Friday, April 29, 2011



Jesters for breakfast early in the morning.
Then, headed to Rockingham.
Went for paintball game with Hilda and the gang.
"Country" feel, I want to sing Taylor Swift's songs.

Paintball is exciting, I love it!
Painful indeed. They should call it PAINball instead of paintball.
I have bruises on my legs.
My teammate shot my fingers, PAIN.
Looking at hot ang mohs, lol.

OMG I look fat here.
Smallest size, haha.

Exhausted face after 3 rounds.
Terrible "bags"

I love outdoor activities!

BTW, you should know that I got an iPhone4 if you follow my Facebook page.
Should have waited for iPhone4 white.
Just released today in Australia =,=
Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, black is sexy too.
Dark chocolate and milk chocolate :)

So tired today.
Will blog properly tomorrow.
Good night my sweethearts :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Want to transfer to study in Australia.
Not willing to give everything up.
My friends, my family, my life in Malaysia.
My career, building it, my blog, UGHHH.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Asian


They wanna be Asian.
I wanna be Caucasian.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Freezed surprise

Photo on 2011-04-20 at 10.04 #2

24months after my last boyfriend.
6months after massive heartbreak.
Loved you but you broke me.


Surprise, baby.

btw, aloha, Aus, freaking cold, damm.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is back in 2011.
They will be kick-starting its 2011 series in Penang at Voodoo.
Then, H-Artistry is heading down to Klang Valley in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid!
I'm going to make myself free on 30th April for this awesome party!

Vandalism which comprises of DJ Andy Van and vocalist Cassie Van.
Vandalism has over the past two years toured across the globe with their head turning live performances.
This upcoming party will also see Malaysia’s coming rock sensations, Kyoto Protocol conquering the stage.
Joining them at the party are two of the hottest female DJs in town, Miss Eva T and DJ Lizz.
Together, they form Spinderella, a hip-hop, R&B, electro/house spinning duo.
Artistes Group Pic

Last year’s biggest H-Artistry party held at the MIECC.
Of course, I didn't miss it, it was fantastic!
I even attended the press conference, such a great experience.
I got the chance to meet Da Mouth, Mizz Nina, Deja Voodoo Spells, Kardinal Offishalland DJ Alex Dreamz.
Gosh, look at this, jealous enough? ;)
DA MOUTH ♥ ♥ ♥

To stand a chance to get invitations for these two exclusive events :
1. Visit the H-Artistry’s official Facebook fan page
2. Follow H-Artistry on Twitter

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bloggers are good people


Boy finds this cute, hehe.

Hi-bye friend : From what I see, Daphne is a club girl.
Close friend : She BARELY clubs, almost not at all, she doesn't even drink.
Hi-bye friend : She looks like a very "high maintenance" girl, a materialistic girl.
Close friend : *explanation*(no self-praising)
Hi-bye friend : Wow, totally two different person.

Yes, screw it, I hate people judging me.
Don't be so shallow, see what's inside.

I guess this is the reason why being single for 2 years, haha!
Ugh, stop being judgmental and stop stereotyping :(
Life seems easy for me but not at all.
I work harder than most of the 19 year-old people do.


Ok, maybe I'm realistic, because if I'm not realistic, I can't survive in this world, ahaha.
Let me say these for the very last time.
1. I might dress sexy sometimes but I'm definitely not promiscuous.
2. I might fall for *ASSHOLES* easily because I take feelings seriously but not being materialistic.
3. I never asked for a single cent/gift from my ex boyfriends, not at all.
4. I don't talk to strangers, I'm not arrogant but I'm just quiet and shy.
5. Mum gives me freedom, not because she doesn't care/I'm rebellious but she trusts me and I'm independent enough to take care of myself.
6. Why do you care about what I buy? I use my own hard-earned money anyway.
7. I stop asking for money from my mum since 18.

My life is about getting up early for class.
Class, study, home, assignment, sleep.
Oh ya, people always think that I'm stupid, I'm shallow, just know how to put on make up.
They always stereotype people who do art, think that people who do art can't study well.
Hello, FYI, I was a pure science stream student, it's just that I have no interest in science.
Oh oh oh, broke my fingers, I'm not good at this but I can't wait to be good at this!
Show show a lil hard work, haha. Aja aja fighting!!!

