Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spend wise


A lot to think about, a lot in mind.
Worry about my sick uncle, worry about grandma.
Argued with Ed again, ugh.
I just feel like......
*No, Ed didn't cheat on me, he wouldn't dare :D
Why is this pretty girl crying? :(

Started liking cleaning my room.
I find so many memorable stuffs.

I have kept this with me since forever.
Kids nowadays get iPhone, iPad, PSP, iPod for birthdays.
Hmm, shouldn't say that because my dad got me PS and Gameboy colors before, lol.
I had the best childhood ever.
Birthday card was the best damn thing to receive.
Especially electrical singing birthday card? Musical birthday card? Whatever you call it.

What's even greater?
Look how sweet my grandpa is.
I missed how granny used to get me beautiful dresses and colour pencils.
I miss you so much, granny.

I am never pretty, fml.
Crooked teeth, still have, even after braces.
Funny specs, contact lens now but hate putting them on.
Funny short hair, lol.

You have served us well, you may retire.
20 years man, no joke, my mum's.
It's gorgeous and special but it's torn, else I will still use it.

Start growing up and start spending money on unnecessary stuffs.
Brand new or too many to use, so not used until they expire, lol.
Can I trade in? Lol.

I don't even remember buying a Givenchy handkerchief, dafuq.
Must start using it, it's pretty :)

Used to collect perfumes but started realizing it's quite a waste of money.
Sister already took few bottles from me.
I still can't finish them even if I use different perfume everyday.
My favourites are Lancome Tresor In Love, D&G Light Blue and Versace Versense (not in picture)
*ignore the messy background, just want to show some of my collection.

So, be a smart consumer.
Shop online because it's cheaper, lol.

I got this top for only RM25 (4 for RM100).
Every girl must own a Fred Perry bag, it makes your life easier.
Just throw everything in and go out, lol.
I got these from Vogue Maison.

Only for you, my readers.
Just mention "I love Vogue Maison" in your order list.
Then you will get 10% discount!!!
*Not applicable on clothes and nett price jewelries.

Remember my Chanel temporary tattoos and accessories?
They are all from Vogue Maison!
I got this dress for RM25 too.
Check them out now!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Short wavy hair


Yeap, short hair.
Got my haircut at Sunway Pyramid.
Used to pamper my hair a lot but not after I dip-dyed it.
My hair was too damaged, so I felt ok to cut it.
Hey, my hair will grow, chillax :)

The hairstylist could only let me keep this long.
I have 3 ponytails in my drawer, weeeeeeee :)
Hmmm, I sounded weird, lol.

Was worried about Ed for not liking it.
He likes it and he thinks I look Korean :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bang bang


Picture by Izz.

Hair colour faded, my dip-dyed hair looks like shit.
Cut my front hair, having bangs makes me feel younger, lol.
Yes, I have decided to cut my hair.
I want to have short hair.
Any recommended hairstylist?
I don't know where to go for my haircut.
It's important to choose properly, I don't want to regret it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where family is

I stumbled across this video and I really want to share with all of you.
I still cry no matter how many times I've watched this.
It's so touching :*(

I've been crying the whole afternoon watching these videos.
"Hey daddy........... Hi daddy........"
T_T "I missed you, I love you..."
T_T awwwwwwww T_T awwwwwwww  T_T

No matter how old/older you grow, family is where the heart is.

I really wish I have a big brother, elder brother.
I wish I have such good relationship with my sisters.
Not possible, they don't really give a damn about me, lol.

It reminded me of surprising Ed.
Why didn't he act like this? HAHAHAHAHA.

My monkey man always wishes to be a soldier.
Thank God he's not American, otherwise he's already an American soldier.
He told me that he wants to be a police last year.
I don't really like that idea because it's dangerous and he needs to be away for training.
He needs to be in "jungle" for more than 6 months, I think.
I selfishly think that it will make our relationship harder.
He failed his interview last year without my support.
He's going to try again this year WITH MY SUPPORT :)

I know that he will come back to me.
All the best, baby.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

♥ Kids


My mum and I
I'm so-not-ladylike, lol, sorry.

