Thursday, March 31, 2011

I should be a F1 racer

Photo on 2011-03-31 at 10.26 #2

Look decent eh? I'm actually a racer.
Professional yet not reckless, woot!

Went for English class today, today's lesson was argumentative essay.
We were arguing about male drivers and female drivers.
My female classmates were sharing their experiences with male drivers.
Lecturer asked me : "How about you, Daphne?"
I answered : "I don't care about male drivers, I was born a racer."
I'm serious, no jokes, I love speeding, oops.

It's just too bad that I'm not a F1 driver, wasted my talent, lol.
Last year’s F1 exhibition attracted few thousands of fans and car/f1 enthusiast.
People were queuing for more than 3 hours to meet the drivers.
We’ve seen how exciting it was.
You will have to prepare yourselves for another round of


There's this FB contest going on.

Grand prize- Stand a chance to meet the F1 drivers in person, contest ends 5th April
Secondary - PETRONAS MALAYSIA GRAND PRIX SHOWCASE 2011 at KLCC concourse level from 2nd April - 10 April.
- F1 merchandise
- F1 car display
- F1 car simulators

M.Schumacher and Nico meet the fan session on the 6th April.
Ang mohs racers, SO HOT!!!

Are you geared up? Yea, I am! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Awesome make up eh? Hehehe.

Typography class today was kinda scary.
I did my presentation, this new lecturer is so strict.
I'm not satisfied with my work, so I decided to redo it, what a good girl.
Told you I'm a good student :D
I removed my VLOG#4 for some reason.
You guys should know why, so yea, stop asking me.
I also can't repost it......but I've voiced out to the management.
Stop looking at me like one kind in university.
I went to the lab today and some people mumbled behind me
"She's that girl in that video."
Say hi to me would be delighting :)

Skip that, talk about something happy!
THE S.O.X ALL-STARS DRUM AND DANCE 2011 is back with a new URBAN theme!
I talked about it last year, didn't get to join the fun at National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur.
Heard that S.O.X. All-Stars Drum & Dance 2010 attracted more than 8,400 audiences during finale.
I'm sure that I won't miss it again this year, I'M GOING to show some support!!!
The coming event at KOMPLEKS RAKAN MUDA BUKIT KIARA on 2nd - 3rd April.
This year’s Drum & Dance will continue to be Malaysia’s largest inter-school challenge in drumline & cheer dance.
Wooooo, spotted any hot guys/hot girls?

No jokes, I was a cheer leader back in high school.
I wanted to be a flyer but too tall to be one, couldn't balance myself :(
Ended up being just a dancer, wish I could be like them, lookin' gorgeous/cool!

My favourite duo Ean and Zher are hosting this awesome competition again!
Wakaka Crew will be performing too!

Drum & Dance will be giving out more than RM100,000 worth of cash & prizes!
Kidding me? RM100,000? Those who have talents, why waste?
I think that I should form my own team now and join, anyone with me?
Register your team at

WeBuy good deals ;)


Thanks to my family gene.
I’m thin and I hardly put on weight even if I want to.
Hence, why do I waste my ability to EAT all I want to? Lol.
I love food, I love western food, Chinese food, cheese, cream, meat!
No, I love great deals the most!!!
My friend introduced a group buying site that fits “cheap, good & easy”
The site will feature new deals every max 3 days, with 50% - 90% discounts.
The deal will only be “ON”/ ”Activated” if there are enough people agree to buy.
Everyone who agreed gets to enjoy the deal.
If there are not enough people “buying” the deal within given time frame, the deal will be “Off”.
No one gets the deal and no one will be charged.
Erm, here’s the link
Another difference is that the site is not as cluttered as the rest, with very clear main promo / main deal.
Easy to use functions.
I just bought this deal - RM6 for 1 Fusion Spanish Tapas (21 Choices) from 32 Bistro.
No jokes, there.

I’m bringing my mum out for dinner!
Very broke after my Hong Kong trip with friends.
With these good deals, I don’t need to spend too much on good meals.
On the other hand, mum’s happy and pleased, so why not?

When you have nothing to do in KL.
Feel like hanging out with friends.
This site can at least give you ideas on where to dine, where to go, where to hang out.
The best part is the good values they offer!
Go to and “like” the page now!
So, you can get first hand updates on future upcoming deals!

