Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stress level : ASIAN


Have been helping out in restaurant lately, busy and exhausting.
Plus I have to deal with the so called insomnia.
I don't know if I'm really having it.
Get up at 9.30am and work from 11am to 10pm.
I'm tired but I just can't sleep at night.
Went to bed at 12am last night, fell asleep at 4.30am.
Argued with Ed the other day, slept at 5.30am.
Holy cow, I'm not a robot.

People always ask me to not think too much.
I don't know? I'm not sure if I think a lot. Do I?
I try not to think about anything when I sleep.
Something just pops out.......... INVOLUNTARY!
Ed's mum always says that I'm stressed.
She said that I always burden myself with other people's problem.
I need to take the burden off my shoulder.
Stress level : ASIAN. Nuff said, lol.

Ugh, life......
Maybe going back to Perth isn't a bad idea.
I can have my peaceful life.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9


I always bring my laptop around because I need to do my work online.

People tell me that I hunch my back when I carry it, yes, IT'S THAT HEAVY!!!

So, I have decided to get a tablet but I don't know which tablet to choose.

Some are too big, some too small, some with just Wi-Fi, the list goes on.
I also need a network that gives us seamless connection anywhere we go.

Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 is the ideal tablet with just the right size.
It stores work files, games, music, emails, and so much more in one convenient tablet.
It’s thinner, lighter and faster than ever before.

Pair it with Celcom and it gets even better! Because together, you get:

o The ideal tablet with the best network connection and widest coverage in the country!

o Seamless video streaming and richest web experience on your brand new tablet, backed by the best network in Malaysia

o More savings with the best deals and the perfect plans that suit your needs!

· Other key features of the brand new Tab are:

- Android 3.1 (Honeycomb)

- 8.9” touch screen display

- 1.5GHz dual-core processor

- 2MP front camera, 3MP rear camera

- Thinner (8.6mm)

- Lighter (453g)

- 16GB internal memory

- Supports Wi-Fi and 3G

Get the new Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 8.9 with the best network and the most affordable packages.

From as low as RM1,288 (RRP: RM1,699)

Pair it with the Celcom Broadband plan of your choice:


FYI, Celcom is the most reputable telco provider.
Celcom Broadband has the widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia.
It offers the best network quality with its stable connection.

Which Samsung Galaxy Tab suits you the best?

Whichever best fits your need and lifestyle, CELCOM HAS GOT THEM ALL!!!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (7”) from as low as RM668.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from as low as RM1,468.

Visit for more information on Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Thursday, December 22, 2011



FYI, that’s “hi everyone” in Spanish.

I always have a thing for Spanish.

In this case, I meant Spanish men more than the Spanish language, lol!

This week’s episode 2 of motorsports@PETRONAS program features Jorge Lorenzo.

He’s the 2010 Champion of MotoGP from Spain!

In this episode, they went to Barcelona, Spain and got close with him.

Do not forget to subscribe to Petronas MotorSports YouTube channel if you haven’t.
Also, "like" Petronas Motorsport Facebook page to get more updates on their latest events!

Watch this week’s episode NOW to get to know more about this sexy Spanish! :D

Wednesday, December 21, 2011



You see, we scratched our head like bosses.

I received a flattering tweet from Lou Sai when I was in Aussie.
Lou Sai asked for a collaboration on Youtube video.
You're not #LikeALouSai if you don't know who's Joseph Germani.

What do you think?
Do you think we should make this happen?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Photo on 2011-12-19 at 16.48 #4

First vlog posted was last year, before Christmas.
It has been a year now!

Not trying to sing well but tried to be cute.
Ed always laughs when I sing this song.
He asked me not to act cute, lol.
Don't you just miss this song?
Don't you just miss Disney?
I brought your childhood memories back, haha.

Hahahahaha, did you laugh at the mermaid part?
I couldn't stop laughing while editing it.
See, I tried hard to make all of you laugh, lol!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas ideas

I reached Malaysia yesterday.
Not to forget to mention that my luggage was 10kg+ overweight, shit.
Ed gave me the angry face, grrrrrrrr...
Thanks to Mervyn and friends for helping me on hand carrying.
NO MORE NEXT TIME, not gonna buy anything on the next trip.
So good to be home, my room is all cleaned and tidied up, thanks mum.
Am also very happy to see my sister's belly, cute lil baby bump
My nephew/niece is inside, OMG, I will be an awesome aunty, can't wait.

So sad that I can't spend Christmas with Ed.
I chose to be with my family, hmmmm.
To make Ed happy, I planned a lil surprise weeks ago.
Thank Germaine and Terence so much for helping.
They brought me to Garden City to get that PS3 Ed always wanted, lol.
Awesome bargaining skill of Germaine's got me a really good price.

