Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello, I'm back again.
Anyway, the only happy thing of this week is that I received my parcel.
What parcel? Ehehe, I did online shopping.
Haven't shopped a lot lately because everything is 3x more expensive here.
Lol, so money minded.
Stumbled across a Malaysian online shopping site that is significantly reduces the cost in traditional business model.
The rewards and benefits go to US, the customers.
 What I like about Nile is that everything is just so NICE AND CHEAP.
What I appreciate more is the prompt and good service.
I made a request to get my parcel sent to Aussie and yup, wish granted, lol.

Never forget this when you do online shopping - NICE AND CHEAP.
Guess how much I got this sweet blouse for?
Great quality chiffon roses blouse for RM21.
I'm not kidding, now guess how much I got the necklace for?

I'll show you more, it is going to be more surprising.
I got something nice for only RM3.
This leather bracelet for RM3.
Wanted the black one too but it's selling too fast.
Got out of stock :(

Legging for RM13.
Legging for RM13.

Some vain pictures.
Showing off my new buy.

Such a poser.

It's easy to shop, all you have to do is :
1. Add to cart to place order.
2. Fill in details.
3. Pay.
More details on order procedure, click here. has the widest range of products.
They sell clothing, shoes, accessories, bags for male/female.
Skincare products, creative items, the list goes on and on.
You can also find iPhone/iPad casings, they are all so cheap.
Now I know, it's a rip off to get the iPhone cases for more than RM25 =,=

Got this bag for RM30, can you believe it?
Wanted a black one more and again, it's out of stock.
So, you girls better grab it fast.

Pretty wedges, the red ones are out of stock!
I couldn't wait, so I got the black ones first, haha.

Just for you information, is having Raya promotion.
You get free delivery if you make a purchase of RM28 and above.
Get a free gift for purchase of RM58 and above.
Email if you have any queries/about my new buy.
I took an hour to EXPLORE, let's see how long will you take.
 Happy shopping!


HelenCC said...

wow, Daph u really look like a model =D
Gorgeous as usual ^^

Cornelia said...

Thanks for introducing!

Esther Wong said...

Daphne, is tat buy rm28 something then can get free delivery?

Esther Wong said...

Daphne, is tat only buy rm28 something and above can get free delivery?

amanda89 said...

very nice pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

hi,may i know the link of your black wedges?
i couldnt fund it inside the web.

If dont have nevermind ya, thanks alot ! :


Rachel said...

how's the quality???

Fiona Chan said...

The site seems good! I'm gonna go explore now :D I neeeeeed to shop!

Y.inqHuaa said...

Hey Daphne,
you just bought the wedges with your actual size?
Will it smaller than your actual size?

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