Sign up now at this link ( and get RM 5 credit free thanks to

The 32 Bistro deal is not the only deal that you have missed out on!
Do see the list below for all the previous deals that you have missed out on and all over 50% discount. Value!

I also clicked on BUY for the Gucci bag, I hope I win it for my mummy!
This Gucci bag is worth RM 1985 but I don’t have to pay a single cent.
So hurry and click BUY now and support me to win the bag.

That’s not all, WeBUY also have a 45 minutes head & foot massage at Asianel spa, Starhill Gallery for only RM 28 (usual price is RM 116).
This spa is not your everyday spa next door, they usually cater to exclusive customers due to their quality aromatherapy massages whereby your feet will be kneaded and massaged to relieve tired legs and at the same time improve blood circulation.
The ambiance is really nice and each individual client have their designated spot with ample space and the dim lights and comfy chair allows you to zzz whilst having your head and foot pampered ☺

Monday, March 28, 2011


Photo on 2011-03-28 at 15.03

GIRL'S POWER. Grrrrrrrr.

本人有3大FEAR, 就是3個弱點。
我怕痛, 交通阻塞, 和鬼, LOL。
當個女生不容易, 像我, 每個月都要忍受至少3天 "女人最痛"。
最討厭的是早上起床, “下方”濕濕的。
看看褲子, 紅紅的。
再看看床單 - 天啊, 媽媽要殺我了。
比較不幸運的是半夜發現了紅紅, 已經睡到一半, 累死了, 也要爬起來洗+換。
EITHER是沒用的衛生棉或是我的睡POSITIONS 換太多, 起床時候腳在枕頭上。
看到紅紅, 我就真的很無奈, 可是沒有辦法, 我還想當媽媽, 哈!

因為他們有送12 pcs哦!去這裏拿goodies, 可以試試!
Click “Try it now”

滿搞笑的, 我們女生就是要有自信嘛!

看到“Watch your favourite celebrities try new things”然後按 find out more.
如果是我, 我會選MS.ADIBAH的賽車。
我很愛SPEEDING, 應該讓我試試, 說不定我是車神, LOL。
PAM &VAN 超漂亮的, 華文說得很標准。
看完了, 她們會要求你輸入電話號碼。
輸入了電話號碼, 還真的打來呢, 嚇一下,不過很過隱。
也讀了”GRRL POWER”,給我們女生很多TIPS。

“如果世上沒有月經, 你就不存在了”
我很敢言哦! 經痛就經痛, 要let it out一下, 憋著憋著更痛的。
“老娘就是來月經, 怎樣?”
不是說你來月要大喊告訴全世界, 但是不需要害怕, 不需要 feel embarrassed。
因為你有LIBRESSE, 啊哈哈。
“LIBRESSE前端加寬, 中端狹縮, 後端舒適貼合, 很舒服, 啊哈哈!”

如果不用PANTYLINER,很肮髒呢,說不定會有異味 O_O
我找到了,LIBRESSE啦! ☺

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What to do? I'm confused!


Shit hair colour, faded day by day.
Say no to fake lashes, hooray!!!

Just had a shock of my life viewing my new timetable.
I had more than 2 months of break which I'm unsatisfied about it.
My mum is unhappy, she wants me to get my ass back to uni instead of slacking at home.
People love holiday, I don't, I think that it's wasting time, time's ticking, lol.
I definitely feel more than happy for a short break but not too long.
New schedule, 8am to 7pm, 8am to 5pm, OMG, most of them are traffic jam timing.
I live far away, I get up before 6am to reach college at 7am+.
1. Avoid traffic jam.
2. Get a parking space.

Jane already told me that she wanted to quit before our 2nd semester even started.
I advised her to stay, finish the course. Damn, now, I'm confused.
I'm no princess, I'm no spoiled brat, I'm no rich kid.
I want my certificate badly yet I want to start working and start earning money.
2 years more to graduate.
Expensive school fees, not my money, parents'.
Exclude petrol, toll, assignment costs and daily expenses!
These are my money, AIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

It was supposed to be quite-a-happy-post, turned out to be complaints.
Wanted to show you what I bought for my family members.
Bought this for my mother when I traveled to Hong Kong.
One as a souvenir, one as her birthday gift.
Mama's a April baby. She complained that I spent my money unwisely.
Come on, I bet that she was very happy to receive these gifts.
Such a good daughter., thank you, LOL.
Dad's birthday is coming soon, April baby too, present present present $$$

I'm also a good sister, I guess, haha.
Didn't really buy anything for my eldest sister, only bought her a dress and a bag.
She complained and I said "you only bought me fake lashes from Japan."
Feel quite bad, no worries, I'll get her something big next time I travel.
Bought Coach bangle for my 2nd sister, I haven't seen her for a month, sighhhhh...
Be a good girl, come home to see mama more often, please, haih...