My Chinese New Year was quite boring because I didn't go anywhere.
Ed and his 3 brothers were back for holidays.
I spent all my time with Ed
It was boring but good :)

Everybody was kung-fu fighting!!!


Friends all know that I'm a baby lover.
I really love babies and kids, GOOD KIDS actually, haha.
I can't stand small kids being rude to adults.
Hmmm, just can't wait for my baby nephew to be born.
I went for dim sum with my family today.
We were talking about giving birth, lol.
Mum said I weighed 2.8kg when I was born.
Eldest sister weighed 2.7kg.
Second sister weighed 2.5kg, the lightest among us.
She's the chubbiest and she used to be fat.
My eldest sister and I are always skinny, AHAHAHA.
Poor Christine :)

Here are some pictures with small kids/babies during CNY.
Everson's best friend, I forgot his name, sorry.
He's so so so so so so so so so so cute.
So polite at such young age, very well educated kid.

Missing Ed so much.

 Ed's cousin, Loong Loong.
Great kid too.

Vincent boy and Jason boy.
Hmmm, my face problem, haha.

People were looking and talking.
I bet they thought that Ed and I are the parents to Arrienne, haha.
Plus I look old :(

PS : Thanks for the emails on the previous post.
I'm a lil busy now, I tried to reply all the mails.
There's this American reader from Texas emailed.
OMG, super hot O_O


Thursday, February 16, 2012

All the single ladies


Hello all.
This is a very special post dedicated to my bro, mr.Lee.
We call him ah Loong, he is Ed's best friend.

He's the funniest person I've ever met.
I assure you that he can make you laugh from day to night.
We all support him to be a comedian, he's HILARIOUS.
His sense of humour is so so so good.
He understands girls so well because he has 4 sisters, lol.
He's the only son in his family, he's 24.
He helped Ed and I a lot on our relationship.
Cause he understands girls more than anybody does.

He's filial, sensitive, polite, hardworking...
He was so touched by my video for Ed, he even sent me message to tell me how good I am.
Ahahaha, so flattered.
He regretted for not studying hard in college and not graduating.
He went back to college recently, he wants to get his degree for business.
I'm so impressed, not just me, we are impressed.

He's faithful, loyal.
He loved a girl for 6 years.
He didn't get the girl, he was fooled and fooled.
He has been single because he ignored so many other girls.
Poor thing.

This was few years ago when I started knowing him.
Yes, it's Ed on the left, funny hairstyle, lol.
Ignore Ed because he's not available, thank you.
Look at our LOONG xiu, so handsome.
They are definitely not gay. 
(Edited : Ed wants me to cover his funny face.)

So now, I'm gonna find him a girlfriend, ahaha.
Single ladies, if you're single and you want to get to know someone.
No friendzoning please, be ready to, you know, get into a relationship :D
Don't worry, you don't have to leave me comment in public.
You can please email to me at daphkisses@hotmail.my
Attach your pretty pretty pictures kay?
Or you can just give me your Facebook link, hurh hurh.
I wait for you mail :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Teared too much watching my own video, dafuq? :X

Ed was surprised and touched, I think, haha.
As expected, my tough man didn't shed tears.
Shit just got outrageously serious with 148,520 views.
Delighted to see viewers sharing their love story through comments.
Malaysian, Singaporean, Australian, American, Peruvian... wow!
Don't worry, I read every single one, it's so nice to read.
Thank all of you so much for watching and liking.

I'm overwhelmed with the "popularity" of my video.
I really love my video and I think our love is great.
Honestly, all of you can do it, don't be envious/jealous.
You have your wonderful love story too.
It's just that I've been planning to do this.
So, I'm always taking pictures of everything, lol.

Yes, LDR is tough, Ed and I are proud of us.
I'm not as good as you thought I am.
I go "Lady Hulk" when he goes "Incredible Hulk" on me.
He makes me go crazy when we argue.
FYI, he was a law student, didn't graduate but good at arguments, lol.
I'm a quiet person but he can make me shout like a mad woman.
Maybe, that's love, I care a lot to get so mad, haha.