Changed new specs, tired of putting on contact lens!!!
My new baby is beautiful, isn't it? Ahhhhh...
Hmmm, the price is not beautiful :(

Love it stylish.
Mum said it somehow indicates my name, looks like the alphabet D.

No make up, what do you expect?
Friends say that I look like a good girl with specs.

I took a day to consider which to get.
Also like a pink one from Guess.
These are all Gucci, kinda like the second one but it doesn't look good on me.
So, please tell me that my choice was good!

Mum thinks that I've been a really good girl.
She wanted to buy me another spec, so I could just have both wihout cracking my head.
No no, God wants me to be grateful and be satisfied with what I have, lol.
I went through the shades anyway, ahaha.
Kinda like this Versace, so so so expensive.
Nearly bought it but friends said it's ugly :(

Mum loves it, got Morgan de Toi anyway.

Was walking around, thought of my second sister.
She is 2 years elder than me but her thinking is 2 years younger than me, lol.
Anyway, I'm just so glad to have her back home, that's enough.
She had 2 great phones but she didn't appreciate them.
I personally think that I pamper her a lot.
My dad, mum and eldest sister pampers her a lot too.
She seems to be the weakest one in our family.
Mum and I shared to get her a new phone.
Be a good girl, appreciate our love for you.

Mum's birthday is tomorrow.
I'm so broke, I bought her Coach bag for birthday anyway.
No money to give her a great celebration like last year's.
Thinking of giving her a small ang pau tomorrow.

Mum, happy birthday.

My love for you is over limit, you know I know everyone knows.
I love you, mum, I love my family.
Most importantly, I love myself, self-esteem, self-dignity.
Be good girls, let the guys see what's inside of us.


Material dies, someday, but love, never dies.
You want it, get it yourself because you can.
I don't even know what I'm typing, lol.
Just......stop being weak, women/girls!
Haha, bye.

Friday, April 15, 2011

RM203,000 giveaway!


Remember that I talked about
My previous post, , check it out.
Missed the chance to win a Gucci bag for my mum ☹
Some lucky winners won iPad from, envy!
Now, there’s this WeBUY Giveaway project, they’re giving out RM203,000 to all participating WeBUYers.
RM203,000.00 worth of WeBUY e-wallet money WILL be given out.

This BUY will be activated when it reaches 500.
RM 3 will be given for every participant's WeBUY e-wallet
When the next target (1500 participant) is reached - the prize will be upgraded to it's respective amount (RM5 WeBUY e-wallet) automatically for all participants
If this BUY hits 10,000, it will be a RM200,000 giveaway.
Look! It’s hitting 10,000 because I clicked, LOL!!!
I shared this fantastic BUY with my friends, that’s why.

Tea Republic, awesome place for girls’ day out.
I’m planning to bring my girls there for hi tea.
Only RM11 for a Full Set of High Tea with Pastry Lunch.

1 Out of 5 Choices
2 Vegetable Pies / 2 Beef Pies
1 Vegetable Pie & 1 Beef Pie
1 Croissant / 1 Egg Sandwich

1 Tropical Tea / 1 Ice Black Green Tea

Chilly environment, right?

Shawn Cutler is a premier style studio in Malaysia led by Shawn Loong.
Hair spa treatment, a haircut, a hair wash with a hair blow worth RM200 for only RM80.
I’m buying this deal because it’s so cheap, so worth it.
I also want the RM50 cash voucher because I want to dye my hair on the next visit!
So please help me to click to activate the deal!

So don’t forget to visit and like their Facebook page, so that you don’t miss out on any of their deals!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautify yourself!


In Estee Lauder Skincare centre.

People pay to lose weight, I pay to gain weight.
Bought weight gainer from GNC last two days.
I want to gain weight, tired of people looking at me like I'm anorexic.
I'm 99% healthy, so stop thinking that my mum starved me, I eat more than you expected.
Heard that GNC weight gainer is a very "heaty" product.
Friends told me that I might also "gain" pimples while gaining weight.
Yea, it's true, 2 pimples popped out on the third day.

