Monday, January 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy

Honestly, I regretted for not studying hard.
I want to be a doctor now, lol.
I also watched Gossip Girl season 4.
Sorry to say that Chuck's new girl really CMI.
Happy that she left, lol, I'm so bad.
I still like Serena and Nate together but I just realized that Dan isn't that bad.
Serena started up with Dan anyway *despite the "cheating on Blair" incident.

I might delete this anytime soon because I have the feeling that I'll regret it.
My friends keep telling me that I'm real and natural in videos.
More natural than real life, I was that a compliment? or an insult?
I guess real is good? Whatever, continue with my drama series!
Sorry that I keep yawning, lol.
Sorry for speaking like this because of morning flu.
I just realized that I'm quite fair.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love at Last Sight


Finished our presentation.
It went quite okay, I represented my group to do the introduction.
It felt awesome although I was actually very nervous.

If you don't understand the story, watch again!!!
It's complicated.
We didn't add messages because we want you to think ;)
If you still can't get it, read it in the description box on Youtube!
Credits to Evangeline, Cherrie and Shino.
Great job to my babes - Jane, Jac and Javene ♥
We are free girls after Thursday.
Rushing to finish assignment now, again! Haha.

We were assigned to take pictures and make it a video.
Only use song without vocals.
Enjoy! This video is our baby because we worked hard on it ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are you ready?

Photo on 2011-01-24 at 10.33

So so so busy.

We finally redid our studio shoot.
It went well, the outcome is pretty satisfying.
We're going to do our presentation tomorrow.
Credits to Jane, still working on the video.
I guess we'll post it online tomorrow.
Are you ready people? Haha.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time ticking

Photo on 2011-01-20 at 21.51 #2

Cut my hair, haha surprise!!! :D
My skin is healing, I think?
Sorry, haven't been really blogging.
Been busy lately, assignments piling up and my skin takes time to heal.

So, February is around the corner.
Chinese people know what to do? SHOPPING!!!
Had my outing with mum.
Pavilion > Fahrenheit > Lot10 > Sg.Wang > Times Square > 1Utama
Mum shopped, I didn't really do because I'm not a person who really shops.
My ex boyfriends love me for not being a crazy shopper, lol.
I'm a girl that only goes for shopping...when I need/want something.
I'll think about what I want, I go to the mall, I get it, then goodbye.
My mum is a person that really...shops? I have to rot and wait for hours, don't like it.
Went to Times Square in purpose to fix my BlackBerry service.
Attention : my mum behind me playing with her sandals, HAHA GOTCHA!

I just bought tops from Fahrenheit and Topshop.
Lazy to take pictures, you will get to see when I wear them during CNY!
Not to forget to mention, new pair of Converse :)

Deadlines are chasing us tightly.
My teammates and I were determined to get our final project done a.s.a.p.
Went to the Gardens early in the morning, traffic jam all the way.
Mum commanded me to get Dockers shirts for my dad.
We purposely went to 1Utama to get yesterday but all sold out.
I was asked to try the outlet in the Gardens, all sold out, in our expectation.
Lost on the way to pick Jane, caught in traffic jam near Bangsar =,=
Headed to Full House in KL for the planned photoshoot.
We reached there the earliest, ordered our food, we were starving.
The waitress came to us and said "kitchen caught a fire, I'm sorry, you girls should leave"
We were half way eating, looked at each other like "WHATTTT????"
Hahahahaha, ironic, we got a free meal anyway.

I drove around to find suitable places for photoshoot, phailed.
Changed the venue to Pavilion.
Thank God, it all went so well and smooth.
We were all delighted.
Thanks to babes Evangie and Cherrie, never forget the male model too, PEPSI? :D

I'm exhausted, stuck in traffic jam again on the way home.
Despite exhaustion, I still can't wait to edit the video, I'll do my best!
A video as my final submittion, I'll share with you guys, stay tuned!
Sorry to my teammates, Jane, Jac and Jia if I was too...demanding.
I feel bad because I was all time giving commands and comments.
We all want good outcome and score high!!!
Thanks babes, great job to all of us!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping day with NOPS


Obviously, this was taken before my skin turned really bad.
It's also edited but you can still see few pimples there, lol.

Dragged Liu Qiqi and Chen Nini to NOPS with me after class.
My friend recommended me to use their products for acne treatment.
Heard that NOPS products have just been brought in to Malaysia from Korea.
Happy shopping eh my girls? Cute picture!


Like the service there, very polite staffs.
They give professional advices and recommendations.
Btw, I love the packaging so much!

Liu Qiqi ended up purchasing body slimming products, lol.
My choices, worth spending!
They gave us free gifts too, sweet!

I chose "All in One", the name says it all.
It's everything in one.
Rough skin, trouble mark, sagged pores, everything!
The good thing is you just have to massage it on your face until it's fully absorbed.
No toner and moisturizer needed, that's cool!

Of course, for me, blemish fix!
This says "Pink Magic Powder Spot".

Dip a cotton stick into it.
Apply it on your pimples.

My forehead is terrible, don't dare to show.


They gave me "Anti-trouble Spot S" samples for trial.
Use that on day time and use "Pink Magic Powder Spot" before you go to bed!

