Sunday, January 22, 2012



Sick during Chinese New Year.
Not only me but Jane, Miao and Javene too.
We are all coughing yet still going for karaoke often, lol.

Hi hi, yehhh I'm lazy to update my blog again.
Sorry to break the news here, I'm not selling my GX200. 
Promised to change my blog design but Jane isn't free to.
We're too busy going out, lol, just joking!
Good news, got my new camera - Canon G12.
I'll take better pictures and share with all of you.

Things aren't good...
Have been spending a lot of time with my girls.
They make me happy when I'm sad.
I forget everything sad when I'm with them.
Javene went back to hometown, Jane needs to spend time with her family.

Had a sad but great day yesterday.
I cried, but I cried comfortably.
Tf, psychotic.

Heart warming steamboat, loved it.

The adults are pressuring every single moment.
Give me a break, please.
Reunion dinner at home, hmmm...
It's Chinese New Year, I must be happy!!! :)

Btw, Celcom rewards its customers, be it prepaid or postpaid via Talk-a-thon campaign.
The campaign which started from 5.12.2011 until 31.3.2012 is so easy to participate.
All customers need to do is make three additional calls in a day on top of their average trend calls based on the previous month, and they stand a chance to win a Vespa LX150 which comes in six different colours, valued at RM10,988.15.

To-date, 46 winners were identified nationwide and few winners who are able to make it today will receive an exclusive Vespa LX150.

So, hurry up!!!
Start making 3 additional calls a day until 31 March.
You might be the lucky customer to win the latest Vespa LX150.
For more information, please log onto

Saturday, January 14, 2012



Always wanted to do this but afraid of "LALA" outcome.
Just that day, Jane talked to me about it.
She said she was going to do it.
So, for me, WHY NOT? Since I'm not alone.

Ashley gone all RED.
I actually wanted pink, Jane wanted green/blue.
I think that green + blue would be perfect.
We were told that we had to super bleach our hair to get the colours we desired.
If so, the colours will also fade really fast.
My second option was red and Jane's was purple.

Look at the black roots.

The hairstylist hates my hair.
He said it's too long and volumic.
He actually sat on the floor to dye my hair.


Did our hair at A Cut Above Academy.
My hair was also trimmed by the famous mr.Tom!
It was a long process.
Jane and I sat there for 6 and a half hour.



This Schwarzkopf head was in front of me.
How did it get to the back, haha.

We actually sat, paid and suffered, lol.
It was all worth it, I guess?
I like my hair, I love Jane's and Ashley's.

It's a bad "season" for couple and relationship.
My baby girl, be strong.
I love my darling girls, Jane, Jianie and Ashley.
We chat, we share, we laugh, we party, we don't drink nor get drunk.
It was awesome to sleep over.
Jane and I jumped on Ashley's bed to wake her up.
I disturbed Jane while she was still sleeping.
We talked until 6.30 in the morning.
So much to tell.
Just thank every of us for emotionally supporting each other.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trouble Maker


Inspired by Avril Lavigne and Christina Perri.
Photo by Jane.

Bleached, dyed, dip-dyed, trimmed.
Copper brown on top.
Red at the tails/ends of my hair.
This is not my desired colour but it will do for now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PROTON VIP programme "Amazing Holiday"


Look at the bright smiles.


They are the winners of PROTON VIP programme "Amazing Holiday".

PROTON announced 6 new winners of the “Very Important PROTON” Programme last week.
They have been rewarded with a free holiday get away.
PROTON’s “Amazing Holidays” programme is part of its VIP programme aimed at acknowledging and rewarding customers and supporters of PROTON.
This programme has provided PROTON an opportunity to showcase their initiatives, particularly their commitment towards improved quality and customer care.
Winners of the “Amazing Holidays” will receive an exclusive 3 Days, 2 Nights holiday stay at either The Hard Rock Hotel in Penang, Tanjung Jara Resort in Terengganu or Casa del Rio in Malacca. 

Apart from the “Amazing Holidays” competition, there’s also “My PROTON Makeover” programme which rewards winning PROTON car owners with an opportunity for a full car makeover.
I SAW IT ON THE TV yesterday.
The car owner shed manly tears, it was touching.
PROTON team turned a very old, worn out Proton Saga into this :

If you want to see more about the results of “My PROTON Makeover or the balance of the "Amazing Holiday" winners, visit for more!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Selling my cameras

Hello, everyone!
Hurh hurh, if you're wondering why did I private my previous video...
I received 40 likes with 15 dislikes in few hours.
I'm so afraid of getting hate comments the next day I wake up.
So, I made it private. Yeap, I'm such a coward.
Now I don't know why did I even post that video, ugh.

Went to see Jane and friends at Pavilion.
So many to blog about but wait... WAIT FOR MY NEW CAMERA.
Had a great chat with Jane's mum, Ash, Keat, Miao and Jane.
Jane's mum finds me extremely unconfident about myself.
She said it hurts her to see me having such low self esteem.
I feel so... sad, also feel so flattered in a way.
That pep talk actually motivates me to think better of myself.
I always look like I'm confident but...
Ugh, whatever it is.

Decided to get Canon G12, Lumix G3 is so out of my budget.
I have too many cameras!!!
I feel like selling my Ricoh GX200 and Sony DSC-W530 off.
I bought Ricoh GX200 from a Canadian in Hong Kong last year.
Ricoh stopped producing GX200, so I had to search for a secondhand.
I needed to use it "urgently" in Hong Kong.
I really wanted that camera because it makes me look good in pictures, HA!
Jane bought that camera for about RM2K, I got it for RM1.2K with extra lens cap.
Advantage : Awesome camwhored dreamy pictures.
Disadvantage : Sucks at night.
There's stock left in some outlets, selling price is RM1599.

Selling at : RM800

Pictures taken using it :


I got Sony DSC-W530(pink) on Nov 2011 in Aussie for AUD 179 (RM570).
I actually used this camera for my own "photoshoots" (boxing pictures).
It's in great condition as I was whole time using my iPhone4s camera.
Advantage : Small, light and good.
Disadvantage : Not superb.

Selling at : RM440 (Brand new price in Malaysia, cheapest :RM540)
(Most right)

Pictures taken using it :


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Daphne - Rolling in The Deep (Cover)

Do subscribe to me on Youtube, appreciate it.

Did a cover of "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.
Needed to hold back at chorus parts else my speaker might burst, lol.
I'm no professional singer, not even close.
Can't compare to others who did this cover on Youtube.
Just did it because I like singing :D
Everyone likes covering this song.
Let me be the first Malaysian covering "Rolling in The Deep"???