Us, ladies, we need to pamper ourselves.
Our hair, our body, especially our skin!!!
I'm having a hectic uni life, tiring tiring tiring.
Made an appointment with Estee Lauder skincare centre.
Hard to make an appointment, always fully booked, so I bet it's very good.
I have no big skin problem after curing my breakouts.
*regretted for not taking good care of my skin.
Btw, many of you asked me about breakouts healing, I went to see dermatologist.
My pimple scars on my cheek are just not going away.
Ugh, shoo shoo shoo, scars, I don't like scars.
I have fair skin, I think, so, pimple scars are so VISIBLE, so obvious, I hate that.

Went to Estee Lauder Skincare centre in Mid Valley after class.
Had my skin consultation first with my therapist.
Her name is Pei Pei, I like her so much, very good service.
This machine is da bomb man.
Put your head in there, you can see imperfections on your skin.

I've always been an Estee Lauder user because of my mum.
She uses Estee Lauder too.
I'm currently using the CyberWhite EX Brightening series of Estee Lauder products.
So, I chose the luminising facial (Brightening facial).
It says brightens and leaves skin luminous.
Perfect for all skin types.

Under blue light.

I changed.

First of all, this is not an advertisement.
I'm blogging about this because of their extremely good service, I love it.
I walked in, instantly felt their friendliness, very polite.
My eyebrows are always bushy, so "hairy", lol.
My therapist asked me : "Do you want me to trim your eyebrows?"
Wow, sure, why not? She used the plucking method, not the blade-trimming, fantastic.
My muscles were a lil tight, she gave me massages on my neck and hands, very nice.
She explained every single step, every single product.
Love the traditional facial massage techniques and cleanser softly brushed onto skin.
She said that my eye bags can still be cured, oh my, so happy.
I'll sure go back again, seriously, honestly.
Worth the price!

Feelin' so so so CLEAN.

They told me about the Estee Lauder Model Search Contest 2011 is returning this April.
HAHAHA, I joined this contest when I was 16, OMG.
I pleased my mum to purchase the Estee Lauder Model Search 2011 Package for RM300.
Entitles to an entry form, a full makeover, wardrobe styling, hair styling, photography session.
You'll get your instant A4 photo and RM250 redemption voucher for Estee Lauder products.
I still have that picture but I don't want to show, ahahaha!
I'm thinking of joining again, should I should I? CEHHHHHHH~
The amazing prizes and opportunities are so tempting.
You girls, anyone? Join? Hahaha.
Starting from April 25th at Mid Valley.

1.My forehead, good already.
2.Cheeks, still have acne scars.
3.Eye bags!

My skin isn't that smooth, thanks to my camera flash, very nice, ahaha!
Spot my sister behind, hahaha!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland’s 5th anniversary with daphkisses


Day one in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Although this looked like it only appears in my dream but I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t dreaming.
I was stepping on the ground and looking at this infamous Tinker Bell Castle.
As you can see, Tinker Bell Castle is decorated with Tinker Bell’s magical golden pixel.
To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland, sweeeeeeeeet.
Can’t believe that I had a chance to see this with my own eyes.

Went straight to Disneyland after pleasuring our stomach.
Haven’t read my previous post about Crystal Lotus restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel?
Please go to
Free shutter bus ride to Disneyland Themepark from Disneyland Hotel.
Was I too excited?

Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year.
Beautiful Disney posters and banners were hung up to celebrate this auspicious occasion with us.
Dreamy Disney songs were playing, made me want to dance, lol.
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Screaming out loud.
It felt and seemed like a dream!!! Look, I was getting closer to Disneyland Themepark!!

Got our tickets and got ready to go!!!
The tickets looked interesting enough for me.
Mine was Stitch, hehehe, so cute.

Yeahhhhhhh, we were in!!
So so so beautiful…………….
Spot Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad behind us!

That’s me… and MICKEY MOUSE!!!☺

I smelled fairytales in here!!!
Looked around and tried to convince myself that I was really in Disneyland Themepark, lol.
We were in Main Street USA.
Edited caption for Jac, haha she looked amazed!

Hong Kong students, cute uniform.

Our first stop - Tomorrowland!
Futuristic world, astronauts must really love this place.

Buzz Lightyear fans would want to stay here and never leave.
Let all of us be Buzz Lightyear for a moment.
Time for some shooting game ;)

I just boarded a spaceship, no jokes.