Please heal my face and give me smooth skin for CNY!
I changed a new hair style for CNY, woot...
I need to work because I need money, hi dad.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Question of the day


This was before having skin problem + glow edited
Which part of me looks like Vincy Chan? =,=
My friends keep saying that I look like her, oh gawd!

If you followed my Twitter, you should know that I'm having skin problem :(
It scared the crap out of my classmates.
I wanted to see the doctor but my friends said it isn't that serious YET.
Have been busy with college work - photography.
Awh man, I hate this semester, it's so boring.
Studio shooting was kinda fun but phailed.
Pity my teammates, they have to photoshop my face, lol!

Cool? :D

Still working on the assignments. So stressed!
DSLR is shit, it's so hard to capture a good picture!
Derrick, my model, lol.
Showing off his iPhone4, O_O

Have plenty of thoughts in my head.
Really got addicted to vlogging, die.
Question of the day :
What do you wish to see in my vlog#3?
( be creative! :D )

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whataya want from me


Maraysian Chilese Maraysian Chilese Maraysian Chilese.
Now I hate this "Maraysian Chilese" thing I created, made me an idiot.
I innocently thought of being funny to make my readers laugh.
Yet I turned out to be a retard who wants to get famous on Youtube? What?
Hello, Youtube is not my thing. I belong to blogsphere.
I just want to sing "Hey, slow it down, WHATAYA WANT FROM ME?"
This world is full of scary and mean people, wuahhhh... :(


Thank you so much, my fantastic supporters ♥

I love the thumbs up and the subscribers, awesome.
It's the third day and it hit 20,000 views O_O
I feel shocked because I never thought it would be this.....ironic?
But if I had a chance to redo this, I wouldn't post that vlog, lol!

My sweet friends showed up to be very supportive.
Jvlyn is so protective of me because she likes to eat chicken HAHA ♥
Nothing beats my bestie Liu Qiqi(new name), she knows that I'm a person who easily gets down.
She was worried about me being emo again, ahaha.
Jianie doesn't have to do anything, I'll smile whenever I see her, lol.
We have long legs? :D

We were rushing to finish our assignment on that day.
We starved for hours, had our dinner at 9pm+
Went to Delicious for some divine carbonara, pretty gratifying.

I was too hungry to patiently shoot a good picture.
So, this is it.

The cheese, cream and beef...
OH MY MY, so unforgettable.
Our "girls go bad" plan failed but we had a great time in the car, lol.

College will be so dead without them ♥
Still, photography class is so boring, oh goodness.

I was wondering, what's wrong with my skin?!
Pimples on the forehead.
Pimples on the cheek.
Pimples on the nose.

I finally found out that it's ms.Red's fault!
Also proved that Jane and I are twins, se-rious-ly.
And again, I want to sing "Hey, slow it down, WHATAYA WANT FROM ME?"


Watch football replays, bye!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Photo on 2011-01-04 at 20.30





I went pretty extreme this time.
My friends said that I'm very daring!!!
There will not be any admirers anymore after posting this video.
Who likes this kinda girl? Lol. Image ruined.
If it doesn't reach 10396 views, I'll be mad!
Then, I'll stop making vlog for 286 days, pfft.

If you don't laugh while you watch, I'll feel like hanging myself.
Because I was trying so hard to make you guys laugh.

Just want to show you that I love my bottom eyelashes, oh yeah, HAHA.
Bad skin, bad bad skin, sigh :(

Please finish loading, buffering before watching.
Ahhhhhhhh, tension. Bye.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pimp-the-pppppples ;)


You readers are pretty cute, ya know?
I've already said, I'll try the cream before I recommend it to all of you.
You guys are just so impatient, never stopped asking =,=
Haha, it's alright, I've been using it for days, guess it's safe to be used.

This is the "pimple cream" that I'm using.
It's not really a pimple cream but it can cure pimples, lol.
It's a prescription medicine, an antibiotic.
I assume that it contains strong chemical.
The funny thing is, it doesn't contain Benzoyl Peroxide.
My pimples on my forehead are gone but pimple scars on my cheek are still there.
So, I think that it might not be suitable for everyone.
You can get this in the pharmacy, only RM26.90.
Tip from Jianie :
Try out & use it on ONE pimple before you start swiping it all over your face, lol.

If it works, then I think it's usable? LOL.

Use it at your own risk.

I'm not responsible if anything happens to your face, oops!

Sleeping over Jane's place tonight.
Woot, pillow talk!

Sunday, January 2, 2011



隱形眼鏡大到太假, 假 jie 毛被我夾到更假!
我能有些自然美嗎? 煩惱。

哈羅,你好嗎? 我很好。
新年過得好嗎? 我很好。

然後正餐雞扒+mashed potato,過後媽媽吵要吃New Zealand Natural ice cream,我吃了2scoops。
過後嘴巴癢癢的,又叫了一盤Aglio Olio Bacon Pepperoni,哇,飽得我翻啦~
然後覺得想喝一些甜酸的,又叫了一杯LIME JUICE。
孕婦哦我? 簡直是不能動了我,飽得太開心啦。

你會不會有query : "Daph 神經病? 受了什麼刺激?"
因為可憐的是我每天起床看鏡子,我問自己為什麼那麼醜那麼零亂? T_T


我女人了嗎我? 19了誒!





期待明天晚上,和JANE & JAVENE出去壞一下下!