Friday, March 30, 2012

Not always feminine


Ahahaha, played with Ed's styling wax!
I'm happy today.
I got my student visa approved :)
I'm also very happy for receiving pictures from my second sister.
My eldest sister did her maternity photoshoot.
I'm not allowed to post them, my sister hates to be on my blog.
Hehehehehe, username : daphnecharice

Have a great day!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm still waiting for college to start.
I had my English test last week.
Ed walked me to my college as I'm still not familiar with the new environment.
I was really nervous, Australia's English language standard is high, for me.
Thank God, it went pretty well, it went out of my expectation.
I was so so so flattered because the examiner gave me great compliments.
I was like.............

HAHAHA, the feeling was incredibly...........good!
Grammar test - 45/50
Listening test - 29/30
Writing - 9/10
Speaking 7/10
I talk a lot when I'm with my close friends.
I'm funny and hilarious, a joker around my friends, especially with Jane.
It's comfortable to be with the girls, I miss that.
I miss acting stupid in front of them, the best thing is they love it, lol, I think they do.
I stutter like Kristen Stewart when I'm around with strangers.
Some people who don't know me think I am cocky.

I did the worst for speaking.
The examiner told me that she would have given me a 9/10 if I tried to speak more.
She said she tried to get me to talk but I was just too nervous to.
My mind was empty, I couldn't think of anything, lol.

Examiner : What do you love about Australia?
Me : My boyfriend.
Lol lol lol lol lol.

I also went for body check last Friday.
Thanks to Ed for being so helpful, he went through everything with me.
Poor thing, waited 2 hours for me.

He's a big bully :P

He's Dr.Mike Daly, I remember his name cause I like him.
He is such a nice guy, he reminded me of my grandpa.
Doctor : I guess that most of your family members are very skinny.
Me : Yeh, but I'm healthy, right?
Doctor : Very very healthy (with a graceful smile)

Then, he instructed me to drink plenty of water before my urine test.
I kept drinking, drinking and drinking.
My bladder was about to burst and I couldn't find my nurse.
I'm always careless, thoughtless, I'm always panicked.
I dropped my stuffs so many times that a white guy picked them up for me twice.
He said : You look so panicked, chill.
Ugh, and I had to pee, I was troublesome, the nurses laughed at me.
It was an epic fail, unforgettable =,=

Camwhored anyway, LOL.

Ugh, the body check is cheap in AUD but expensive in RM, lol.
RM900 excluding blood test, ok, I have to stop whining.

I also had my movie marathon before college starts.
I watched The Vow, which was much anticipated by me.
I was disappointed, it wasn't as good as I expected but it's alright.
Dear John was a so-so.
Welcome to the Rileys was good for me.
Yeap, starring Kristen Stewart, that's why I watched.
You might think it's boring but I think it's meaningful.
Watched many more of the romance genre movies, not good enough.
Watched French movie too, it was a 5/10.

Ed brought me to the movie yesterday, The Hunger Games.
It was undoubtedly good.
50% of the audiences in the theatre were kids.
Kids love the Hunger Games, it's so popular among kids and teens.
I was shocked because the story is cruel and violent but kids love it O_O
Kids watching kids killing kids. Dafuq?
Just my opinion, but the movie is really good.
It's 2hours and 30minutes long, so use the washroom before the movie.

If you like romantic love movies like I do, there's a film I want to recommend.
One Day starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

Then, I'm waiting for this.
Ermmmm, he's hot.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 5 of weight gaining


I miss home.
I miss daddy mummy.
I miss my sisters' noises.
I miss my friends, I miss Jane.
I miss my piano.
I miss all the good stuffs back in Malaysia.

Don't want to ask mum for more money as she already paid my school fee.
Got my savings out yesterday.
Terrible exchange rate, I hate it.
RM100 = AUD30.30
RM1000 = AUD303

I miss my mum's cooking too.
I cook shitty food, lol.
I "westernise" my meals.
Breakfast = toasts, soup, salad and milk.
Lunch = chicken, salad and mango juice.
Dinner = beef, egg, vegetables, fruits, rice sometimes.