Poor thing sat & squatted down with me for the whole afternoon.
Just to get Ed's "gifts" wrapped.

One is PS3, the other two are bricks and papers.
If he got the first one wrong, he had to pay me $20.
If he got the second one wrong, he had to pay a penalty of $50.
Hahaha, smart ass me thought of that.
He got all wronged.

We surprised him right after dinner.
I always tried hard to make him CRY or at least, feel touched.
He never cried, don't know if he felt touched.
He's really bad at expressing his feelings.
There was once, I got him a Braun Buffel wallet.
He said "I knew you were going to get me a wallet!"
Another time, Prada shades.
"Oh, ok, thank you..."
I flew 28365973864503 miles to see him, he also had no reaction, lol.
Ok, whatever it is, in short, it's so hard to make him feel touched =,=

He was wearing his Stewie boxer shorts, lol.

Look at this mess.
We worked really hard on wrapping, lol.

He wished for a white one.
I got a black one, aikkkk.

FIFA12 is pretty fun tho.
I created my own 9gag picture, lol.

I always wanted flowers from Ed.
I know that flowers are expensive, useless, unrealistic.
I guess I just want him to be romantic to me? I don't know?
So, I hinted him to get me flowers and hand written card for Christmas.
Germaine also hinted him to get me chocolates.
Just days before I got back here, I washed the bathroom clean for him to use.
*So proud of myself, even Germaine said it was as clean as new.
I was thinking while showering :
"Bloody hell, I worked so hard, I deserve at least a hand written card!!"

He called before my farewell dinner with housemates.
Asked me to help carry documents and stuffs.
Guess what I found in the car.

I always wanted a branded purse but I think it's way too expensive.
I'm not willing to spend that money just for a purse.
I get expensive stuffs mostly for people I love.
Jane got me Chanel foundation for birthday, else I wouldn't even get one.
It's so expensive but it's really nice, hahahahaha.

I don't like pink but I always buy pinkish stuffs.
I'm not choosy on colours, as long as it's nice?
I really like it, Ed, thanks baby.


I started crying from the moment I saw it, ok, I'm a crybaby.
Ed didn't know what to do, I couldn't stop crying.
He got Germaine to the rescue.
Germaine : "Why are you crying? It's nice!"
Everyone laughed at the way I reacted.
I would want a refund if I could.

When a girl tells you that she doesn't like branded stuff, don't believe it.
It's freaking bullshit, honestly.
Admit it, who doesn't like branded stuffs?
It's just how much you want it and how you get it.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
I like branded stuffs too but I don't buy them.
I only buy when I can afford it.
I don't work my ass off just to buy branded stuffs.

Ok, what I was trying to say is that,
I'm really happy to receive a Prada purse as Christmas gift.
What's happier is that he planned to surprise me.
You get me? UGHHHHH...
I don't know how you phrase this shit but people who know me will get it.
I feel so loved.

Screen shot 2011-12-16 at 2.31.12 AM

Please, please, please, a lil favour to ask.
VOTE for my very famous best friend - JANE LAU.
She deserves to be Malaysia's first ADIDAS NEO ambassador.
Just click on this link and click "LIKE".
Thats all you need to do.
Please and thanks!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello people!
Great news for you, you, you, you and you!
Motosports@PETRONAS Program is now available on PETRONAS Motorsports youtube channel.
It has just started this week.
So, don't forget to catch this week’s episode featuring their MotoGP rider ‘Elbowz’.
Yeap, ‘Elbowz’ the American motorcycle road racer, Ben Spies!
Remember to subscribe to Petronas MotorSports YouTube channel.
Also, "like" Petronas Motorsport Facebook page to get more updates on their latest events!

See what he has to say about his KL trip.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm thankful for your love and support


Better read it fast before I remove some parts of this post.

If you're a long time reader of mine, you should know :
I used to blog at Wretch, a Taiwanese website.
It was pretty good, I used to get about 3000 views a day?
Jane joined Nuffnang about 6 months earlier than me.
She told me that I would be able to make money through blogging.
Then, I started going into blogging at

2years ago, I got a message on MSN from a faithful reader of mine.
I see their names on the comment section often enough for me to know them.
She's not just my reader, I would say, a FRIEND.
I've known her as Sayean and her sister Say Yie, good pretty girls.
So, Sayean's boyfriend used to work at this online company as a web designer.
His boss offered to sponsor my blog, as in sponsoring my domain name.
Let's call him boss A. A said he would insert whatever ads engine to make money.
By that time, he WOULD give me a 30-40% of the money made.
A promised me that I fully own my blog and I can ask for any help.
Ok, I was only 17, I was so stupid.
What I really cared was my blog, not the money.
*I'm so proud of myself, I'm a real blogger, I didn't care about the money, lol*
I just agreed to it as A made Sayean's boyfriend to design my blog for me.
Sayean's boyfriend is really good at web design, he's professional.
You all know my significant daphkisses KISS on the front page, he made it.