I thought that today is just another day.
I planned to sleep through it, haha.
My door bell rang at 5pm, yes, so late (better than nothing).
Guess what, Ed got flowers delivered to my place.
Spot the Ferrero Rocher! :D

Well, I wouldn't say that he's sweet or romantic.
I would say that HE'S WELL TRAINED BY ME.
Hahahahaha, I sound so evil.
Anyway, with a card (with my name wrong spelt), HAHA.
Saying : "Thank you so much for the video, honey. 
Sorry for not being there at this time but the day will come. 
Happy Valentine's Day. I love you. Ed."

I know that he actually didn't plan to do something this sweet.
I'm the one who is always with surprises, I'm the queen of surprises, YES! Lol.
Guess he's really touched by the video.
He called his mum yesterday morning after I surprised him with the slideshow.
His mum told me : "Daphne, 9 missed calls in the morning, how annoying?!"
Hahahahaha, see, he's so well trained, I'm so proud, haha.

Sorry for bullshitting so much.
Ok, being serious now.
I'm really happy for the surprise.
Thanks for the beautiful roses and the wonderful words.
I won't be able to sleep tonight :)

Happy Valentine's day!

Monday, February 13, 2012



I never made my boyfriend "public"(as in posting his picture on my blog)
His face either got cut off or got censored, hahaha, poor thing.
*I do upload his pictures on my personal Facebook profile.
Trust me, I have my reasons.
Insecurity, doubts, fear and more.

I spent days and nights making this slideshow to give him a lil surprise.
I always try hard to surprise him to make him feel touched.
Shed a tear or something.
Then I can : "Hey baby, can I...?"
"Yes... Yes you can..."
yes.. yes you can

That's too much to ask for, haha.
He's sleeping now, I hope this video floods his Facebook homepage.
He might feel surprised watching it without me telling him to.

Happy Valentine's day, Ed.
You're a pain in the ass but I love you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

CNY 2012


Here's my CNY post.

Didn't really have the CNY mood tho.
Had serious fight with Ed, maybe that's why, lol.
As usual, CNY camwhoring and visiting relatives.
I know that I look skinny in these pictures.
There's no need commenting how skinny I am, ok?
I get it I get it I get it......................... :)
I'm healthy and I don't starve myself to keep fit, it's family gene.

First picture - baby bump ♥ ♥ ♥
Doctor said a nephew, woohoohoo!!!

Look at his handsome face :D

My second sister's boyfriend, Alfred joined us.
He's such a nice guy, I'm glad that my sister found him.

Crappppp, I did the duck face *facepalm*

Christine and I.

Basically, I just ran around the house and asked Alfred to help take picture of me.
YES! Looked fleshier in this picture.
It was burning hot and I still wanted a picture.



Couple/similar shirt on CNY, seriously???

Uncle's place!
 Sis demonstrated a "lala" pose.

Momma and daughter.

My cool uncle.

Vincent boy and Jason boy.

Long-time readers will know how grown up he is now.
He has got his front teeth back, hahaha.

Grandma's place.
Oops, sorry grandma, your eyes were closed.
Eldest sister hated me for posting picture of her without make up.
So, here you go, sis.

Thai food at Sg. Buloh, again.
Ok, legs looked like they were gonna break, ok, I get it.
I just freaking love the heels, I feel like a model, HAHA.

Cutest couple

Momma momma momma.

Typical camwhoring in washroom, lol.

Tom Yam Yam (Yum Yum)

Night time chilling with Simon, Sandra and Jac.
I hate that I love them more than I hate them.
Tsk, they always bully me, grrrrrrr...
No for them, hey I just gave them one.

Sandra and meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
So much for you. 
She has the sweetest smile.

Ed's brothers had been bugging me to post their picture on my blog.
They said that they want to get "fehmes", lol.
So, Everson, hello, with your eyes closed, HAHAHA.
I'm so mean.