Shoot shoot shoot!!!
Jac, were you praying to score well? HAHA.
I’m a lousy shooter, I only scored 7000 points, Jac scored 20000 points O_O
This showed that we should always pray before doing something big, lol.

“Celebration in the Air” has started in conjunction to celebrate Hong Kong Disneyland 5th Anniversary,
A part of it : the most anticipated, exclusive Flights of Fantasy Parade
I strong recommend this, it’s a must-see!
It was so special to me because they performed in different languages.
I was so amazed when they sang in Cantonese, so interesting, lol.

Mickey and friends!

How mesmerizing.

Professional dancers and performers.
I was dancing along with them, lol.

My favourite Disney princesses!
Ahhhhh *faints
I want to be a princess, waiting for my prince charming to come ;)
Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping beauty), Belle (Beauty and the Beast).
I want to be Belle, *blush

You will shake with them.
Very fun and exciting.

Lilo and Stitch, hello Kexin.
Kexin is my friend, super Stitch fan, super Stitch collector!

See, the kids are so happy in Disneyland.
So enjoyable!

You want to hug me? Haha.
Ermmm, suree…….?Haha.


Can I join? Can I play?

So so so so so soooooooooo gorgeous.


Toy Story!
I saw Buzz Lightyear again after disembarking in Tomorrowland.

Honestly, seriously, truly, genuinely telling.
It was so good, so unforgettable, dwells in my memories.
The customes are pretty, well-made.
The performers, dancers were professional and entertaining.
I really love Flights of Fantasy Parade, awesome!
Enough with my amazement and astonishment.
Let’s move to the next stop – Adventureland!

Jungle river cruise, here we come!
Boat ride! Yay!

Does this look familiar to you?
Yea, of course, Tarzan’s tree house!

Let our adventure begin…………

The crocodiles looked so real!

Ok, I meant, the animals here looked very real.
They are men-made!

It was pretty exciting.
Full of surprises!
You want to know what had happened? Discover yourself ;)

Why didn’t I take a cute picture here?
How could I miss taking picture with Tinker Bell? ☹
How could I miss the meet and greet session with Tinker Bell? ☹
It’s only available now during the Hong Kong Disneyland’s 5th anniversary.
It’s exclusive, what a great celebration this year.
Arghhhhhh, why why why? *Slap

Only tried 3D? What about 4D enjoyment here in Fantasyland?
You should really reallyreally try this.
Mickey PhilharMagic 4D show.
It features 3D effects, scents, and water as well as Disney characters.
Triggered all senses, it was unbelievable.
The ending was so unforgettable.
Donald Duck got knocked into a tuba and got shot into the theater's wall from the stage.

IT’S A SMALL WORLD, on the outside, how amazing.

Everything is cute and tiny in here.

They spin, they nod, they shake, they greet you.

So so so dreamy, perfect place for me to stay ☺

Simon’s favourite – Aladdin.



Oh gosh, I love this too.
The Golden Mickeys.
It’s a live award show, very very very impressive.
The performances were fantastic.


Boonie’s favourtie, Toy Story!

The host and Lilo!

Lilo and Stitch.
Hello, Kexin! ;p

That’s me that’s me!!!! Dancing with my prince.
IN MY DREAMS, LOL, hmmmm, not even in my dreams

They danced, they sang, they flew up and down, lol.

Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year.
Can you see the big 5? Congratulations, HK Disneyland
Everyone loves my pose, hehe.
Ahhhh, Disneyland…like what you see on the TV.

It’s time for dinner.
Look at this wonderful building, it’s a restaurant!
Plaza Inn in the Park.

Let’s go in.
Awesome interior design blended with Chinese style.
Plaza Inn shows the Chinese traditions and introduces Chinese food to the world!

SHARK FIN????!!!!!
To be exact, it’s Diced Seafood & Fungus in Condensed Broth.
Yum yum…My favourite.

Barbecued meat platter.
Can you see the golden roasted sucking pig?
Reminded me of the plate I had in Crystal Lotus Restaurant.

Scallops and fresh prawns, perfect combination with some broccolis.
Fried codfish.
Beef fillet and onion rings.
Braised vegetables with crabmeat.

Chinese love fried rice. (According to Peter Chao, lol)
Golden fried rice with seafood and vegetable.
Wipe your saliva off your laptop looking at this, please, lol.