I never received a single cent in these 2 years.
I never asked, as I said I never cared about the money.
I've been baring with so many problems for 2 years.

1. A also sponsored domain name for other chicks.
Readers always told me, it directed to some other chicks' blog when they clicked on my blog.
That's like stealing my traffic, giving traffic to other chicks.
I asked him to fix it, he said he did but the problem was never fixed.

2. I received up to 300 spams EVERY SINGLE DAY.
It was so hard for me to manage, sometimes I accidentally deleted my readers' comments.
A's server is so lousy, I couldn't delete 500 by 500.
I had to delete 20 by 20 or 50 by 50, such a waste of time and energy.
That's why I always asked readers to appreciate a blogger's work.
It's not as easy as it seems.
I asked A to fix it, he said he already DID but guess what?
I received more spams everyday.

3. The design of my blog is getting really dull.
2 years without changing the layout, HOW CAN?
*Sayean's boyfriend left the company months after the sponsorship*
He left because boss A is BAD & EVIL.
A did say I could change my blog design anytime, he would make his designer do it for me.
I went back to him few times (in 2 years) to get him to do it.
The excuse he gave me was he hasn't hired any web designer.
Sometimes, he replied half way and he just ignored me.

4. Readers complained that they can't view my blog on mobile.
As we all know, iPhone doesn't support flash.
I wanted to change the design and the settings.

5. Ok, you don't help me, I get help myself.
I asked my web designer friend to have a look, see what we can do.
He said the whatever designing part is locked.
He couldn't get access to the whole thing.

6. I never felt like I fully own my blog.
I know that he can log in to my account.

I decided to really talk to A last few days.
He made it sound like I should do all these things myself.
WHILE HE'S SHAKING LEGS, sucking all benefits out of me.
I wasn't pissed, I talked nicely.
Since this is my thing, I would like to take it back.
You're not giving any help, what you did was paying USD20 for 2 years.
I said that I would pay him back.

"I gave you traffic for 2 years without asking anything from you"
"Your traffic doesn't matter to me, I just need the link under your blog"
*That's not giving you traffic, then what's that?*
He placed 2 links on my blog.
1 on
1 on

"I don't make money from your blog"
"Then, why do you need my blog?"
"I need your domain name for SEO, Google ranking"
*I thought you said you only need it for the link under my blog?
He bragged about earning money from his website pasted on my blog last year.
Don't click on these websites, it benefits him.
Nothing on it, just some websites for you to click to get money from Google.

"It's not about the money, it's the hard work I put on"
WTF??!!! What hard work did you put? You blog?
He said he has been trying to help me to get more views.
Sorry, not at all, my stat remains the same.

"Why do you need for?"
"If you want to shift to Blogspot, just get a new address like"
I don't want to curse, but seriously, SON OF A BITCH.
He doesn't know what he's talking about man. is HALF OF MY LIFE, no, not half but MY LIFE.

"We can work this out, I can fix your problems."
Now he wants to fix? He always said that he can fix.
I thought of letting it go because I really loved
No man, what if he sells my blog in the future.
I don't want to "work" for such asshole, FOR NOTHING.
I want to drag him down with me.

" is my baby"
He just refused to give the domain name back to me.

Btw, give back to me means giving me the registration details.
So, I can point to other site, my Blogspot (something like that)

Ok, I wasn't rude to him, seriously, I don't fight, I don't and I didn't.
I didn't even say a single bad word to him, I stopped replying.
I went to my very smart housemates - Terence, Sarah and Simon.
Then, I got advices from my lawyer friend.
Smart ass me, like I can... I can't.
Sarah helped me to check, is registered under his fking name.
I WAS SUCH A BLOCKHEAD, dumb as hell.
I didn't even know that I should have made him register under my name.

I don't dare to make it ugly.
I'm afraid of him using my and do something stupid.
I can't do anything but leaving
2 years of hard work, building the name of DAPHKISSES.
People have known me as daphkisses and it's all vanished, finished.
I have to let DIE now.
So, this is why I pleased you all to not click on anymore.
Help me to spread and relink
I'll see how is he going to make money from

I talked to Sayean because I want to hire her boyfriend for my new blog design.
I told her almost everything, she told her boyfriend.
I know that they feel so bad for me but it has nothing to do with them.
Her boyfriend even called A up and asked him to give it back to me.
A refused to.

I can only blame myself.
I always trust people so easily.
I cleared everything on
It's like killing my own baby.

Look, I have it engraved on my MacBook.
Ok, yeh I know, I was so stupid to do that.

