Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ma boy

Was arranging files in my hard drive.
I found these videos.
I don't know how did I get that crazy idea.
Lol, plainly having fun.
We were dancing to Ma Boy and Roly Poly, haha.

You might think it's such a waste that we've moved on.
I don't want to know much but I know she's very pretty.
Lol, stalker.
It's not hard to understand,
Sometimes, things are just not meant to be.
I miss the memories but I don't want to go back to the past.
I'm happy with what I am and how I am now.
Happy with how I'm handling this.
We give our best wishes to each other.

It was dreadful going through this.
However, I feel the bravery and courage pushing me from behind.
Telling me that my future is waiting for me ahead.
I think it's God, it's God's strength helping me to move on.
I appreciate, I'll live my life very well.

Last thing,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

That's right, cheerio

It was one of the random days in my term break.
Sigh, still feel uneasy about wasting my break, not going back to Malaysia!
The only good thing was I worked a lil more, not really.
It was the day I "filmed" my hair tutorial, lol.
Had nothing to do, woke Vel, Clement and Will up for brunch.
Thought it would be just a normal brunch nearby, we went to Fremantle =,=

What's best in Fremantle?
Fish and chip........ or seafood.

Mr.Clem, lol.

Didn't know that I was going to Fremantle otherwise I would wear suitable clothing.
I love the beach and I really want to feel the sand under my feet.
I miss summer, hate winter, so cold.
It was pretty sunny that day, missed it.

Magnificent view.

Hmmm, romantic?

I'm not falling for it nor going back to the past.

Have been sick for 2 weeks already, my goodness.
I'm passing to my classmates and colleagues.
They blamed me, one of my classmates even gave me pills today, lol.
Hate the flu season, hate the cold weather, it went down to -1 that night, shit.
I always love summer.

Haven't been able to go out at night, was too sick to.
Kinda miss the night life weeks ago.
This was the last weekend before I went back to school.
I just had to go out because I stoned too much at home.

Woooooo, love my bottom lashes.

It was my first time to Dragonfly!!!
Few readers recognized me and came to me for picture.
Can't believe people read my blog in Perth.
Oh, shy and flattered.

Hayley, Bran, Terina and yours truly :)

 The HAPPY guys.
Just love Bran's tattoos.

All drunk, only one sober and that's me.

The drunk-est of the night.
Award goes to mr.Ronnie.

Supper time.

Shit, it's late.
Work placement at Pan Pacific tomorrow, ugh.
Got to go to bed.
To anyone who's sick, get well soon.

Btw, it's confirmed that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson.
I'm shocked and disappointed but I still love you, K.Stew.
Don't know why would she do so but outsiders shouldn't judge.
Relationship and shit, it's always between both of them, they know best.
We don't know what they are going through.
Best wishes to them, hope they work things out.

Good night.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello, I'm back again.
Anyway, the only happy thing of this week is that I received my parcel.
What parcel? Ehehe, I did online shopping.
Haven't shopped a lot lately because everything is 3x more expensive here.
Lol, so money minded.
Stumbled across a Malaysian online shopping site that is significantly reduces the cost in traditional business model.
The rewards and benefits go to US, the customers.
 What I like about Nile is that everything is just so NICE AND CHEAP.
What I appreciate more is the prompt and good service.
I made a request to get my parcel sent to Aussie and yup, wish granted, lol.

Never forget this when you do online shopping - NICE AND CHEAP.
Guess how much I got this sweet blouse for?
Great quality chiffon roses blouse for RM21.
I'm not kidding, now guess how much I got the necklace for?

I'll show you more, it is going to be more surprising.
I got something nice for only RM3.
This leather bracelet for RM3.
Wanted the black one too but it's selling too fast.
Got out of stock :(

Legging for RM13.
Legging for RM13.

Some vain pictures.
Showing off my new buy.

Such a poser.

It's easy to shop, all you have to do is :
1. Add to cart to place order.
2. Fill in details.
3. Pay.
More details on order procedure, click here. has the widest range of products.
They sell clothing, shoes, accessories, bags for male/female.
Skincare products, creative items, the list goes on and on.
You can also find iPhone/iPad casings, they are all so cheap.
Now I know, it's a rip off to get the iPhone cases for more than RM25 =,=

Got this bag for RM30, can you believe it?
Wanted a black one more and again, it's out of stock.
So, you girls better grab it fast.