As you can see, I'm so broke now. "Money keep going out, no coming in"
My unlucky modem got lighting struck, my fault, I had to pay for it.
I promised to pay for car service next month, 1 word - die.
I long to fly to Australia now to see ma boy......................before doomsday, LOL.
I also need money to publish my journal, I'm seriously doing it.
I know, I'm not a good writer, my English knowledge hasn't reached the level to publish a book.
Yet, I hope that I'm a good journalist to you, let me surprise you.
Won't publish many copies and hopefully, you grab it fast, your support is needed.
I don't know if I can make it but I'm working on it.
This is one of my dreams in life, I'm making it happen, I hope that I can achieve.
Aiya, bullshit, I don't see any progression.
Advices needed!!! Should I just go to Australia, take a short course, get my cert and work?

Btw, I'm not quitting college.
I was just letting out and complaining because I'm too independent to pressure myself, teehee!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Puma Social kicks off


Dyed a new hair colour to attend the Puma Social event :)

Thank Simon for the help!
We were late because I was lost, again, haha.
Luckily, we were able to cut queue, oops!
‘Puma Social’ campaign at Pallette Pallette.


Just because we're not on a field, not wearing uniforms, doesn’t mean that sports can't be fun!
Look, we were all having so much fun!!

Can I please take everything home here? O_O

Featured rip-roaring performances by some of Malaysia’s up-and-coming performers.
The famous Phat Fabes and Ben as our hosts.
They are hilarious, trust me.

Simon and I.

My outfit for the day.
I got my new pair of sneakers from Puma, love it.
Most of them were wearing high heels, I had my comfy shoes on (:
I was wearing Puma top, holding Puma bag too, so "Puma-ish"

Jac and I + Eric, hahahaha.

Guests got a chance to play ping-pong and foosball with a host of PUMA Social Friends.
We collected points in the form of balls which was stamped onto their PUMA Social Cards given.
The top three guests with the most of ball stamps were put through a series of challenges.
The winner was given a 30 second “all you can grab” shopping spree at the PUMA display.
Guess who was the winner? -ERIC, hahahahaha.
We had so much fun playing this.
I kept losing but who cares? As long as I had fun, weeee.

Free flow of alcohol.
I had half of a Tequila shot.
See, this Singaporean, so cute, LOL.

Remember that I mentioned about Puma photoshoot?
It was definitely a great experience and opportunity for me.
The set.


Simon, you look so so so good in Puma lah!
What more to say about Jac? -Stunning.

I had the chance to see Malaysian celebrities and famous DJs.
Played cards with them too (it was during Chinese New Year)
We had photoshoot session together.
Famous TV host, Julie.

We fell in love with Puma.
Went shopping with Jac and Simon.
Look what I got from Puma, latest collections!!!
Love love love my Ferrari white jacket!

Monday, March 21, 2011

We're beautiful no matter what they say

Photo on 2011-03-19 at 19.04

I'm skyping with him in Starbucks (:
He thinks that I'm beautiful like this, the way I am.
He said so - either to make me happy or he's supposed to say so because he loves me (:
I take that as sweet talk/bullshit but I still feel happy when he says that HAHA.

This is a freaking long post!!!
I know, I'm not pretty, I don't have natural beauty.
I wasn't born pretty, I used to be a tomboy.
My mum shove me bald when I was a lil girl, I was bald until 4 years old.
So sad right, my childhood pictures are so ugly, so so so ugly.
I always like to fool around with my mum.
"You gave me ugly childhood!"
"My friends wore dresses, having long hair, wearing lipstick."

"I WAS BALD" hahahahahahaha.
Mum will throw a grenade back to me
"You won't have thick hair like this if I didn't shave you bald when you were small"
True, I have a lot of hair on my head!
Hairstylists always charge me more expensive because I've got thick hair.
It's so thick that I need 3 hairstylists to dye my hair for me.

