaving back to Malaysia last month.
I was so emotional, wth, he didn't leave =,=

My favourite breakfast at Toast.
Bacon, eggs and toasts. Yummy.

My pot of Earl Grey.

Will and meeeeeee.

 Went for an early drinking/chilling session.
Carmen came from Adelaide for holiday.
Mr.Clem and meeeeee.

Sexy girl posing, lol.

The weather was really good.
Went for a walk.
Just can't wait for summer to come.
I rather want summer, I find it hard to keep myself warm.
Rainy days and winter, shooooo, go away.

Yours truly,

I'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

LCW, our hero

It's the exam week again, starting from tomorrow.
I took a break to watch Datuk LCW play for our country.
I need to blog this, I need to...

The game was super intense, it was so close.
So close, so so so close, SO CLOSE!!!
He really is the only reason why I watch Olympic.
It broke my heart to see the depression on his face after being defeated.
I really don't know how he's taking this in.
I think that the prime minister should declare tomorrow as a national public holiday.
*I was told that tomorrow is a public holiday for certain states.
Sorry, I have test tomorrow, it's not holiday in Aussie, LOL.
A national public holiday because Datuk Lee Chong Wei won Olympic silver medal.
Everyone can see how hard he worked/works, the pressure, the fear, the depression he's taking in.
He has the whole Malaysia on his shoulder, my dear LCW.
Without winning the gold medal, we should still celebrate his success.
We need to let him know how great he is.
I'm feeling SO PROUD of him.
You're the champion of all Malaysian. 

Yeh man, that's how you show them how does Jalur Gemilang look like!
You should and you will be in Malaysian history text book!

 Told my Aussie born friend.
"You don't get it, it's the Malaysian spirit!"
The patriotism just hit me, lol.
Thanks to Datuk LCW.

 Btw, my darling nephew is 3-month-old today, hehehe.
That's my sister, not me, we do look alike hey? Lol.

Good luck to me for my exams.
 I can do it!
 I will be back soon!!!!