Pretty wedges, the red ones are out of stock!
I couldn't wait, so I got the black ones first, haha.

Just for you information, is having Raya promotion.
You get free delivery if you make a purchase of RM28 and above.
Get a free gift for purchase of RM58 and above.
Email if you have any queries/about my new buy.
I took an hour to EXPLORE, let's see how long will you take.
 Happy shopping!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I feel like shit.
First time being so sick in Aussie.
Popped meds last night, got up at 6am today for class.
Fell on the floor right after I got off the bed, super drowsy.
Didn't make it to class.
I thought I shouldn't miss work since I missed class.
Blardy hell, lost my Transperth card, shit.
Luckily I had cash with me.
Reached my work place and my manager asked me to go home =,=
I was so sick that my manager didn't let me work.
Work placement tomorrow, God bless me.

Being sick also means being homesick.
I don't want to be alone.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


So white, not fair, so white, lol.

Did I waste my term break?
Hmmm, I think I did.
Ahhhhh, why does holiday pass so fast?
Back to school tomorrow, shit.
Class at 8am every single day, oh my goodness.
I need to get up at 6am+ everyday.
The weather is so cold, it's so hard to get out of bed :(
 It's too expensive to live near the city, argh.

Let's talk about last week, one of the weekdays.
Went to East Perth for breakfast.
Like a big boss, breakfast + newspaper.

I love iced chocolate.

As you can see, it was pretty sunny.
And...... I wore shorts, hiao.
Tried to style my hair in a different way, PHAILED.
Went to Claremont Square for shopping.

The washroom picture.
Top : No idea.
Bag : Charles & Keith.
Polka dots shorts : Bought in Aussie.
Wedges : Bought in Aussie.

Don't really spend much on shopping.
Too money minded for now, everything is 3x here.
I'll be spending FREELY after paying the school free next semester!
Also have to save more to spend like a boss when I go back to Malaysia!
So motivated, lol.

Coffee with friends at Atomic.

Iced chocolate is my first choice.
Mocha comes second.
Mmhmmm, good coffe here.

Quite a nice picture ay, ehehe.

I think I did put on some weight but it isn't obvious.
It's winter, so cold, keep eating and eating.

Back to school.
Hope I don't cut myself so much this term.
Counting down 68days to be back to Malaysia.
I want to see my very cute nephew!
Singapore for vacation too!
Can't wait.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The key

Hey, my peng yous...
Sorry for not updating frequently because nobody's reading T_T
 So, I'm having my term break now.
IT'S ENDING SOON and I'm going back to school next week T_Tx2
For days that I don't work, I just waste time and rot.
Mum actually called to ask me to go home during this break.
She said she will give me extra money, I don't have to work so much.
How tempting but I still chose to stay because..
I'll freaking graduate this time, mum!
You wait, I can do it on my own!!!

Yours truly,

 Sorry, I know you're not interested in my self portrait, lol.
I'm mostly alone because my only friends have to study/work.
Sometimes I just sit down and rot for hours, wait for my friends to finish work/school.
Love Saturdays because they are all FREE.

It's not too bad being alone... hmmmm... :(


 Been helping Will on work.
Just realized that I'm actually quite good at kitchen stuffs now.
Also find that I learnt a lot from school.
Don't play play, I can make eggs Benedict like this.
Yes, with the Hollandaise sauce too.



I've got nothing to wear =.=
My dressing style is too casual, miss my wardrobe back in Malaysia.

 So romantic.

 Some shopping.
MOSTLY for myself.
Did online shopping too, 9days counting down.

Ehehehe, from black to blue.
Wanted pink for no reason but everyone has pink, so blue will do :D

It sure is an expensive horse.

Finally got myself a winter, so I won't freeze to death.
It's so hard to find my size but finally...
Thank you, Dotti.

Friends said I look too skinny with black.
I got a green one, dark green, don't worry...

Lomo Chanel.

Keeping the key to my heart.
Nobody shall own it until they prove they deserve an entry.

See you again, peng yous.