Mum cooked me awesome food before I left for studies.
I'm a prawn lover/fried food lover.

Ok, this looks cruel but I really like this dish.
I call them small lalas, they are baby clamps, I think, no no, no idea.
I pleased my mum to cook me this.
Is this a special dish in my family or it's common?
Have you guys had this dish before?

So sorry that I have sinned but I really love meat.
OMG, hope I don't go to hell.
Sweet and sour pork!

Ahhhh, I miss my mum.
It sucks to hear her crying over the phone talking about my sick uncle.
I also think that my grandma really needs me but I'm not around.
Sigh, give me a 6 months, I'll be home.

Don't worry about me.
I'm living well and I start going to gym.
Seriously working out every evening.
Living healthy and determined to gain weight.

Very awkward to snap picture in the gym but I managed to get one, lol.

I can't do treadmill, as in jogging, it will make me lose weight.
I do cycling for 20minutes.
Another 20minutes on the abs building machine.
Jumping, at least 100times a day.
I focus on building abs, legs, and my arms.
It seems like I have no flesh at all on my arms, skeletal arms.
Yes, I lift weight too, 3kg + 3kg.
Don't laugh at me, I'm trying.
People look/stare at me, discuss about me at the gym.
They think that I'm a joke, I'm not serious.
FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU, skinny people can't work out?

I said bye to my belly ring.
Hope I won't regret it.

I started working out on 18th March.
Starting weight is 37kg.
I weighed myself yesterday, I weigh 38kg now.
I hit 39kg before, then it comes down again.
Never in my life weighing over 40kg.
So, this time I hope I can reach 43kg and maintain at that weight.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Extortionate AirAsia Staff

I like Air Asia because it makes my long-distance relationship easier.
It's not really cheap, the charges have gone up but at least, cheaper than MAS.
Yesterday, I called up customer care to change my flight date home.
I FOUND SOMETHING very interesting.

I haven't gotten my student visa before I came to Aussie, I'm doing it onshore.
So, I didn't dare to get an one-way ticket to Aussie.
I watch Border Security too much, they are so strict.
Of course, I'm a good person, I have no criminal records, I don't do illegal stuffs.
I just don't want to risk being stopped by the immigration team. 

Air Asia was having the promo thingy which everyone knows, the whole website clashes.
I thought my class is going to start on July but I was wrong, it's starting on April.
I panicked, I quickly bought my flight ticket once I got onto the website.

1st March 2012 - KL to Perth.
29th March 2012 - Perth to KL.

I called yesterday to change my flight date home to September.
I paid RM460 for the change (ugh, my $$$$$)
The Air Asia team sent me the invoice.
I was just simply scrolling down and I saw this.

It says there 1st March 2012(the day I left Malaysia) - RM80.00.
Excess baggage - RM80.00
I only bought 15kg luggage, my luggage weighed 20kg at first.
I had my back up hand carry bag with me, so I put some clothes in the bag.
(You see people doing it with luggages opened and start rearranging stuffs, lol.)
I reduced the check-in luggage weight to 18.3kg, I remember clearly.
1kg overweight = RM40.00
3.3kg overweight, I paid RM160.00
I didn't have enough Malaysian Ringgit with me, I had Aussie Dollars with me.
My mum paid for me, I feel bad for her paying for my OVERWEIGHT BAGGAGE.
So, I ran to the CIMB ATM machine to get money to pay my mum back.

The staff who checked me in, a young Malay girl with heavy makeup and lashes.
 She told me that something was wrong with my tourist visa (I got my tourist visa done through ETA)
She said I might have some problem boarding so I had to get in earlier to avoid missing the flight.
I panicked, I was rushing the whole time as I wasted time on the overweight baggage.