IMG_5315 had been..... my life.
I really want to curse you so so so badly.
Everyone asked me to use my blogger power to shoot him dead.
I'm so gracious, I didn't even reveal your name.
I believe KARMA will strike and bite you in the ass.

I saw my Facebook friends sharing on Facebook.
I'm grateful, thank you so much.
Thanks to Sayean and her boyfriend.
Thanks to my housemates, Terence, Germaine, Sarah and Simon.
I've been so down these few days, thanks ED for mentally supporting me.
Thanks to all of you who relinked and shared for me.
Thank you so much.

I was so upset, I had no appetite to eat.
Yeh, I think a lot, I need more time to get over it.
I made my blog public after updating the previous post at 9:48pm.
What cheered me up was this.
So much love and support from all of you.
Screen shot 2011-12-12 at 12.00.27 AM

Thank you so much

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Never go back to
Please relink me and spread it out for me.
I'll explain what happened later.
This blog is still under "construction"
Wait til I get back to Malaysia, Jane will help me with it.

Please relink me now or click follow.
Take away the link "" is my baby, I don't want to do this.
I've got no choice.
That domain kinda got "stolen" by asshole company.
I will buy it back someday.

Relink and remove

Friday, December 9, 2011

ABC post


It's summer now, shit, hate the flies, irritating flies.
You get ATTACKED by flies during summer.
Wanted to do a photoshoot in the park but failed.
Thanks to the flies, I only got ONE picture.

The weather is crazy, it's so unpredictable.
It was 33-35 degree Celcius last few days.
Yesterday, it suddenly rained like cats and dogs.
I never understood why mum always ran like mad to get the clothes in.
I always thought that "well, we can wash them again if they got wet"
Germaine shouted "DAPHNE... DAPHNE..."
I was chilling in my room, munching chocolate, shouted back "what?"
"It's raining!!! !@#$%^&*( "
SHIT, you don't know how fast I ran to get the clothes in.
I PROMISE, MUM. I will help you on house chores, I promise...

I know many of you like this better.
I like side parting too but it's too long.

It's annoying and it covers half of my face.
So, I have to do center parting since I'm not willing to cut it shorter.
It's not that bad, right?

My part-time mum, Germaine painted my awesome nails.

I got a new camera........... again?
Just a Sony Cybershot.
I want a better semi pro camera but I'm broke.
I'm saving up to get that LV bag, ughhhhhh.

I meant, we got the same camera.

I'm not a pink lover but this is really cute.
Germaine's awesome phone, lol.

Life's good, life's good.
Enjoyed Scotch Fillet LIKE A BOSS.
Me without make up, CMI.

Going home for Christmas, yeah yeah.
Started packing, ughhh headache.
My pregnant sister craves for chicken biscuits.
Mum got me to buy milo, fish oil, nougat, lollis, dresses etc etc.
Oh ya, and EVEN towel for my future nephew/niece =,=
What's harder? Souvenirs for my besties Jane and Jia Nie.
I'm so bad at picking gifts, I don't know if they will like it.
You know, seriously, I don't have great taste like they do.
I'm not as girlish and fashionable as they are ):
For them, "OMG, this is so nice, this is so cute, I want this"
For me, "Hmmm, normal..."
Ok, I think it's cute but it's not desirable for me. WHY?
I don't have fancy fancy iPhone covers, I'M SO CINCAI.
Why? Shit, must buy a nice nice cover, follow the trend, lol.

Wait, I'm off topic, back to that.
I will never buy anything anymore on the next trip *zen*
Save my money and save my brain juice, oh yeah.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just another day


I know where you lookin' at!
*chop chop*, I can't say this, else armpit hair starts to grow, OH NO!!!

I think I only update my blog once a week? Haha.
That's sad. I'm lazy.
I fee like nobody's reading my blog anymore.
Had an awesome chat with Jane on Facebook, lol.
I'm motivated to blog, so I'M GONNA BLOG NOW.
I don't know what to talk about, ok, let's TALK about myself.

Terence just bought a new punch bag.
Thank you thank you for picture purpose *Japanese bow*

I was doing the 9gag way.
Just that I'm not a redhead, I wasn't biting lips but biting something else, lol.

I must have clicked something to make this picture so blur.
I have no idea, hmmmmmmmmm...
Pretty long legs? Don't play play.

I laugh happily, cunningly, sneakily in my sleep.
ON, interview YG tomorrow, I should be a K-POP star.
Just joking, don't take me seriously, lol.
Screen shot 2011-12-05 at 7.33.24 PM

Hard to put them on.

Go away, before I punch you.
;) ;) ;) - My very famous eyebrows in Twilight video.

I am very hungry, I want to eat.
Then, I want to learn to play PS3, LIKE A BOSS.
I will upload more pictures on either my Facebook page or Instagram.
Make sure you FORROW ME :)

I meant the sun ;)

xoxo :D