People always thought that I was a boy.
My daddy was a big fan of Harley Davidson.
We had a Harley Davidson bike at home last time, I liked to sit on it and act like a biker.
So I used to dress like a tomboy, used to wear pants all the time.
Harley Davidson, Hardrock, Nike, Adidas and more boyish brands.
I used to always wear NY cap a lot and Timberland sandals were my favourite.
Until high school, I was dumped by some guy (puppy love).
Decided to "transform" myself, I bought my first eyeliner when I was 15.
Yea, I know, it was too early for a girl to use cosmetics but I did.
I started having long hair, putting on contact lens.
I had to use contact lens because I'm short sighted, power 450.
I worked, I worked hard to change myself, tried to change my destiny, my fortune.
Freaking pathetic right? I just don't want to get hurt anymore :(
(If I were to choose again, I would continue to be a nerd, LOL)

I had this "I love because" contest for fun.
I thought it would be nothing, just some random thingy that's funny, random and short.
Like Jane, she said :
"I love because I've seen her naked before."
Simon said :
"I love because I know that she loves me too."
I thought it would be this short and simple.
I didn't expect so much love, I didn't see this coming.
So so so touching, it made me tear, I feel loved.
I feel appreciated for my work, my words, my thoughts.
At least there are still people who love me for who I am.
They see what's inside of me.

I'm a person with very low self-confidence.
Always insecure, feel unsecured all the time, easily influenced and indecisive.
I always think about my love ones first because I'm afraid to lose them.
I went to walk around alone in the mall.
I told myself that I should get myself something this time.
I don't shop, I don't like shopping, yaaa so I didn't know what to buy.
I went to Sasa, I saw the perfume that I always wanted.
It's expensive for me but I bought it because I think I deserve something, haha.

Bought some eye masks to help my stupid eye bags.
So yeahhh, Flower by Kenzo.
Showed the price tag, so don't ask me the price, alright.
THIS IS FOR ME LERRR, oops! Guilty pleasure :D

In the meantime, I also thought of you readers.
I bought something small to give out (:
I have 16 finalists now, 16tabs opened on my window.
Quite noisy, Jap song + Korean song + English song + Chinese song, LOL!!!

So yea, here to announce that the winner goes to................
You know that I really love your post!
Helen started reading me since when I first blogged, I was freaking 15!!!
This line "读一个小过自己4岁小妹妹的文章不闷吗?" has left me a deep impression.
I wrote a long article about woman's thoughts, wth I was freaking 15, woman...
"Girls' thoughts" would be more suitable as the title.
Every description of me is accurate and true, she knows me so well.
Congratulations, you won this Mickey Mouse mug from HK Disneyland.
Thank you so so so so so much for you love and your sincerity ♥

Some of you are so so so cute.
You girls were like promoting me...Why? Worried because I've been single for years? HAHA.
I'm so sorry if you don't like the present.
I'm not good at shopping and I didn't know what to buy.
I just asked the Sasa salesgirl to recommend something for my readers.

2nd gift, Kate highlight flash/eyeshadow goes to Vincci.
You heart warming lil creature actually made a slideshow of me.
Followed my poses and took pictures, lol.
You didn't fail alright? You're beautiful just the way you are.
Thanks a lot, I can see your effort on that post, very sweet ♥

3rd gift, Red Earth Ice Brownie eyeshadow goes to Mickey.
Aloha Mickey, I know that you really like Mickey Mouse since you named yourself Mickey.
I'm so so so sorry that I didn't give you the mug, I'm sorry ok?
How could I not let you win something when you gave me so many "love daphne" reasons?
Very nice of you, I also remember that you're the first to submit your post.
Thank you for loving me, Mickey, ♥

I actually love this a lot, it's very cute and creative.
It's very sweet of her for actually putting this much effort.
I'm so so so sorry that you didn't win anything because I need to be fair.
You submitted your post a day later after the contest has ended :(
Thanks a lot, Jace, xx.

Hello Iris, you pretty sweetheart with your pretty drawings.
Very very very impressive, very nice.
Thank you so much, Iris!!!!! ♥

Very very very sincere post.
Simple and sincere, I like to read.
A master piece from Nia ♥

These 2 sweet girls basically promoted my whole Youtube channel, LOL.
It's cute, made me laugh, thank you, Celine and Joane.

