Monday, April 30, 2012


Hello, did you miss me?
Or you just don't give a damn about me not updating, ahaha.
Ok..................... :(

Feel SIEN to blog after I lost 200+ pictures in my cam.
I accidentally deleted everything instead of transferring everything.
My God, feel the pain, 200+ pictures.
Fresh from the oven, so much to talk about, blog about.
Damn it.

I've been busy.
Finally got everything settled anyway, feeling good.
Got my cards, student ID, SmartRider, bla bla bla.
Oh ya, haven't gotten my insurance card!

Required to dress quite formally to college, WTH right?
Yeh, but it benefits us to dress properly.
I didn't bring any office wear here, ugh, shit.
My lazy look to college, very very lazy.

Yes, I'm a hardworking girl, I'm a hardworking girl.
Do it like an #ASIAN.
All lectures so far, can't wait for tutorials!

It's hard to be away from home, trust me.
"The moon isn't rounder in other country", a Chinese saying.
You know nothing, you feel strange, you don't have a car.
Ok, you want a car, you don't know the roads and rules on the road.
You have a car, you think about parking.
IT'S HELL EXPENSIVE to park in the city.
Forget about that, take the public transport, new, don't know anything.
Hmmmm, yeh, so it's pretty hard for me now, it's gonna be better.
I also work casual, like 2 days a week?
I learn a lot through this job, I hope I do better, that makes me happy.
I need to get from one place to another on my own.
Ohhhhh, headache.
Anyway, so far so good, I can still handle.

What I can't handle is my relationship.
Pretty bad recently, I just feel like I don't want to care anymore.
Is that really bad? Hmmm, God bless me.

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Easter Weekend

Hello, everyone. Miss me?
I've started working casual.
Ahaha, only about 5hours a week?
College is starting next week, hooray?
Need to spend money on my uniform and kits, ugh.
I hope everything goes well, God bless me, please.
I'll be a good girl.

Ed had days off for the Easter weekend.
We went to the city, just had lunch, walked around.

Warning : This post contains a string of vain pictures.
Camwhored in the car, as usual, lol.

With quarter of Ed.

With half of Ed.

With the whole Ed acting cool, lol.

With iPhone, Korean wannabe.

I don't know how many times I repeated, I know you guys are sick of this.
They said I look a lil like Taeyeon in this picture.
So, it's a must-post picture, lol, wth.
I posted on Instagram and my Facebook page.
I guess blog too?
Let me post kay? Very flattered, you know? LOL.

Chilled at Northbridge, listening to street performers singing.

Walking and singing the Smurf song.
La-la-la-la-la-la sing a happy song...

"Hey, baby."

"Happy Good Friday, daddy.
I didn't have any meat today, good girl."
"Did you go to the church?"
Tsk tsk, I'm a bad girl, good girl.

The religious people gathered to celebrate Easter.

Lunch at Edo Sushi!
The food is.................... bad...

Mirror = camwhoring.
This is the whole Ed lah, lol.

Went to the park for a super long walk.
That's for the day.
Last picture for you.

A pair of chopsticks.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Roman Palace, Cannington

Uhhhh, thick make up with long lashes.
Ed hates thick eyeliner but I like it :(
My dark bushy eyebrows without dyeing them brown.
Sisters used to call me Shinchan cause I had very thick eyebrows.

I seldom like.... really... dress up nowadays.
My lifestyle has changed being in a long distance relationship before this.
Seldom go out, I stay at home all the time.
Guess it's healthy, but boring...

Hmmm, quite happy that we went dating last week.
A dinner.

It's an Italian restaurant in Cannington - Roman Palace.
It really does look like a palace, lol.

Sorry for bad picture.
Lazy to get up, lol.

Nice environment, good service.
Everything is good but the food isn't that good.

I love Western food more than Chinese food.
A super carbonara lover.
My choice of the day - carbonara.
They use ham instead of bacon, hmmm...
Not good and it's not cheap.

Ed's chicken risotto.
He thinks everything isn't bad but I think it's below average.

That's all for the day, lol.

Hope classes start earlier.
Having my orientation next week, can't wait.
Too many things in my head, I think too much.
College, please use up my time.
Part time job too, please keep me busy.
Just a year more, A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just few more months, I'm going back to Malaysia during break.
I feel lonely here.
In the meanwhile, again, I never thought I'd like 2PM.
I kinda have a mild 2PM fever now, mostly because of Nichkhun.
Watch 2PM everyday, getting siennnn....

Friday, April 6, 2012


It's Good Friday today.
No, I didn't go to the church.
Ed went for soccer game.
I was home alone, bored...AND HUNGRY!!!!!!
Can't have meat today, had bread all day.
Xindii made me Easter cupcakes too, sweet.
My evil housemates chose this day to BBQ.

Finally finished watching Khuntoria on We Got Married.
Never thought I would like 2pm though.
I kinda like...... like them now.
Nah, I only like Nichkhun, haha.
UGH... I wish I was born Victoria/with a pretty face/talented/a star.
He's cute, talented, nice, well educated, a gentleman.
How does such perfect kid exist in this world?
His mum, JJANGGGG!

What I like more - Wooyoung!
Hahahahaha, he watched "Secret", Jay Chou's movie.
He was imitating Jay Chou playing piano on Taecyeon - the human piano.
Watch watch watch, from 06:57min, hahaha!

Lastly, a song for today, please listen to it?
Nichkhun sang this song to Victoria on Christmas.
I really like it, the melody is so romantic.
Ahhhh, jinja choaa yo.

If you have something nice to show about Nichkhun, leave a comment.
I'm bored and I feel like I have nothing to do after watching Khuntoria, lol.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm emotional today.
Did a lot of thinking.

It is daddy's birthday today.
Wonder if sisters wished him/celebrated for him?
Don't dare to call because I'M A BIG CRYBABY.
Ed is so sick of me crying, doesn't even give a damn now, lol.

I know you try hard to be a responsible dad.
You just don't know how to.
I always wished I was born a boy.
So, you have somebody to talk to.
I started watching football because I can spend time with you.
Glad that I like it too.
No matter how much you drank the night before.
You can still get up early in the morning to go to work/church.
You work so hard for this family.

Thank you, daddy.

I didn't give you enough love, daddy.
I blamed you for things you didn't wish to happen.
I didn't show appreciation for your dedication to all of us.
I'm sorry, please forgive me.
I love you and we both love the same woman.

You and mummy are my life.
Happy birthday, daddy.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long after


Picture credit to ms.Xindii.
Picture effect macam YES... lol.

Went hanging out at the bar on Friday.
Hurh hurh, so happy to be out.
Could finally have some fun, sick of my boring daily routine.
It's so hard, so not convenient to be in a new place without a car, ugh.
Stuck at home, can't go anywhere :(

Will picked us up and we headed to the city.
Why am I always under dressed? Lol.
Nah, they are just too gorgeous.

Conservatory with the boys and girls.

My big sister, the mastermind, Xindii :D
She's like my only friend in Perth now.
 Always got my back, love her.

Always cheerful and chirpy.
Lucky lucky girl.

Meet the sweetest Adeline.
I've never met such a nice girl before.

Poppin' bottles in the ice LIKE A BLIZZARD!
Just 3 glasses of champagnes, bahaha.

Been forced to take picture with that, lol.

Boys drinking.
Girl gossiping.
As usual...

We went to some club for a while.
Had some shots, thanks to the nicest Will.

Hmmmm, Xindii's always having fun.
Meet Clement.

Lotsa fun, I meant.

Then, we headed to Dragon KTV for karaoke.
Chinatown for supper.
Bye bye, that was all for the day.

Thank you all.