She didn't give me any receipt for the overweight baggage payment.
She just simply threw the money into the drawer.
I didn't ask for it because I couldn't care more.
I just wanted to get on the plane.

I paid RM160.00, invoice says I only paid RM80.00.
What does this mean?
That lady who checked me in actually put RM80.00 in her pocket.

Shit, there's no proof without the receipt.
Air Asia............. Air Asia..............

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What makes you beautiful

My hair is a piece of shit now.
The pink colour is fading in just a few days, power.
Tsk tsk tsk, look at the bleached yellow hair.
My experimental hair... I'm crazy.

I have something that I want to share again.
Hmmm, I was watching MTV yesterday.
They played the music video "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction.
Who doesn't know this song? You hear it at least once a day on the radio, lol.
I've heard it for a thousand times, everywhere, that makes it boring to me.
I thought it was just another money making gay boy band.
Not until I googled them.
They actually reminded me of Westlife, I don't know why.
They are talented, they can actually sing.
I was surprised to know that they were the X-Factor finalists.

Not sure if they are quite good or I have a bad taste for music.
What do you think?

The music video was good but I like listening to live performances.

My girls, let me sing to you.
You're insecure, don't know what for!
You're turning heads when you walk through the door.
Don't need make up to cover up.
Being the way that you are is enough.
Everyone else in the room can see it, everyone else but you...
Baby you light up my world like nobody else.
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell.
You don't know-oh oh-you don't know you're beautiful.

That what makes you beautiful 
I LOVE THIS SONG because it makes me feel beautiful, LOL.

They are really not bad, good looking too.
I find Liam Payne handsome and Zayn Malik very attractive.
Harry Styles has beautiful eyes and voice.

I can see that 99% of their fans are girls.
Do they have haters like JB does? Lol.
They are all younger than me, wth?
I feel so damn old.
You know that you're getting older when the pop stars are younger than you, fml.

I'm having English test at 8am tomorrow, ugh.
I need to wake up so early to get ready and go to the city.
I have classes at 8am too, OMG.
I have medical check up next week T_T
What if they can't get any blood out of me and start poking me like crazy? O_O
No more chilling like a boss.

Finally met Xindii yesterday, so much love.
Thanks to her for the gossips and the "life in the fab lane", lol.
 Can't wait to see her again!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boom Shakalaka

Love the temporary pink hair dye.
They say I'm out of my mind.
I  can't be TOP, so I say I am D-Dragon, lol.
*Flips hair

Boom Shakalaka Boom Shakalaka!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

J & J

I didn't really tell friends about leaving.
Of course, I told Jane, Jianie, Simon, Jac and Evangeline.
 No, I did tell my friends actually.
I only have 5 friends, hahahahaha.

Jane "planned" this lil farewell lunch for me at 1pm.
She asked me not to eat anything before lunch to see me finishing a plate of carbonara.
Ok, challenge accepted.
 I reached her place at 12.30pm and she just woke up.
Why was I not surprised that she overslept?
 Guess what? I waited for her and Jianie for 3 hours.
We left Jane's place at 3.30pm.
OMG, I was starving, lol.

The whole time I was nagging Jane because she's always late and slow.
She said : "I won't nag you like you always do to me if you're late."
Then I said : "Of course dude, that never happened because I was never late."
LOL LOL LOL, we both laughed like crazy.

Lunch at Delicious, KL.

Jane got us the same Hello Kitty iPhone cover from Bangkok.


Edited by Jianie.

My choice of the day.


Jane is always the independent, smart and wise girl.
You don't have to worry much about her, she takes good care of herself.
Jianie is totally the opposite, she's too innocent and naive.
Jane and I are always worried about her.

We went shopping at KLCC after that.

I pray that everything goes well for the 3 of us.
I miss you girls.
I hope that you girls miss my sense of humour too :(
I miss how I am naturally and comfortably funny around them.