I'm not awesome but I'm fawsome! WOW, haha.
Thank you Natalie.

Thank you for giving a try to like me, Jingyan.

Some of them told me that they got more views for blogging about me.
Some got more views because I retweeted their blog links.
I'm glad, this is the only small thing I can do for you wonderful girls.
I'm sure that I left comment for every submitted post.
Replied every single email and message on FB.

Once again, thank you for joining.
Thanks for the love emails to tell me why do you love
So sweet, some of them don't want the mug but to tell me they love me, awww~
Crap, I feel bad now.
I will never do any give-away again, it's so hard to decide who to win :(
So so so sorry to those who didn't win anything, sorry :(

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you for loving me. ♥

I feel so loved. Big big hugs for all you ♥ ♥ ♥
*Winners, please send a mail to*

Dedicate this song to all of you fantastic readers ♥
We're all beautiful, yay!!!
I'm beautiful too, inside, hehehe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disney Character Dim Sum


Been really excited to blog about my Hong Kong Disneyland trip.
Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating their 5th anniversary this year.
I was lucky enough to be there to celebrate this auspicious occasion with them.
The exclusive Flight of Fantasy Parade still dwells in my memories.
HK Disneyland is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No, not really.
I will bring my kids there in the future, they’ll love it!
I had so much fun that I’m sure I’ll be back.
It’s absolutely great for family gathering and vacation.
Such a delightful fantasy world for the kids, even for me, a 19 year-old kid, lol.

“Smelled” Hong Kong early in the morning.
I slept all the way from Malaysia to Hong Kong, uglily.
According to Simon, I slept with my mouth opened wide.
Lol, how embarrassing.

Reached the airport and took the “Mickey Mouse Train”.
From airport to Tung Chung and from Sunny Bay to Disneyland.

There, finally arrived, Disneyland Hotel!!!
Who hasn't dreamt about being a prince/princess? IT'S DISNEYLAND!!!
I always dream to be a princess, I'm still waiting for my prince charming to the rescue.
This is my mansion. Beautiful isn’t it? HAHAHA.

Take a picture first! :D

Wooo, waiting to check in.
Shush, boss doing big business, lol.
Pretty excited, posted updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Camwhored a lil, haha.
Photo on 2011-02-25 at 12.47

Pretty much starving and a hot shower was needed badly.
Time for some food in first!
My slumber look after 4hours flight.
Here, we were in Crystal Lotus restaurant in Disneyland Hotel.

Good restaurant comes first, then good food comes secondly.
We had our lunch at Crystal Lotus restaurant in Disneyland Hotel.
Heard that Crystal Lotus is an awards winning Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.
Definitely a must-try Disney character dim sum, I love dim sum.

Haha, what were we doing?

Time for cute & exclusive Disney’s Dim Sum!
LOOK!!! It’s Mickey’s hand!!!

Everything Disney characters Dim Sum.
Very special and impressing!
I can't believe that I actually stuffed them into my stomach, sorry! :)

They are finger-licking good! O_O

Yum yum yum…
Chicken little lotus seed paste bun!
Mickey mouse red bean pudding and green tea jelly!


Shrimps and Disney root vegetables.
Balanced my diet with some vegetables.
For the girls who want to keep fit, this is definitely a recommendation for you.
Never knew that fresh vegetables can taste so well, haha.

Steamed piggy mask buns and roasted suckling pig.

Owhhh man, the pork...
Crunchy... and... so unforgettably tasty!

Mickey Seafood pancake, I love it.
Special and definitely tasty.

Awesome combination.
It’s chicken and conpoy soup in petite coconut.
It tasted like chicken soup and smelled like coconut.
It’s hard to describe verbally, try it yourself!
It’s good and nutritious!

Fried rice with crab meat.
Cool decoration, I was eating gold, lol.

My favourite dish of all!!
It's a pear but it's not a pear, lol.
Look at the red-braised pork loin hidden inside, yummy!

Do you feel hungry now? Are you drooling?
They all look very delicious.
Tell me which dish do you like the most? Haha

Not only fantastic food but awesome environment.
So relaxing and comfortable!
Made me feel like a princess dining with king and queen, ahaha.

Chinese style!

Hehe, a very very very satisfying meal.
We went to Disneyland after that.
As I promised, I would vlog and I did.
Stay tuned!!! :D