Dessert time!
Glutinous rice dumpling with mango and some fresh fruits.
I had a balanced diet here.

See the picture above when we went in.
After a while, full house.

“Cause baby you’re a firework!”, Katy Perry fan here, lol.
It’s time for fireworks show baby!
How beautiful at night, lights shining like bright stars.
Worth waiting under a drizzle with cold wind blowing.

Music roared and I knew that it was starting.
Lights were dancing following with the flow of Disney music, dazzled me.

And there, let’s flyyyyyy~~~~~~~~
Up up here we go, up up here we go.
So pretty, so so so pretty.

Colourful fireworks across the sky.
Extremely wonderful!

The sky was “illuminated” by the wonderful fireworks.

Don’t need me to say more?
See it by yourself.


Got shuttle bus back to Disneyland hotel.
It was time for a good rest in our room.
Acted like a big baby, used up all my energy on day time, indulged in my fantasyland.


What do you see in here that amazes you?
The interior design?Yea, absolutely.
Look to the left centre of this picture.
Crappppppp, HAIR DRYER, oh man……
I have thick hair, so hard to dry.
My luggage was too heavy that I gave up bringing my hairdryer.
I was so delighted to see hair dryer in here, nice.



Knocked out immediately after a hot shower.
Disneyland Hotel is too comfy, I had a sweet dream.

What so you do when you enter your hotel room during a vacation?
Let the picture do the talking, lol.

Hello, you lovin’ my outfit for that day?
Hurh hurh, bet you love my boots, sister got it from Japan.

Ahhhhh, coffee or tea ma’am?
They provided free mineral water too.
You don’t normally get this in other hotels!

Day 2 in Hong Kong Disneyland.
Woke up so early in the morning.
I was too excited to go around Disneyland.
Jac and Simon were sleeping like dead pigs, LOLLLLLL!!!

Cute toiletries.
You don’t feel like opening them right? I know I know.
So so so cute, I brought them home anyway, HAHA.

Got my hair and make up done.
I was ready to go!
Waiting for the 2 lazy pigs to be ready for breakfast!

Had breakfast at Enchanted Garden in Disneyland Hotel.
Had to queue up, no jokes.

Let me hear some whistling please, HAHAHA, jk.
This place is too beautiful, hope we didn’t spoil the picture, haha.

Buffet breakfast at Enchanted Garden in Disneyland Hotel.

Look at the food!
Western food, Chinese food, as you wish.
Hong Kong delicacies too.

Coffee or milk miss?
Both, thank you + some fresh juices ☺

Packaging also this nice?
Not be so cute can or not?
Made me want to bring everything home.

I love Western Style breakfast.
The hashbrown was so so so goooooooooooood.

Think of Jane when I see croissant.
So generous with jams, lol.

Meet and greet Disney Characters!
Mickey Mouse with happy family-that-I-don’t-know-who, lol, very sweet.

Yay, our turn!
I bow to you, Mickey Mouse, I love you, LOL.

Look at us, so happy, especially Jac, so so happy, HAHA.

Daisy you’re so pretty, I love your lashes.

Cute Pluto!
I want a pet like this.
I would give up my Toy Poodle at home to have Pluto <3

Hehe, a picture with Pluto.
We look so good together right Pluto? HAHA.

Goofy hugged me so tight, Goofy loves me so much.
I love Goofy too.

Laughed too happily.


I don’t take spicy food but I love Curry mee, huh? WHAT?
Does that even make sense? Haha, nah the food was too good there.

Mickey Mouse pancakes.

Different types of fruits.
Fresh and juicy……..

Balance your diet with a good plate of salad.
Hmmmm, take your own favourite vegetables.

Oops, you can’t see my tummy cab’t you?

Went for a walk at The Maze after our satisfying meal.
Hehe, cute? ☺

A love shape, can you see it?


Wowwwwwww, magnificient view? Am I right?
Look at the Maze.
Jac and I went to play like small kids.
We managed to find our way out, no I managed to, Jac failed! HAHA
Spot us!!!

Wow wow wow, do I look like Cinderella here?

Nah, I was just asking for my camera back from Simon, ahaha!


Fascinated enough?
You guys should really visit Hong Kong Disneyland, leave your footstep.
Fifth anniversary this year, exclusive and special!
More more more to come about my Hong Kong Disneyland trip.