 It was a great day, I didn't want to go home so early :(
I left the day after T_T
*it's not a white pants but a light Tiffany colour pants. 
I want the Tiffany colour one but my size's is sold out.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Give me a smile

Hi, I'm upside down!
Spot the hair curler, lol.

Nothing much happened.
Still waiting for my card and $$$ to get my stuffs processed.
I need to sit for English test because Taylor's didn't give me a proper transcript.
Went to my college and had a tour.
Stressed and nervous with so many Caucasians around.
I'm afraid that I can't understand their accent, lol.
Everyone is telling me that it'll be fine.
I pray for more Asians in my class, lol, wth.

Just playing with my camera.
With effect, teehee.

Without effect.

Few days ago, Ed got a new TV because Hendrich wants his old LCD.

It's summer now, the weather is extremely hot.
Can't even wear a normal tee, don't talk about long pants.
*I did wear shorts.

Never in my life bathing with cold water.
I'm scared of cold.
You can easily find me at the corner with the heater during winter, lol!!!
Yesterday, I showered with cold water because it was 40C+ hot, OMG.
I'm calling my mum to tell her that I showered with cold water for the first time, lol.
Candid by Ed.

The K.Stew inspired again.

New TV from Good Guys.

I also started cooking, like everyday.
It's costly to dine outside or buy outside food, ugh.
Only groceries shopping for me, SPENDING VERY WISELY.
Still, enjoy watching Foxtel everyday, great life atm.
College is starting next month, enjoy to the max!

I miss my mum :(

Song of the day :
Now That I've Found You by Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed.
Paul McDonald was my favourite contestant in American Idol ss10.
He has such unique and attractive voice.
Nikki Reed looks familiar to you?
Yeap, she portrays Rosalie in the Twilight movies.
She's gorgeous, love her sexiness, didn't know that she can sing so well.

And what you don't know...
They are a married couple.
Very sweet duet, sweet song, sweet voices.
Happiness is that simple.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sephora Pro lesson palette


Well, hello.
I can finally blog!
Guess you guys already know that I'm in Aussie.
Yeap, reunited with Ed, lol.
No, I'm here to study, still getting my student visa processed.
Bank stuff settled yesterday, woohoo.
Enrollment, not really done, ugh.
My college is so far, I have to walk :(
Please please please be good to me and let me graduate.
Also, no shopping, no spending, save money!!!

Btw, Jane got me this Sephora palette for Christmas.
She's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
She always gets me expensive cosmetics!!!
Cause she knows that I won't want to spend that much on cosmetics, lol.
I owe you a Naked Palette 2 kay my dear?

I got it on Christmas and I'm only trying it now.
So, I did a lil makeup tutorial for you girls.
With : Sephora Pro lesson palette, Mac eyeliner, mascara.

Just apply the black eyeshadow on the lash line.
You can see the grey eyeshadow has shimmers in it, I love it.
Then, you apply the grey eyeshadow at the inner corner.

Apply eyeliner on the waterline.
You don't want me to be ms.Obvious on mascara, right? Haha.

*Excuse my messy hair, I was playing Joan Jett, rocking and banging head, lol.
There you go, a thick but not really thick makeup?

No idea, what do you think?
IT'S EASY AND SIMPLE to apply makeup.
Try it out yourself, hope you like this short tutorial :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Duo Gigs


The day before I got my hair cut.
Wuahaha, last post with my long long hair.

It was the twins DUO GIGS' birthday.
We were late for dinner but the drinking session and supper were good.
We had a pretty good chat.

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu both.

Now... make a wish.

What was Miao doing to Cherrie? LOL.

The guys being THE GUYS.
They are as NAUGHTY as usual.

Nic being Nic.

The sweet couple.

Huan is damn good at photobombing x1

Huan is damn good at photobombing x2


Elder sis, Cherrie

Younger sis, Evangeline

Miki mama


FEI LOU came back from Sydney
Didn't get to meet Valerie :(